Want to Boost EV Sales? Take Some Help From the Users.

User Generated Content in EV Digital Marketing

Digital Medium is a big influencer in boosting EV sales. Online reviews and comments from first-hand users or people who took test drives act as a bias for prospective EV buyers. As an EV maker, how can you make the best use of this User Generated Content (UGC) to work in your favour? Read on to understand in detail.

Welcome to the Electric Era!

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity among the general public. With alarming predictions about global warming, concerns about burning fossil fuels, and rising fuel prices, electric vehicles (EVs) have caught everyone’s attention.

While Tesla steered by Elon Musk can be called the pioneer in this sector, other car manufacturers the world over are now coming up with various EV models. This has also upped the competition for customer attention.

However, in a world still dominated by petrol/diesel cars, EV manufacturers need to resort to novel marketing strategies to capture customer attention. One of the best ways is to go digital and work on building positive user-generated content.

Ways to create User Generated Content in EV Digital Marketing

In sync with the EV philosophy, not only is digital marketing greener but is also a fast and efficient way to reach/impact the exact target audience.

Let an influencer do the job:

Electric Vehicles are not just new technology. It’s a lifestyle change. And change comes when the desire is from within.

Influencer Marketing

Get an influencer to test your vehicle, and upload review content and video to his/her vlog, blog, website, or social media page. The followers, and fans are sure to take notice of the new video posted by their favourite social media celebrity.

Digital reviews:

People read reviews. Especially, those posted by first-hand users and domain experts. Get buyers to write about their experiences and rate the features. Get vehicle nerds to test drive and leave a 360-degree review of your EV.

You can also crowdsource videos—driving the car around, explaining features, and answering FAQs. Encourage people to share these videos on their personal websites and social media pages. Share these across your company’s digital and social media platforms.


A popular concept used across sectors from online learning to e-selling. Here users are given a few tasks and are rewarded after they are completed.

Give scores, badges, special discounts, etc. to those who take part and complete a given number of steps. You can also give them special memberships to clubs or VIP groups. One way to do this is to have an app for users and encourage them to register for future benefits.

Online contests:

Who is not motivated by a reward, no matter how small it is? You can arrange time to time online contests for your followers and customers.

Starbucks sets a good example when it comes to online contests. Most marketers are familiar with Starbucks’s red cup campaign. When they launched their reusable $1 cup, they invited customers to doodle on the cups and share a photo. The winning design was printed in a limited edition of cups.

Brand social media presence incorporating users’ input:

Build a strong social media image of the brand. Come up with interesting campaigns across platforms. Keep the followers updated about the latest company and technology developments. Let the fans know if a change or upgrade has been incorporated into their much-liked EV.

Also, do not forget to address issues, problems, and negative reviews. If anything, we can take from Tesla is to be authentic. Achievements and challenges are all out in open. People see and analyse them, and decide.

Flaunt the EV:

Your electric vehicle can be the canvas for the users. Invite drivers to share photos of their journeys on the company’s social media handles. You can build a community of travellers sharing photographs and experiences of travelling in their EV.

Travel Vloggers

This need not be just your vehicle but any EV on road. Will also give you a head’s up about your competitors. Also, ask them to share photos of positive experiences at the charging stations. 

Online company representative:

Again, let’s refer to Tesla here. Their dynamic CEO is the face of the company and has a buzzing online presence. It is always advantageous to have a face of the company that is easily recognisable.

If for Tesla it is their CEO, for you it might be a tech nerd or a car geek employee who keeps the customers updated with the latest developments.

User-friendly website:

Most buyers first do website research on the product before making a purchase decision. The company site is usually the first stop. This should be their last stop as well.

Fill your website with easily available details about every basic, luxury, and technical feature. Ensure that these descriptions are accompanied by good images.

At the same time also pay heed that all concerns and shortcomings of the model are answered. This will make sure that the customer does not stray away and lands at a less reliable site.

Search Engine Optimization:

Research has proved that more than 70% of clicks go to links that appear on the first page of the search engine. When you are promoting your brand localise the content and make sure to incorporate as many phrases as possible that refer to electric vehicles.

User-generated content is a secret SEO booster. A significant percentage of search results are influenced by user-generated content.

Look at the vehicle market:

Brands like Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Land Rover have leveraged user-generated content to market their cars. Toyota launched a campaign where they collected user-generated content featuring street musicians, artists, and others from the urban landscape. This increased Toyota’s popularity among target customers especially, the young ones.

Land Rover Stories was another popular campaign whereby users were encouraged to share travel stories with their Land Rovers. Needless to say, followers of the brand multiplied by leaps and bounds on social media.

Implementing User Generated Content (UGC) Strategies in your Marketing Plan

Deviating from traditional advertising and focusing on the use of digital media-powered user generated content to boost popularity and sales seems risky. However, its ability to permeate people’s imagination is immense. The novelty of content brought by the users and the flexibility of the medium are the biggest benefits.

Definitely, rightly marketing in a digital medium can boost EV sales more than the conventional strategies. For any help in marketing your EV in digital medium contact us.