10 Best Ways To Generate B2B Sales Leads

b2b sales leads generation

To gain high profits in today’s global market, you do not need to have the best or cheapest products. You don’t even need to have the best quality of service. All you need to become is the best seller in the market.

To be the best seller, you not only need a good number of leads but also quality B2B sales leads. Needless to say, that is why it is important to concentrate on generating more number of quality leads for your products.

To sell efficiently, it is important that your salespeople are able to generate new leads and convert them to customers successfully. It won’t suffice the business if there is an increment in B2B sales leads generation but an equivalent decrement in the quality of the leads.

Every B2B sales lead has a different value and importance from the others. However, focussing on only increasing bytes of your database instead of the quality is wrong. This will result your organization will end up with extra efforts and lesser results.

Therefore, we studied some B2B sales organizations and their sales patterns and came out with the following ten ways to generate quality B2B sales leads.

How To Generate Sales Leads:

I. Conventional Methods

There are some conventional B2B sales lead generation methods that work even today. However, their success rates differ from industry to industry. Various conventional methods of lead generation are – newspaper and magazine advertisements, cold calling, word of mouth, etc.

sales leads - magazine campaign

While newspaper marketing campaigns might not work wonders in this digital age, advertisements published in magazines are a great way of B2B sales lead generation even today. These expo magazines reach almost every visitor and your leads are likely to contact you themselves.

Cold calling and word of mouth have drastically different results in different industry domains. A B2B sales leads generation company or a B2B sales consulting firm might be able to strategize your conventional lead generation methods in a better way.

II. Exhibitions and Expos

What is a better way than generating B2B sales leads from a hub where all the visitors can be your prospects. Within two to four days of your efforts in participating in a relevant exhibition or expo, you can expect fantastic results.

expo to generate B2B sales leads

You can generate as many as four to five times or even more of qualified leads that you would have generated otherwise. This number again depends largely from industry to industry

Companies generally generate much more than the average revenue they usually generate without participating. This is a good number. Most importantly, the leads generated through this method are more likely to qualify as customers than any other method.

III. Live Chat Feature

A study says that 44% of customers prefer live chat method over other customer support features. In addition, as much as 90% of them find live chat helpful and satisfactory overall. These statistics clearly indicate the importance of a live chat feature on your website.

live chat option to generate sales leads

You probably might have given all the required clarity in your website regarding your products and services. However, a new prospect while visiting your website may still need some guidance. That is when live chat is quite helpful.

Most websites with this feature take down the email addresses of the customers while helping them out. These addresses can further be used for email marketing strategy.

IV. Website Enquiry Forms

Almost all B2B sales companies have an enquiry form on their websites. What the organizations fail to recognize is that your website form can separate your leads from non-leads.

web enquiry form for B2B sales leads

By optimizing your website enquiry form in the correct way as per your products and customer industry, you can convert even three times of your previous leads at the same price. This way, your revenue and profits will shoot exponentially.

What you can do is take as many details as you can about the pain points and requirements of your prospect’s industry. Secondly, try to narrow down your prospect’s search by offering to choose from products and services that you have. You can also ask for your prospect’s budget.

This way, much of your work will already be done by your web-form. Moreover, you will get an idea about what to offer to your customer and in what way and how can your products address their issues.

Do not forget the following points while optimizing your web-form:

a) Reduce the typing fields. Add more dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes to select from a range.

b) Longer forms should be spread across pages.

c) Differentiate required fields from optional ones.

d) Avoid repetition and duplication of fields.

e) Replace captcha box with visual questions.

V. Leads from Your Website Visitors

There are tools available with B2b sales lead generation companies that can help you identify your website visitors. This is done by connecting to Google Analytics to identify companies of your anonymous visitors.

It can further provide contact information of your key prospects as well. This information can, then, be used in email marketing.

tools to identify web visitor for B2B sales leads

VI. Email Marketing

Email marketing has stood the test of time. It is nearly 40 years old. There are many surprising facts related to email marketing that you can read here. The first email marketing blast resulted in $ 13 million sales for the company that initiated it in the year 1978. Surprisingly, there are examples in the industry where revenue increased by almost 172% after using the email marketing tools.

email marketing

Today, various B2B sales leads generation companies provide CRM tools to automate email marketing. With marketing automation tools in place, you can easily target your preferred audience. In fact, even personalized emails can be sent to quality prospects through CRM.

VII. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a wider classification of various marketing strategies including blogging, social media content, e-newsletters, case studies, online presentation, etc.

Although an organization can always use its own website to publish its blogs, there are various other methods to publish content online. Through articles on your own website, you can directly address pain points of your audience and can simultaneously provide them the solutions.

content marketing for more leads

Another way of content marketing is social media content. Through this, B2B sales leads generation can be done by using relevant content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. By using suitable hashtags and keywords, it is easy to find people on social platforms having interests similar to your business.

Additionally, an organization can post its online content through guest posting on other blogs. In other words, you can utilize and target audience on other blogs and platforms to market your products and services.

VIII. Search Engine Marketing

This is one technique that probably applies to almost all of the other points mentioned here. It is also one of the most important long-term strategies for generating B2B sales leads. In the current scenario, SEM seems to be the king of lead generation.

search engine marketing

SEM campaigns, when planned and executed thoughtfully, can sky-rocket the revenues of any organization.

However, ranking number 1 on Google is a lot more difficult today than it was about 10 or 15 years ago. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to achieve. With a good digital marketing team and tools in place, your organization too can achieve success.

IX. Lead Magnets

A good number of email subscriptions always help and lead magnets are one of the many ways of increasing them. Introduction of a good lead magnet to your B2B sales lead generation methods can prove to be a game-changer.

Lead magnets are a system to offer a piece of digital information to the buyers in exchange of their email addresses. The digital information includes e-books, reports, a free PDF, checklist, a video, a webinar or any other free downloadable content that will help you to generate sales leads.

lead magnet to generate leads

The free information that you are providing should solve a real problem that your prospects are facing. Unless you provide a solution to them, your lead magnet simply won’t work. Moreover, your lead magnet should be able to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area. Only then will it work in the desired direction.

X. Online Reviews

This is another digital method to generate sales leads. More than 80% of the decision-makers in B2B purchasing search for reviews online before buying.

Honest reviews can help you multiply your profits Whereas, dishonest ones can bring down your search engine rankings, thereby reducing your revenue severely. Therefore, never ever consider buying reviews.

online reviews

Even if you have just one happy customer, make sure to take his or her honest review online. Slowly, this number will increase and so will your leads and profits.


Our stress over generating quality leads cannot be enough. Just like, it is futile filling a leaking bucket. Similarly, it is useless to generate leads that are more likely to leak from your sales funnel. The focus should always be on generating quality leads that are quite like to convert.

For doing exactly this, B2B sales consulting firms are always there to guide. They tell you the most optimized and customized B2B sales leads generating strategies as per your industry and products. Generating quality leads, as I said before, is very important and crucial for increasing your sales. Hence, it is better if you leave the task of generating leads to expert B2B sales lead generating companies or B2B consulting firms.