An Extensive Guide for Hiring the Best Sales Team in 2019

guide for hiring sales team

Time and tide wait for none, especially when it comes to the advancement in the field of science and technology. Technological advancement is akin to a double-edged sword. Proper utilization of the resources available to you would land better prospects but a suboptimal utilization of the Internet would endanger your own existence. For now, let us focus on how to multiply your business through the internet and leave the existential crisis to Scientists.

The Internet took over the world in the late 20th century and the impact that it had is well felt. Companies hire a sales team to cope with this sudden change. Sales point of view- information circulation and responding to newer information became easier. People were able to nurture their tactics by effectively using the internet. These people are neither opportunistic nor are they trying to build a “wall”, they are just trying to make use of technology ideally. Lead generation for many companies who seek expert advice became easier and for all those who utilized the resources available to them wrongly-lost both of their resources(leads) and time. For any company, this loss is as close as being fatal for the entire growth. Especially for SAAS company, making one wrong move at the wrong time could affect the entire relevance of the software.

For instance, let us assume that you are running a SAAS company and you came up with an idea for providing an effective means of communication. Considering the dynamic working environment, it is just a matter of time that another SaaS company (most probably your competitor) would come up with the same concept. If you don’t seek expert advice from sales executives and SaaS consultants, you would never be able to get your software licensed properly and would end up losing time. Whereas your competitor gets it licensed through a sales executive. Hence the reason for hiring a sales team for nurturing your leads. By the use of a sales team and some of your product design strategies, you could easily grow a customer pool to at least 100 in less than a year.

The sales team for a startup is crucial and pivotal. If you could grasp the information before starting out and setting up a venture – it could benefit in forecasting the leads. So before we move on to the necessary steps to be taken for hiring a sales team and a sales executive, here are a few reasons why you need an expert to help you out with lead generation and how you could strengthen your sales cloud through sales executives.

Stage 1: Why to Hire a Sales Team

why hire a sales team

i. For a better Competitive Advantage

Like discussed before, a proper sales executive would be able to study the software and release the prototype at the right moment when the software matches the demand of the public. If you fail to release your software at the right time the trend would settle in and you would never get another chance to succeed. Many top companies follow a marketing strategy through the excellence of their sales team for getting better prospects. For instance, Gmail was aptly launched by Google so as to meet the demands of the public for better communication. If it wasn’t for that right moment, AOL would have been the leading online mail service. 

ii. Customer satisfaction

Some people make mistakes while pitching clients. But, SaaS sales consultant is well aware of what public needs and what all do a software needs for satisfying a customer. This is solely because of his/her experience in working closely with other companies. Experience plays a key role. You may be able to develop good software and if that software is to sell, you need those crucial leads from sales executives and SaaS consultants.

iii. Better Consumer Targeting

It is obvious that not everyone would opt for your services unless they require it. So, you cannot broaden the list of consumers by yourself. That’s where the role of SaaS sales consultant proves to be pivotal. Targeting those who demand a specific service is the essence of lead generation and it should be your focus strategy. A sales executive would be able to do that for you because they have the database and track record for consumer demands.

It is evident that hiring a sales team gives you an extra boost in getting prospective leads who could be turned into a potential customer. The sales team for your startup will take care of the sales cloud where the top executives could focus on Quality control and budgeting. This would lighten the burden of the top executive. So, if you are leading a SaaS startup, hire a sales team for your startup and strengthen your clientele through an effective resource database.

That being said, here is what you have to do for hiring a sales team.

Take care of your startup by selecting a proper sales team for your startup. 

Stage 2: What to do for hiring a sales team

what to do to hire a sales team

i. Identifying the need for a sales team and answering the crucial questions

It is important to first identify the reasons as to why you need a sales team. This is crucial before entrusting authority, power, and responsibility to another. The need for a sales team was briefly outlined above and if you relate or need anyone among the services, opt for a sales team. Hiring a sales team would guarantee growth in your company. Most importantly, if you are plan on starting a venture, sales team for startups are readily available across the internet for bettering your performance on selling the software that you have created.  Since the choices you have are vast, it is important to devise proper guidelines for making the selection. So, the below mentioned questioned must be answered beforehand for hiring the best sales team. Especially if you are starting a SaaS venture then this is crucial for not committing any mistakes.

  • Why do I need a sales team?
  • Is there a need for a sales team for my startup?
  • When do I need a sales team?
  • What is my budget?
  • How to find a sales team?
  • What all tasks should I assign for the sales team?
  • How should the contract be drafted?

