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No matter what marketing goals you have for your company, be it auditing your website, search engine crawling, indexing & ranking, or mobile performance & optimization; the Digital Marketing team at DealsInsight got your back.

If serious business growth is what you’re looking for, SEO, or search engine optimization is the best strategy for you.  HOW? That’s easy! It spots the customers that are most likely to convert into leads on your website, and takes them there; surging your sales.

Our team can help you increase your bottom line with an SEO campaign that is specifically designed for your unique business growth.

We provide,

On-Page or Off-Page SEO

While the On-Page optimization deals with content and keywords on the webpage, Off-page optimization helps in creating backlinks to the website. If you are planning to catch the attention of your online user, your webpage should have content with the right keywords and backlinks.

On-page SEO basically consists of the content that is displayed on your page, and hence widely expressed as ‘content SEO.’  For on-point optimization, these are following checks that must be performed for On-page SEO:

  • The title tag and Meta descriptions on the SERP, giving the first impression of your blog.
  • The header tags are up next. They are used to break your text, maintain the flow, provide context, and structure your post.
  • Alt tags are the text description of the images.

Off-page SEO refers to those efforts you take outside of your online content to improve the ranking of your webpage. It is composed of the following:

  • Site visitors/traffic to your website is a key factor that regulates your off-page SEO
  • Global Traffic Rank by Alexa, with the lowest being the most popular.
  • Keyword ranking is determined depending on the type of keywords you use in your text.
  • Quality of your content is one of the prime components of all your digital marketing efforts.
  • Mobile Optimization or the adaptability of your website to mobile screens determines your SEO ranking.
  • Fast Loading speed also helps you rank better since it answers readers queries faster
  • Page security prevents the reader’s system from harmful viruses – https is the best.

Technical SEO

This is mainly ‘the technical stuff’ of the SEO game and consists of the following:

  • HTML and CSS tags, help the search engine categorizing your content. When you have validated tags, the search engine considers you as an authorized domain.
  • Appropriate robots.txt files help the search engine efficiently navigate your page.
  • An XML sitemap, a map to your site, which helps search engines direct people to the content they want to see.
  • Schema a structured data vocabulary that defines your activities and content on the internet, hence giving a better experience to users.

Google Adwords

More likely, even you’ve failed running Adwords or Bing Ads yourself…and lost money.  Even you know your competitors are getting business from online traffic. So what to do now?

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If you ask us, all you need is a help.

With the right team and the right strategy, your online business can skyrocket.  Our team has been working in Adwords and we know what a good account looks like, we know the tricks and we know how to make you money.

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