B2B Technology Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2021

Technology Marketing Trends

While we all agree how technology is omnipresent in the world today, yet to our surprise, it doesn’t entirely sell itself. 

A solid B2B marketing strategy for technology products is vital for generating leads and boosting your firm’s bottom line. 

However, in the massive crowd of technology firms standing out is a lot more difficult than you can imagine. 

Whether you specialize in project management platforms, CRM, or cyber-security… there is a growing list of B2B competitors selling almost similar tools. 

So, framing your B2B marketing strategy for technology products is very crucial.

No tech business is a copy of the other. 

The type of prospect you generally market to changes depending on your sector.

Therefore as 2020 progresses, B2B marketers need to stay apprehensive of the contemporary trends in the industry.

So what technology trends will have the greatest impact on your business this year? 

Here’s a list of 12 B2B marketing trends you must consider in 2020:

1. “Soft Selling” should be your next go-to move

Now, more than ever is the right time to showcase empathy and understanding. 

As the world is healing from a global crisis, you, as B2B tech marketers need to move ahead with compassion. 

Don’t try to force your tech solutions too hard on your prospects. 

Instead, focus on creating and assembling thought leadership pieces or content that educates them. 

Remember, B2B businesses that master this art of soft-selling while being benevolent and empathetic will be the eventual champions of 2020.

2. Your Account-based Marketing Needs Curation

Digitizing the execution of ABM strategy will continue to receive enormous interest among B2B marketers for the rest of the year. 

If you execute your ABM strategy perfectly, it can turn out to be miraculous for your B2B business.

A survey conducted by DemandbaseMarketing Innovation Summit for B2B revealed that – 92% of B2B tech firms recognize the value of ABM, going as far as calling it a B2B marketing “must-have.” 

For B2B companies involving complex sales cycles with multiple stakeholders and transactions, ABM can be your savior.

It can help you generate new business rather than simply relying on “inbound” approaches to B2B lead generation.

As a result, an increasing number of tech marketers have embraced ABM as a major part of their overall marketing toolkit. 

But far too many tech marketers get ABM wrong. 

In a true sense, ABM stands for “Account-Based Model.”

So for 2020, B2B organizations should advance their adoption of ABM fully both philosophically and practically.

3. Humanize your business with interactive video content

Humanizing B2B business has been and will be a major technology trend in 2020, which is exactly why video is an effective method to deliver important messages.

The truth is your prospects don’t have enough time to read. But sadly, they’re bombarded with too much repetitive and boring content.

A study from Demand Gen Report found that 91% of B2B buyers say they prefer interactive and video content to static content.  

The best thing about videos is they’re easy to customize and that’s exactly what your client expects from you as a tech brand. 

And video content currently represents a majority share of internet traffic and is forecasted to grow to 82% of all internet traffic by 2021, according to Cisco’s annual VNI forecast. 

In short, B2B tech firms should continue to invest in humanizing their business for the rest of 2020 and ahead. 

4. Experiment with 3D mapping and modeling

3D projection mapping is expected to register a CAGR of 17.45% over the forecast period 2020 to 2025.

This technology inputs images, graphics, or logos and projects them onto walls to create a more immersive experience. 

Swift urbanization has resulted in increased demand for 3D technologies.

It has now become a staple at the large client or high-production B2B events. 

As this technology becomes more and more affordable, many B2B marketers are leveraging it in their spaces and events.

This trend will further continue to exponentially grow in 2020.

5. Get into the reel world of AR/VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality technology will allow your clients to witness a scene that feels incredibly close to real life. 

Trust us, they’ll love it!!

Whether demonstrating a tech product, service, or technology, B2B marketers are looking for ways to incorporate them. 

AR/VR when augmented to your live events and trade shows will drive traffic and create more memorable experiences.

Even for now when social gatherings are being prohibited during the lockdown, VR events are rapidly replacing face-to-face meetings.

6. Double down on Intent Signals

B2B tech firms should amplify on intent signals.

Try utilizing search analytics to guide your B2B prospecting and digital advertising spend. 

As suggested by Andrew Kokes, SVP Global Head Of Marketing : No more standing on the dock waiting for the fish to swim past (your website). You got to fish where the fishes are biting. 

Data-driven ads and outreach will increase connections, meeting setting and hopefully downstream conversion in 2020.  

7. The growing emphasis on Predictive Analytics

The pandemic has created a sudden, major disruption to the economy. 

B2B tech marketers are hustling to adapt their tech plans in such a dynamic environment. 

Predictive analytics can help such marketers model scenarios based on economic principles. 

It provides easy tech solutions targeted to marketing professionals.

It further helps you to adapt your spending, channels and timing to create a data-driven strategy. 

Predictive Analytics will reduce risk and take the “guesswork” out of your process in 2020. 

8. Increased Focus on Data Privacy

Data privacy landscape will be seen continuously evolving this year. 

B2B tech marketers are used to leveraging a lot of client and prospect data in their marketing campaigns. 

But new rules and regulations are forcing B2B companies to take a harder look at the data they collect and store. 

Tech marketers therefore need to pay close attention to how this impacts their capabilities this year. 

9. Record a Podcast “NOW”!

Marketing podcasts for technology sellers is the best way available in the tech market to reach busy B2B marketers. 

You can transcribe podcasts to create captivating content. 

There is just one easy step you need to follow.

Pick any B2B tech marketing trend (such as AR/VR, ABM or AI/ML), talk to experts about it, record and podcast.

And that’s it.

Yes it’s that simple! 

10. Begin your search for powerful B2B Influencers

B2B Influencer marketing is disrupting the B2C market. 

By building a network of supportive influencers, tech brands are creating exciting new market opportunities.

Integrate influencers into your marketing strategy for optimum results.

These influencers might not have the numbers to reach, but they are incredibly influential as thought leaders and will drive an increasing number of B2B purchasing decisions. 

11. RCS Messaging is the need of the hour

Rich Communication Services messaging is a new and visually appealing channel that will open up an evolved form of communication for B2B tech businesses. 

You can use interactive action buttons, GIFs or rich media cards to further style your messages. 

As per Liam Quinn (B2B Marketing Head) – RCS will allow B2B marketers to add photos, videos, locations, map directions and more to their placid messages. This will be a big upgrade on standard SMS functionality and will help marketers showcase their tech products and services in new ways. 

12. Hyper Relevance is all what matters the most

There are some really cool technologies in the market today that you would want to employ, be it intent signals, predictive analysis, marketing automation, etc. But now as B2B marketers you are in a world where you need to keep your ear to the ground.

You should know exactly what your audience comprehends and cares about. Therefore, we would advise you to tailor messages accordingly for specific moments.

Your mantra to successful Tech Marketing – “EVOLVE & TRANSFORM”

This year, we’ll likely see several shifts in B2B tech marketing approaches. 

We can’t wait to see how these trends outlined here in the blog play out.

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