Getting Ready for 2023: Top 6 Sales Trends to Consider 

Getting Ready for 2023: Top 6 Sales Trends to Consider

According to the Gartner Future of Sales in 2025 report, 50% of chief sales officers will switch their attention from leading sellers to leading selling. At its most fundamental, adaptation is the process of improving one’s environment-fit. It’s a progression.

Today, adaptation is essential in the case of B2B sales.
The world of sales is constantly changing, and technology has been progressing rapidly.
If you want to stay ahead of the competition, the sales department needs to remain flexible and adapt to the constantly shifting environment. To assist you with that, we’ve put up a list of the top 6 sales trends you should be aware of.

Top 6 Sales Trends To Consider

Let’s admit it: if you don’t keep up with the latest trends, you will fall behind and no consumer will pay you any attention.

You should change with the times. Here is a list of sales trends that you should be aware of to maintain your position as the market leader. So let’s get started!

1.Value-Based Selling

Value-based selling, ironically, encourages you to cease selling. Yes, you did hear that correctly!
That’s because aggressive and pushy sales tactics are no longer popular with the general public. So instead of acting like a salesperson, you need to start acting more like a problem-solving specialist.

87% of high-growth sales organizations approach sales with a value-based strategy.
a recent study claims.
Try to address the unique needs of your clients rather than prancing around and boasting about your business. You sell the value of a thing, not its features. The secret is to pay close attention to their issues and present a solution that meets their requirements. Customer happiness is prioritized over financial gain.
Value-based selling is a sales approach that is gaining traction as consumers are becoming less amenable to the overly persuasive attitude.

2.Social Selling

Today, more than 94% of shoppers complete their research online before making a purchase. As a result, social selling is becoming an essential part of the sales process. Through social selling, you can only steer individuals in your direction by sharing information about your products with those who are already interested in them.
Social media is a fantastic platform for growing these connections with your audience. As per a survey conducted by OptinMonster among B2B professionals, social selling has improved their interactions with clients for 31% of respondents.

There is a probability that these relationships will develop if you are successful in fostering them. Additionally, as they develop, your clients will be delighted to refer you to their friends and family.
Other advantages of social selling include better sales results, nurturing of high-quality leads, and more brand visibility.

3.Bet on Customer Experience

Customers adore the attention you give them, thus personalizing the customer experience is a sales trend that is gaining more and more traction. They love it so much that according to studies, 66% of customers are at ease disclosing personal information online to have a customized experience.

Personalizing the consumer experience is a successful tactic. In fact, 96% of marketers concur that improving the consumer experience through personalization strengthens client relationships.
Additionally, studies reveal that while 63% of customers find generic advertisements incredibly irritating, 90% of people find personalization intriguing. Conversely, 80% claim that if a company offers individualized experiences, customers are more likely to conduct business with it.

A growing number of businesses, like Amazon, Netflix, Zomato, and others, now offer customized recommendations and suggestions based on their customers’ past purchases.
You should absolutely keep an eye out for this sales trend.

4.Sales Automation

Businesses create more information as they connect sales software to other systems, but that is only the beginning of using it to enhance operations. They must connect it and implement constructive improvements.
Your team may obtain insightful customer data using AI, which you can then utilize to create marketing plans that will increase sales. Providing customers with recommendations based on their most recent purchase also aids in sales. Finally, it predicts trends in your industry that can assist you in making future plans.
A statistic from Mckinsey reveals that currently more than 30% of sales tasks can be automated.

Percentage of automation in sales

The other benefits of sales automation are that it can minimize the time spent on administration and reporting and it can also minimize the cost. Automating outreach to customers who are already in the sales funnel, may also boost revenue.

5.Omnichannel Sales

Creating a single commerce experience through the integration of your sales channels is known as omnichannel sales. This gives clients the choice to pick where and how to purchase your goods and services while still anticipating the same level of customer service from each.
Approximately 73% of consumers use multiple channels to look for products (HBR). These include social media, physical storefronts, and websites like Amazon. Maintaining visibility across all of these platforms increases the likelihood that clients will choose your business. Additionally, it facilitates their shopping experience.
89% of clients are retained by businesses that use omnichannel sales. This is because consumers can use any sales channel of their choice to experience the service of your brand.
Due to the fact that 55% of businesses do not have an omnichannel strategy in place, using one puts you ahead of your competitors.


Of course, none of these trends have the power to change your revenue quite like having a strong CRM. 92 percent of sales teams either currently use or want to buy a sales CRM, according to the 2021 Sales Trends Report.
You cannot afford to be one of the businesses that are fighting an uphill struggle against the competition if you have a weak CRM or none at all. If you still don’t accept that a CRM tool is a necessary part of any sale, just remember that 49% of the top-performing sales teams incorporate a CRM tool into their daily operations. It makes it possible for 91% of salespeople to meet their quotas.

If you think about using one of the best CRM solutions for your company right now, you could become a part of that statistic.

Leverage These Sales Trends For Your Business

Everyone in the sales industry is aware that changes are a crucial component of the profession.
Sales trends are therefore nothing new to us. They change frequently because they are based on the shifting needs of your customers.
What you must focus on is maintaining your customers by paying close attention to their needs and embracing new sales trends to achieve them.
In the end, sales trends force you to live by the quote: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!

If you find it difficult to adopt the sales trend, contact DealsInsight. Our lead generation experts can help you find the best one for your business.