How Aerospace Engineering Firms Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow Business

Digital Marketing for Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Industries

Aerospace engineering companies design and develop aircraft and spacecraft. Companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, General Dynamics, and GE, among others, cater to the world’s commercial and armed forces’ aviation requirements and; build satellites and space probes.

Bright future for the Indian aerospace industry

The Aerospace sector in India has been growing significantly with increasing demand from both defence and civil aviation sectors. Indian carriers like SpiceJet and Indigo are seeking more large aircraft to meet the rising air traffic passenger demand. Similarly, defence aerospace has also seen a boost due to growing defence capital expenditure.

As per a December 2020 report by IBEF, the Indian aerospace & defence market is predicted to reach ~US$ 70 billion by 2030, on account of high demand for advanced infrastructure and government push. This is an opportune time for aerospace manufacturers and aircraft parts sellers to grow their businesses.

The need for a change in marketing strategies

Making a mark in the current environment of stiff competition requires a major overhaul in the marketing strategies. In order to reach more people effectively, companies need to use digital marketing to advertise on the internet. It is increasingly acquiring a very important space in the marketing strategy of marketers. Since digital marketing is more cost-effective than the traditional methods of marketing, it is essential for companies to spend their resources wisely in order to reach maximum consumers.

Why Digital Marketing is important for Aerospace

Industry players such as manufacturers, assemblers, traders or aircraft parts sellers can increase their visibility using different digital marketing techniques. Let us look at the strategies that you, as a marketing expert of your aerospace company, can employ to gain traction among your potential customers.

Digital marketing strategies

1. Content Marketing

This marketing approach focuses on creating and sharing content in the form of blogs, videos or social media posts. These provide relevant and helpful information to potential buyers, thereby facilitating them to make a decision.

The sales cycles of aerospace engineering companies are very long and complex. Since the products offered are not cheap, trusting any company requires a lot of research. The procurement teams compare all their options before making a decision. Aerospace companies offer technologies and solutions which are niche and unique, some of which are not popular. This makes content creation a very reliable method to educate your market and place your offerings up for consideration.

The role of content marketing is to create a strategy of different touchpoints to help decision making of a buyer easier. For example, one piece of content may talk about your company’s journey and the products/services offered. Another piece may educate about how your offerings have helped your client to solve a challenge. Such information helps in building credibility among your target audience and gives them the confidence to award you the contract.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a great technique to increase the quantum of clicks/traffic by making the website feature amongst the top search results. With the help of SEO, your website can appear on the first page, as close as possible to the top, in the Search Engine results page (SERP) when users look for similar products using keywords. For B2B businesses, SEO works as one of the best marketing tools to boost the bottom line.

It is essential to conduct keyword research to ascertain what kind of content is required to be put up on your website. For instance, if there are searches related to improving aerodynamics, defence contractors or any particular type of aerospace engineering firm, your company might benefit from designing your website to get it among the top results.

Using SEO tools like Google keyword planner helps in optimizing your website’s content. This technique will attract potential clients and hence, generate more leads.

3. Cost per click (CPC) advertising

CPC is a digital marketing revenue model through which companies pay a predetermined cost for every click on an ad posted on any website.

Paid search is one of the tools in this form of marketing. Ads are posted under sponsored listings of a search engine or any website. Advertisers are required to pay for every click on their ads on the search engine results pages. Companies bid for their ad placement when a user searches for their requirements on the internet.

Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click Advertising are the most effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industries

This is a highly cost-effective method of advertising as you can target very specific customers based on your budget, desired demographics and geography. Proper targeting through tools like Google Adwords creates a difference in no time by generating high-quality contracts.

4. Social media marketing

Running active organic campaigns on social media builds visibility for your company. For a B2B marketer of your Aerospace firm, you may post organic content on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This could help you to:

  • Build long-term relationships
  • Generate interest among prospects who fit the customer profile
  • Engage with prospects by making them aware of your products and services which could ultimately translate to leads in the future
  • Show that your company is innovative
  • Enhance credibility

Concluding Remarks

Aerospace companies have been known to utilize traditional methods for marketing their offerings. However, with the ever-evolving digital marketing practices, it is now important to keep up with the trends. The tools discussed in this blog can help your firm to generate better engagement online and thereby, achieve more qualified leads. As the visibility of the company increases, gaining a competitive edge through effective utilization of these methods becomes easier.

What do you think after reading this blog? How fast can digital marketing boost your sales? Please share your views in the comments.