Best Tips You Should Know for Selling Cybersecurity to CISOs


In today’s technological and emerging digital times, robust security systems tend to ensure safe working connections among businesses. As per a Statista study, the Cybersecurity market is likely to grow by almost 9% worldwide. Are you a cybersecurity service provider? Have you been trying to sell more to the CISOs of different businesses but cannot reach your sales target? Fret not! We are here. In this article, we shall discuss some of the top hacks to sell cybersecurity to the CISOs. Enjoy the read. 

Who are CISOs? 

CISO stands for Chief Information Security Officer. He/She is a senior-level executive who is responsible for developing and implementing policies designed to safeguard enterprise communications. CISOs are responsible for creating a company’s data security strategies. Selling to the CISO may be a tough nut to crack. You need to have a specialized understanding of their security requirements. 

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Top Ways to Sell your Service to CISOs 

Delve into the Details of the Prospect Company & the CISO 

This should be your first step when initiating your cybersecurity sales journey. It is very essential to understand the values and security requirements of the company you want to sell to. You should be fully aware of their background and preferences. As a cybersecurity business, you should make sure that your sales consultants are well-informed about the company to which they are going to present the proposal. 

If you get a chance to be on a call with any CISO, make sure not to waste any time talking about your business background. Keep the conversation simple and to the point. Make sure to convey to them that you identify and understand their security compliance needs and can solve their security challenges efficiently.


Speak the Business Language – Don’t be too Technical 

Try to pivot towards a connection-driven approach and avoid using too many technical terms in your sales pitch. CISOs are already aware of the technical jargon related to their specific security system. So, you do not need to use too many of them in your pitch or while having a conversation with them. 

Leveraging technical terms cannot be considered as a parameter to impress them. Instead, you need to speak the business language that attracts – short, simple, and easy to connect with. The more lucid and organized your points are, the more are the chances of establishing long-term relationships with CISOs. 

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DO NOT talk about How your Product could have Prevented a Breach 

Do not talk about security breaches that you can prevent or could have prevented in the past. It is not advised to leverage the fear factor to strike a deal with any CISO.  Instead, just talk about how you can add better security measures to their company structure. You need to convince them that your solutions are specially customized as per their business functioning. This approach can help you close your deal like a pro. 

Also, never trash your competition in your pitch. It is highly unprofessional and can negatively impact your sales.

Perform Smart Marketing – Don’t Spend too much! 

Cybersecurity businesses do not need to spend a huge chunk of their budget to market their products and services. As a cybersecurity service provider, all you need to do is be smart in your marketing approach. Wondering how you should perform your marketing? Let us explain! 

Now, it is seen that most cybersecurity businesses tend to concentrate on the pain points that their security solution solves horizontally across different industries. But limiting yourself to the horizontal approach won’t help you outperform your competition. 

However, you can try adopting a vertical-focused marketing approach. Industry-specific marketing can help you target your potential customers better and perform wonders for you. Let’s try to understand this with the help of an example. For example, if you are approaching a healthcare CISO, you can talk about HIPAA regulations or security solutions related to the healthcare sector.

One more trick to conducting strategic marketing is by offering educational content. Consider crafting informative blogs to present yourself as a subject matter expert. 

Be Patient and Achieve the Best Results 

Patience is one of the main keys to winning the trust of the CISOs. Building meaningful business relations is not a one-day task. You need to give your best shot every time you reach a prospective client. Take it slow. It is not wise to load them with all your information in one go. Chances are there that they might already be receiving similar content from your competition. Introduce them to your services and solutions one by one.


We hope our article helped you comprehend some of the best nitty-gritty details about selling to CISOs. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards effective cybersecurity sales today. We wish you all the very best.