4 Effective Cold Calling Scripts to Get Appointments



Conversations have and will always be the backbone of getting things done, even in a digitally-driven era like ours. Today, conversations might be quicker, less layered, and far-reaching, but the essence of communication still remains. Cold calling scripts to get appointments have seen many changes in the past few decades.

However, the big question here is, are cold calls still effective?

Yes, they sure are. While we may have advanced in our ways, we’re still very much motivated and influenced by conversations that happen through voice. Which is probably why many companies and brands indulge in cold calls even today. The difference now is that our scripts have changed, our style of delivery has evolved, and we’re more aware of what works, and what might just result in being hung up on rudely.

If you’re someone who’s looking to perfect the art of cold calling or at least refine your current ways to make them more effective, read on for cold calling scripts to get appointments!

Cold calling scripts to get appointments

Cold calling doesn’t have to exactly stock tons script, because that’s when it starts to sound artificial and rehearsed. However, having guiding points and benchmarks can help you streamline each conversation and make it more effective.

1. Being warm and inviting

Cold calling scripts to get appointments - being warm and inviting

A cold call should be anything but “cold”, at least if you’re looking to get a clear and continued response from the person you’re calling. Starting off immediately with “Hi, I’m John and I’m calling you from X company regarding our new project…” is too dry, too direct, and lacks that element of warmth.

Here’s cold call script example –

“Hi, good morning! I’m John, and I hope you’re having a lovely day. If it’s not too much to ask, could you spare a few minutes of your time? Because I have something interesting to share with you…”

Now, a script like that does two things. First, it shifts from a very formal and upright tone to a warmer and inviting one. Second, it creates intrigue and keeps the other person on the line. This sets the perfect base for you to grab their attention, and then continue your conversation the way you intended to.

Sometimes, what helps is putting yourself in the place of the receiver. What type of call would you respond positively to, a direct and robotic one or a friendly and warm one? For cold calling scripts to get appointments, warmth is a must-have.

2. Research is essential

Researching before cold calling

 While it’s important for you to include asking questions when you make cold calling scripts to get appointments, you can’t come off as clueless either. You want to be able to extract enough information from the call, but this information needs to top up the already existing information that you derive from your research. And this will also help you ask the right questions during a cold call.

When you call a company, make sure that you know all the basic stuff like what they do, who their CEO is, what kind of projects they’re involved in, how many people roughly work there, and so on.

Here’s cold call script example –

“Hi, thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. I understand that your brand has recently bagged X project, congratulations! It was in fact this association of yours that intrigued us and thought we could form a great partnership that would benefit us both. I’d love to tell you more if that sounds interesting to you.”

By creating an association, with the help of research, you’re giving them enough reason to want to talk to you. Even if the partnership itself doesn’t motivate them, the fact that you know enough about their company makes them curious about what prospects you might offer.

3. Create a chain of communication

Creating communication

It’s quite unlikely that the first person you get in touch with will be the decision-maker or the one who holds a higher authority in the company. Usually, hour first call could be the receptionist, the gatekeeper, or maybe just the assistant.

One might often make the mistake of trying to explain the entire purpose of the call to the first contact person, who isn’t very interested in really listening to you. They might cut you off, pretend to be making notes, or simply forget to pass on the information to a decision-maker.

Knowing the cold call do’s and don’ts are essential for this reason.

Hence, you should concentrate more on extracting information from them, such as a name, or number, or even an email id.

Here’s a cold call script example –

“Hi, this is John from X company. I hope you’re doing it well today. If it isn’t too much trouble, could you direct me to the person in charge for this? I would really appreciate that.”

From hereon, you need to follow up on the contact details given and ensure that you’re speaking to the right person before you get into the nitty-gritty details of the call. Cold calling scripts to get appointments need to always be clever.

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4. Always be proactive

Being proactive

Even after establishing a communicative relationship with your prospect, don’t let go of the intent of the first cold call. Even a simple conversation has scope to become something bigger, or at least bring you closer to a positive closure.

For example, if it’s just a conversation about what time you could set up a meeting with them and take things forward, you can always ease them into a comfortable conversation that would help you understand them better.

Here’s cold call script example –

“Alright, that date and time sounds perfect! Also, if I may add, I had read recently about the market changing. What are your thoughts on that?”

What this goes is to establish a comfort level between you and the prospect, and also help you better understand what type of person they are. Cold calling scripts to get appointments need to be flexible because not everyone responds to the same conversation the same way. By seeping into more familiar territory with them, you’re assuring that the actual meeting has a higher success rate.

In Conclusion

If done right, and with enough intent, cold calling can be a great way to close deals, begin partnerships, and lay the foundation for successful future projects. As does everything in the world of business and communications, cold calling scripts to get appointments need to evolve and be dynamic as well. So, the next time you’re wondering how you can keep the other person on the line interested in what you have to say, keep these tips in mind and practice before you preach!