How to Hire Women In Sales

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  • Jun 03, 2021
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Women listen better and build a good rapport with anyone in a very short time. This makes them the best opponent for being the best salespeople.

According to the 2019 study by Xcatly, the percentage of women achieving their quota was 86% while that of men was 78%.

Today, salespeople need the strength to understand the customer’s challenges and provide them a solution. The art of persuasion stands second after this quality. This complements the woman’s power to thrive as a salesperson.

For this reason, more and more companies are hiring women in sales. In this article, I’m going to discuss the ways by which you can attract and hire the top females in sales.

1. Commit to hire women and interview them for their job skills

Commit to hire women

Make a commitment to attract women to your organization, interview them and hire them. There’s a huge competition out there when it comes to hiring saleswomen.

Smart saleswomen with relevant skills and tech-savvy opportunities are considered to be a great fit for sales. Actually, more than 78% of the Fortune 500 has been launching initiatives to hire women in sales. These women are considered to be very competitive and the companies are adopting a more competitive approach to hire them.

Thus, design such an interview process where women are comfortable and can see the chances of growing with your company. Interview them for what they can bring to the table and not for their gender. Drop your stereotypical judgments that can come in the process of choosing the best salespeople for your company. Also, make the efforts to find women to go through the interview by contacting schools with sales programs.

2. Bring changes in your sales culture to make it female friendly

sales culture

The culture of your company has to be open and respectful towards saleswomen. What is the approach of your company’s image and brand towards change and diversification?

If it welcomes change with open hands, then it’s great. If not, accept change and bring advancements accordingly. Improvise your hiring profiles and job descriptions by including inputs as advised by women.

3. Promote women to higher positions

Promote women

If you thought following a hiring strategy was enough to have top saleswomen in your company, you were wrong. To benefit your business with these strong players, you need to have a strong strategy in place to retain them. Given the increased opportunities in sales for the women, they can leave your workspace anytime if it’s toxic or non-rewarding.

The best way to do this is to provide them with growth opportunities. I have seen many companies where the skilled saleswomen are dropped behind while the men are given top positions and higher incentives. The best way to come out of this orthodox tradition is to promote deserving women to leadership positions.

According to Gartner Inc. female-led sales teams are 50% female. While the male-led sales team is only 25% female.

This means promoting women to leadership positions not only motivates them to stay in your company, but also ensures more women in your sales team in entry-level positions. 

4. Consider team-building activities that are inclined towards women’s preferences

team-building activities

Do you want to hire and retain women in your sales team? Then how is it possible if all of your team-building activities include hunting, golfing, and happy hours at sports bars? While saleswomen enjoy these activities as well, having a wine tasting event is going to make them happier.

Also, planning events like sales kickoffs where they are able to bring their children and family is a plus point.

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5. Have a clear sexual harassment policy for both women and men

clear sexual harassment policy

A clear sexual harassment policy is a must for both women and men in order to create a healthy and safe environment. Women in sales and sales leadership positions thrive when they know their safety is protected by the company.

Also, the policy should not be limited to the workplace. Women feel helpless when they are harassed by their clients. Unfortunately, almost 50% of the women in sales have been harassed by their prospects and customers. Thus, it’s important to include the harassment that comes from outside of the company as well in the policy.

What’s shocking is that most of the women chose not to speak about their harassment due to the trauma and fear. It’s hard for these women in sales to stay longer in a company where they are scared to express their opinions.

A policy that protects their rights and saves them from harassment both inside and outside the company plays a vital role in retaining women in sales. This healthy culture attracts the saleswomen who are interested in this path of career to apply for your company.

6. Have mastermind programs and company policies to address their concerns

mastermind programs

It’s common in workplaces to be indifferent towards the concerns of saleswomen. Top companies are bringing changes in their policies by implementing programs that address the concerns of saleswomen and support their productivity.

For instance, leverage technology to make the daily schedule management of your saleswomen easier. A managed daily schedule means increased productivity. You can also invest in daytime care to support the saleswomen who are having young children so they are not forced to choose between their personal life or career and can do their job without guilt-tripping them.

Over to you…

The process of hiring women in sales is simple. What takes effort is to find them and retain them. The more saleswomen are there in your sales team, the more other newcomers will be attracted to join your company. While women at top positions are a great source of motivation to the budding saleswoman, unorthodox work systems and improvised sales policy is another way to attract and hire more women to your sales team. By following the tips mentioned in the article, you are sure to be an expert in hiring women in sales.

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