Once you have done that, prioritize the answers and select the proper option for finalizing the need for a sales team.

ii. Discuss the answers with subordinates and executives from top to bottom in the hierarchy level

The company is a culmination of individuals’ efforts hence it is important to communicate with them before making any decision. Discuss the prioritized list of answers with them and see if they have anything else to add. This should be done on a Top to Bottom basis so that top executives can add something strategic so that the subordinates could add some of their tactical ideas for supporting the strategy made by the executives.

iii. Contingency planning and standardization

Now that you have a vision as to what to expect from your sales team. The next step is to standardize the work. Contingency planning is important for the process of standardization. Once you have all the tasks laid out, it is important to plan the uncertainty. Some of the uncertainties include: –

a) Cases of fraudulent-The hired sales team might not be well aware of the work they are doing so it is important to ask them for a trial run before drafting up a contract.

b) Sales team stops working all of a sudden-This uncertainty should be carefully planned because there is not a bigger problem than a sudden decline in the attitude of the sales team towards work especially when you start receiving enough clients. So it is always good to keep a backup sales team at your disposal in case the hired sales team fails to work effectively or declines to work all of a sudden. 

c) Inadequate capital for continuing the alliance with the sales team-Sales team for startups are affordable but if you suddenly run out of capital after spending way too much on the product development, then it is important to predetermine the course of action at that point. So, it is important to first carefully analyze the fund before hiring a sales team.

Stage 3: When to hire a sales team

when to hire a sales team

As discussed on the first step, it is important to first answer this question before moving forward. Though, we emphasize the individual opinions but here is our take on the answer based on our experience in working with many companies. Here is our take on this critical time bound recruitment.

There are many approaches to this question but some of the factors that must be taken into account while hiring a sales team are the time itself. You can either hire a sales team at the time of expansion or hire them beforehand and train them before letting them innovate. These two concepts depend upon the state of your startup. Sales team for a stable startup is often hired at the time of need but for a dynamic environment and a developing startup, your sales team must be trained. The sales team for startups often come with less experience due to incapability or hesitancy to spend money on a sales team. But if you ask us, we would say that is where you make a mistake. A sales team is crucial, without them you are not going to sell any products neither will you get any dedicated clientele for sustainable growth. If that’s the case why spend a huge bundle of cash on the expansion of your product. Without a sales team for your startup your product won’t sell hence there is no need for investment in expansion.

Moreover, we have always preferred an Experienced workforce rather than an amateur. While starting up it is crucial for any company to have enough leads to get their sales to level up. So, at the beginning stage of your startup, you always hire an experienced workforce who is well acquainted with the type and kind of software. Once you reach a certain sales point shift to an amateur intern for leveling your capital on both resources and sales team. Simply put, invest more in the dedicated sales team at the beginning and then level it up by distributing equal capital on both sales and resources. I highly recommend keeping the experienced workforce but if the situation demands, it is a better level down to capital on an equal basis.

Stage 4: Where to find a dedicated workforce?

where to find a sales team

Finding a sales team is not at all hard these days but finding a committed and dedicated sales team is. Here are some pointers while evaluating potential candidates:

1) Always ask the sales executives what they could do rather than asking them whether they are able to get the job done. The interview should be non-directive giving the candidates authority to speak freely on how they could help you in getting your software told. If it’s the other way around then there are high chances for finding the habitual workforce who go by your needs and won’t innovate or take risks for improving your sales cloud.

2) Emphasis should be given for the Cognitive ability rather than the technical skills. Individuals with cognitive abilities are naturally technical and would have higher chances in succeeding than those who have all the knowledge but no innovative drive.

3) Technology must be effectively used for finding the sales team with good testimonials.

4) Hire a suitable sales team than a qualified sales team. Hire those who feel comfortable with your niche. If you are planning on selling your software in the market select the team who are well asserted to this particular niche. Then you would have the upper hand since they would be well educated with the current trends in the sales environment.

5) Make the selected executives interact with your colleagues so that the sales team won’t be having any miscommunication with your team.

Hiring a sales team is indeed a huge task but if you get the initial round of interviews done, you would get the gist of the talent and capability of the potential sales executives based on which you could hire sales team who promise better prospects.

Bonus: Managing your sales team and setting goals for them

A two-step process required for efficiently controlling and organizing of your startup would be-

1) Get a dedicated clientele and stakeholders (if you are looking for investors) through an EXPERIENCED sales team. The selection process for the sales team must be entirely scientific (as in, based on past records and certifications) and monetary benefits must be discussed properly.

2) Reappraisal of company objectives and periodic review meetings with the sales team. Once you’ve hit your first target change your company target and put pressure on your sales team. New targets must be provided for the sales teams to achieve.


Following the aforementioned steps would give you a successful outing on hiring a sales team and most importantly it would increase your business. If you are a SaaS company then there is no better way than hiring a sales team for handling marketing and sales so that you could focus on product enrichment. These steps are important so that you could hire the best among the best executives and not those who eat, sleep and work for leisure so that they could get the liberty of using Air Conditioner.

Sounds like too much?

What is the purpose of posting this without mentioning an easy and shortcut for hiring the best sales team?!

Well consider hiring the best sales team from the internet. Although, before you select a particular team always make sure to conduct a background check on them. Testimonials could help you in ensuring your decisions because Testimonials show whether the brand or consultant agency is trustworthy. Make sure to glance at the testimonial section before making your final decision.