Electric Three-Wheelers in the Digital Space: Ways to Boost Sales

Electric Three Wheeler Digital Marketing

Three-wheeler vehicles are by default assumed to be a phenomenon in developing countries. These three-wheel drives have been used to ferry cargo and also to carry passengers. However, many top-notch vehicle manufacturers have displayed their futuristic concept three-wheelers in auto shows. Among them are Toyota i-Road concept car, Volkswagen GX3, and Arcimoto’s FUV are some names to mention.

Three-Wheeler Vehicles Landscape in India

The role of three-wheeled vehicles on the roads of the developing nations cannot be ignored. Indian roads run many three-wheelers ferrying passengers and goods.

The recent foray into this market is the electric three-wheelers. Not only they are greener but also save fuel money. Brands like Mahindra, Piaggio, Kinetic, Lohia, Atul Auto, Euler, and others are competing against each other to capture the EV three-wheeler market.

EV 3W digital marketing strategy in India

With rising competition, the brands need to market their electric three-wheelers across platforms including the digital space.

Electric Three-Wheeler Marketing Strategy, the Digital Side

Focus on technology:

The electric vehicle market is technology-driven. Every other day a manufacturer comes up with new technological development. As a manufacturer make sure that the new developments are made known to the potential customers and investors.

Promote your blogs, and get reviews published on technical sites and promotional articles published on news portals. Make sure to put out a word or two about the growth in sales and projected growth.

Social media visibility:

Social media visibility is essential for a successful digital marketing strategy. Curate an account across all social media platforms.

You can keep customers updated through these accounts by posting stories about user experiences, performance in market competition, new decisions and developments in the company, and also updates about the EV three-wheeler market.

Social Media Marketing for electric three-wheeler

This will help customers assess the benefits and risks of buying an EV three-wheeler and motivate them to make a purchase decision.

Get listed in the e-market:

Get your vehicle on the digital market space like CarTrade.com. You can get your vehicle listed on online vehicle trading platforms like CarWale, ZigWheels, etc. to boost sales. Potential buyers usually scout these sites, compare with competing models, and read reviews before setting their minds to a particular vehicle.

These platforms also provide options to sell used vehicles. Customers can find this option favourable if in the future they want to exchange or sell the old EV three-wheeler for a new one.

B2B marketing:

A big part of digital marking for EV three-wheelers should be focused on investors and other business partners like retail showrooms. Target your verticals at companies that have the potential to develop technology, or are developing technology for electric vehicles.

The actual purchase happens at the showrooms. Invite showrooms to display your electric three-wheeler. Make them a partner in your online promotions.

Be in sync with government policies:

The recent union budget also saw a major boost given to the electric vehicle sector like setting up charging stations. Infrastructure for use especially charging stations is a major concern for potential EV buyers.

While promoting your vehicle focus on the changes and the promises coming from the government. People are more likely to invest in anything that promises a future and continued ease of use.

Target the right customer:

The urban and rural buyers of an electric three-wheeler have different terrains and conditions to negotiate. While concerns relating to charging might be less of a worry to an urban buyer, this is a major issue for a rural buyer where the electricity supply is erratic.

How to create the ideal Buyer Persona for electric three-wheeler

Adopting different marking and positioning strategies for both buyers can be beneficial.

Explain your technology:

In a market where many competitors are coming with similar products, it is important to explain the USP of your vehicle. Use the digital platforms to talk about the technology that your electric three-wheeler makes use of.

Make this a part of the social media campaigns through which you directly connect with your customers. Knowledge about the technology will enable them to make an informed decision.

Mobile marketing:

Mobile phones are an important component of digital marketing. Come up with SMS, MMS, and audio-visual messages that can be sent to the customer’s mobile phones. Target the popular mobile applications to place advertisements for your product.

The company website is an important source of information for customers. Customize your website to be mobile-friendly as many people use their mobile devices to surf the web.  

User-generated content:

The best publicity comes from the users. Build a system to keep your buyers in the loop. Give time to time incentives to buyers via the various digital media space. Also encourage the users to share photos, videos, reviews, and experiences on the company site and other social media platforms.

user generated content for electric three wheeler

However, stay put to tackle incoming negative comments as well. These can be used to clarify doubts in the minds of the customers, give assurances about making improvements, and build better experiences.

Look at your competitors:

The competitors in the market will be using varying tactics to sell their vehicles or increase popularity. Keeping a track of the competitors’ digital mobility can help you come up with ideas and options to put your vehicle out in the market.

Mahindra has come up with an application called SmartShift (now merged with Porter). The application works as a platform to connect cargo and vehicle owners. Cargo owners can choose from a list of vehicles that also include Mahindra’s electric three-wheelers.

Position your EV Three Wheeler Smartly to Maximize Sales

The three-wheeler market is expanding and there is a range of vehicles from different brands. The smart positioning of these vehicles is of utmost importance to rev up sales. Three-wheelers are not just for carrying a cargo of small businesses and individuals.

Italian manufacturer Piaggio sees a huge market for electric three-wheelers in the e-commerce platforms, municipalities and other government bodies, the FMCG industry, and water bottling plants. If you have stepped into the market of electric three-wheelers do not hesitate to explore the digital medium to achieve maximum sales.

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