How To Expand The Influence Of Women In Sales?

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  • Feb 15, 2022
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Myth-Busting: Women in Sales

Women are excellent salespeople. According to Hubspot, women are 5% more likely than males to clinch a deal. According to research from the University of Illinois at Chicago, organizations with more gender diversity had a 15% higher profit margin. Additionally, businesses with more women board directors had a 42 % better return on sales than businesses with fewer women board directors.

Even though women cover up just 29% of sales representatives and 26% of managers, a survey conducted by Xactly found that women in sales outperform their male counterparts. Negative preconceptions, misogyny, inadequate recruiting tactics, and a gender pay gap in which women get less pay than their male counterparts contribute to this lack of representation. Nonetheless, more females in sales lead to more profitability for businesses.

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The Harvard Business Review report says many industries have been dormant due to the coronavirus crisis. The change to remote selling via video and digital platforms will have a long-term influence on sales when we recover from the Covid-19 outbreak and business blooms once more. It will increase women’s power since women score skills and align with the ever-changing arena of sales and client requirements.

Women in sales

Leaving the Sales Tradition Behind

In the fast-growing, traditionally male-dominated profession of sales growth, women’s abilities are becoming increasingly significant. Rather than one-time purchases, a growing percentage of corporate technology sales are based on subscriptions like SaaS products or consumption like cloud service. The majority of the value creation takes time when customers profit from the buying and repeat their purchases.

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According to the McKinsey & Company Report, businesses in the highest quartile for diversity in the workplace outperform their industry rivals in terms of long-term sustainable growth, according to the McKinsey & Company Report.

In a global report by the International Labor Organization for Women in Business and Management research almost 13,000 businesses in 70 countries were surveyed. Gender diversity programs boosted company outcomes, according to more than 57 % of respondents. Nearly three-quarters of the companies that monitored diversity in the workplace in management saw profits rise by 5 to 20%, with the majority reporting gains of 10 to 15%.

It was simpler to hire and retain professionals for nearly 57% of respondents. More than 54% claimed their company’s innovation, creativity, and transparency improved due to successful gender inclusiveness. While over 37% said it helped them better measure consumer opinion.

According to the survey, when women hold 30% of senior top executive positions, the positive impacts of gender representation begin to build up. However, over 60% of businesses fail to accomplish this goal, challenging to gain perks.

Women in sales

Female-led teams generally outshine male-led groups in sales because women thrive in particular areas. According to research, women have higher listening qualities and intuitive sensitivity, which attract buyers. As per Forbes, 74% of buyers are more inclined to purchase if they feel heard. Moreover, recognizing and controlling client emotions will make communication easier, resulting in a devoted consumer base.

Organizations Helping Women Excel in Sales

Girls Club is a driving force in the push to increase the number of female sales leaders. And redefine what it takes to be accomplished in this position. #GirlsClub is a program that aims to recruit and train female salespeople. Only 100 motivated women are accepted, and each woman receives one-on-one coaching and mentorship. They assist women in gaining the confidence to seek jobs for which they may not have previously felt qualified. The skills enhancement occurs via training, mentorship, and an incredible network of genuine leaders.

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Women Sales Pros educates organizations and sales staff about the value of diversity and arranges activities to help female leaders develop their expertise.

Women in Revenue (WIR) is another group for helping women who work in different revenue models. Women in Rural India is a WIR extension that focuses on educating and training women in rural India to assist them in finding employment.

Women in Revenue

It’s not only about social fairness regarding gender diversification in sales. It is all about enhanced performance in today’s environment. One major problem is dispelling the myth that sales demands a high level of risk tolerance, such as failure and financial insecurity, which deters many females from exploring sales professions.

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The importance of society alone should be enough to persuade more women to pursue careers in sales. Women may be in the number in this sector, but their influence should not be overlooked. Recruiting and keeping more women for sales jobs will be critical to the future sales force. Performance as marketing professionals’ expectations for customers strives to create.

Nevertheless, simply knowing that other women work and excel in sales is insufficient. Coaching, training, and collaborating are all important ways for community members to help one another.


We’ll keep sharing women salespeople’s stories. We need to alter the fact that women are disadvantaged in sales jobs significantly. Women make excellent leaders, but they don’t get a chance to do so very frequently. We trust representation’s value. If a person sees anyone who looks similar to them achieving their ambitions, they are more likely to perform themselves.

Consider women’s representation as a critical component. Whether you’re a startup with the chance to establish a new sales team. Or if you’re a corporation evaluating its sales talent strategy. Set a target for the amount of women sellers you desire in your company and work hard to achieve it.