2021 growth

How we grew facebook page followers by 8350% in just one month

Industry – B2C (Online Platform for Performing Arts)

DealsInsight recently partnered with an Online Education platform dedicated to Performing Arts to boost their Brand Awareness via Paid promotions on Social  Media Platforms. Their primary focus was on enhancing brand recognition.

The Challenge

  1. New Brand
  2. High Competition
  3. Less user engagement on Social Media channels

The Solution

  1. To create brand awareness and engage more audience, we generated regular dynamic posts via Facebook and Instagram.
  2. We circulated the student performing videos which poked the genuine interest among the Parents
  3. we posted concept-based images on Facebook and Instagram after analyzing the high traffic times.
  4. We optimized Facebook and Instagram pages with the right set of keywords.

The Results


Increase in Facebook page followers in 1 month


Increase in Instagram Profile visits in 1 month

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