How to become a successful saleswoman – 9 ways

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  • Apr 15, 2021
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Gone are the days when women captivated themselves to man-made boundaries and gender roles. Today’s women know their rights and capabilities. They know they are meant for greater things. They can be anything they want and to be a successful saleswoman is one of them.

Women are naturally assertive in nature and they usually know the right things to say at the right time. While this quality is a star point when it comes to being a saleswoman, follow these tips to polish your skills and learn the ways that assure your future as a successful saleswoman:

1. Take obstacles as an opportunity to learn something new

learn something new

No matter which field you are in and what your age is, every woman is faced with obstacles whether she is trying to make it big in a workplace or the world. There are going to be jealous co-workers and demotivating relatives who would want to put you down. There are going to be unannounced responsibilities and hindrances that you don’t know how to deal with.

It’s very important to not give up at such moments. Take the obstacles as a new experience and an opportunity to learn something new. Fighting with obstacles is one of the best characteristics you can build while trying to be a successful saleswoman.

2. Be persuasive in your approach to the customers

approach to the customers

Imagine getting pushed or forced to buy something… that’s not at all the right approach to practice with your customers. Your customers are going to believe you and are going to be interested in listening to you if you understand their pain points. To connect with customers on a ground level, carefully explain how your products/services are going to help them, not as a sales rep, but as a well-wisher who genuinely cares.

Explain to them the “why’s” and “how’s”. Be persuasive in your approach by discussing how beneficial your products are in helping them deal with their challenges.

3. Networking and Follow up is crucial


The competition is huge in sales but the ground is more difficult especially for women. A customer researches extensively and communicates with various salespeople before closing the deal with one. If you want to be a successful saleswoman, you have to focus on networking and follow-ups.

Effective networking can take you to places. Also, maintaining a good relationship with a customer is crucial. If you are able to make a good first impression, gain their trust and create a good bond with them, you are going to have life-long customers.

4. Think steps ahead

think ahead

A successful saleswoman is familiar with the importance of thinking steps ahead. She knows the relevance of being prepared for everything and she knows how practicing this quality can be a game-changer. Strategizing your POA ahead of time will keep you prepared.

It means constantly practicing your pitch and bringing necessary changes in it, always being prepared with your paperwork, and the capability to keep learning throughout the process. A saleswoman who shows up fully prepared for her work is surely going to have a highly productive day.

5. Have a student mentality

student mentality

The number one way to conquer the sales world is to never stop learning. Even after you have reached your goals, never stop striving for more. Have a student mentality. Always keep learning from the biggest to the smallest details. Pay attention to your superiors. Check out their methods and working style.

Learn from them and always strive to be better. Never settle for less. Having a student mentality makes sure you are learning something new every day which is the best way to become a successful saleswoman.

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6. Consistently make efforts to have a positive mental attitude

Consistently make efforts

You will find sales frustrating if you don’t have the right mindset to deal with it and if you have kids waiting at home – you are in for a tough war, girl. A successful salesperson knows that they can’t go on with their day without making consistent efforts to be positive.

The greatest leaders have believed in the power of thinking positively. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If you want to see positive results, think positively about yourself and be confident in your abilities. If you are obsessed with thinking about failed sales attempts and lost opportunities, you are never going to make it to the top.

7. Make a good first impression by power dressing

power dressing

Sometimes, the first impression is all it takes to make or break a deal. If you fail to connect with the customer in the first interaction, the chances of making business with them are almost zero. You should be cautious of your image to make a good first impression. No, I don’t mean skin-show to leverage your appearance – no, girl, we are better than that!

Power dressing oozes confidence and establishes you as a strong personality. It also makes you feel good about yourself which ensures you are going to feel good during the interaction.

8. Be the best in your field

Be the best in your field

Are you the woman who constantly strives to be a successful saleswoman? If yes, then you can achieve your goals by becoming an expert in your field. Learn everything about your products/services and campaigns. Study the best ways to persuade and deal with different kinds of customers. Strive to become the best in your field.

The confidence of a saleswoman knows no bounds when she is knowledgeable and skilled in her job. The confidence reflects in the way she talks and behaves which is very impressive for the customers. They are sure to take you as an authentic person and trust in your services.

9. Shift your focus to the kind customers

Shift your focus

Not every customer is the same. Some are kind and approachable while the others are bad-tempered and unresponsive. Some are going to appreciate your visit while others are going to show a straight face to your gracious smile. It’s easy to get demotivated by grumpy customers. But if you really want to be successful, shift your focus to the ones who greet you with a smile.

Whenever you meet a kind customer, keep the experience in your heart and rewind it when you have bad customer experiences. This mindset is going to help you a lot in the process.

Go and conquer the world, girls!

The 9 tips discussed in this article are surely going to help the woman who wants to make it big in the field of sales. A successful saleswoman knows she has to be the master in her field. Her natural kindness and determination to never give up make her the best nominee who rules the business world. So, what are you doing today to be a successful saleswoman?

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