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Organic marketing campaigns will drive traffic to your website, but it takes longer to make inroads into leads. Customized paid campaigns can help you get a higher conversion rate and provide measurable success to goals.

If building brand identity and revenue growth is your ultimate need, then Paid Campaigns or PPC(Pay-Per-Click) is ideal for you. From sponsored ads to search engine placements, display ads, branded content, a well-designed paid campaign strategy aided with insights and analytics is your key to boosting your brand and scaling up your sales.

Our team at Dealsinsight can help you identify your paid campaign metrics and establish your campaign to drive more unique visitors to your website and reduce your paid campaign spending.

Our Paid Campaign Services include,

Search Ads

Search ads work well to drive traffic to websites for consideration and conversion. Sponsored placement of ads through Google helps you reach users from all your target profiles based on keywords and demographics. These ads are suitable for one-time promotional campaigns.

Display Ads

If you are looking for campaigns to build brand awareness and increase website traffic, then Display Ads is for you, not just in Google, but these ads will feature in mobile applications, Gmail, and Google partner sites. Analytics combined with insights are required to get display ads to work for you.

Social Ads

Social media paid Campaign is the fastest-growing segment of paid campaigns. Highly suitable for brands with active social media presence and broader target audiences. Facebook’s paid campaigns, LinkedIn ads, Twitter advertising all fall under the social paid ads category.

In-stream Ads (YouTube Ads)

YouTube Ads, also the in-stream campaigns, are the best way to create engaging video content to attract prospects, build brand identity, and direct visitors to your sales funnel. A compelling and interactive video content campaign attracts ten times more viewers.

Google Shopping Ads

Exclusively meant for brands with multiple products and service lists to connect with potential customers who search for related products and services. To keep these ads successful, you require a high level of maintenance.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads help you reach your past website visitors to drive consideration and build brand awareness. It stands effective only when you design campaigns with engaging conversations.

Successful Paid Ads depend on three factors: optimized Keywords, target groups, and call-to-actions. Our team has successfully implemented strategies and techniques and knows how to get clicks at reduced spending.

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