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B2B Sales Consulting

Selling isn’t the same anymore. With the digital technology replacing the real relationships, sales people find it longer and difficult to close their sales cycle. Buyers have become smart, making the sales process a lot more difficult.

With the increasing use of internet, the buyer’s behaviour has changed. Additionally, his researching capabilities have increased multi-fold. Sustenance of buyer as well as seller in the highly competitive global market has become a challenge.

Need of an expertise in selling is the need of the hour. An expert, who can integrate the best practices of sales observed internally and externally, can be the only one who can work as a strong bridge between the buyer and the seller.

B2B sales consulting firms are organizations that tailor-make sales strategies for you. Moreover, B2B sales consultants help you at every step of your sales cycle. Whether you are facing issues in generating leads, or engaging your prospect is becoming rather complicated or sales lifecycle management is overwhelming for you, a B2B sales consultant will do all of this for you and much more.

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Why Do You Need a B2B Sales Consulting Firm?

The overall objective of outsourcing sales consulting services is to obtain higher sales and therefore higher profits. However, B2B sales consultants provide a range of services to their clients.

1. Provide a third party view – Sometimes, people working in an organization are unable to find flaws in the usual methodology followed for sales. B2B sales consulting firms provide a third party view to such organizations and diagnose the root cause for the gaps between the expected and actual results.

2. New-age repairing tactics – The diagnostic approach of the sales consulting firm identifies the best practices of the organization and the ones that need improvement. They are also aware of the best practices observed in the industry. Hence, the B2B sales consulting firm repairs the sales process of the organization by tapping the best of both the internal and external environment.

3. Tailor-made solutions – Every industry is different from the other. Likewise, every company is diverse in nature from the others in the same industry. When it comes to sales consulting services, no thumb rule works. A sales consultant understands your industry first and then provides tailor-made sales strategies that would work the best for you.

4. Focus on strategies – Many-a-times, sales leaders and executives are so busy in the sales cycles of various customers that they are unable to actually identify or work on the new strategies. They might be working hard but they might not know that they are actually backing the wrong horse.
The sales managers might not have time in their day-to-day routine to cater to the changing needs of the industries. This requirement is fulfilled by the sales consultancy services. Sales consultants work on strategies to improve the sales process of the organization and help them close the deals.

5. Sales Needs Expertise – Most start-ups and small companies usually cannot afford expert sales force. However, expert sales people are essentially needed for such companies to kick-start an efficient sales strategy.
B2B sales consulting firms provide exactly this expertise to start-ups and small companies. They understand the nature of the business activities and provide a plan that can help the less-experienced or fresh sales people to work smartly from day one.

6. Cost-effective Solution – No sales leaders are as cost effective as the idea of out-sourcing the sales process to a sales consulting firm. No other solution works better than a sales strategy chalked out by an expert team of B2B sales consultants.
By outsourcing your sales process, you ensure yourself to get the best sales plan in the most cost effective manner. You can tap the best of your industry and the market without having to pay a hefty monthly salary to the highly experienced sales people that you get from your B2B sales consultant.

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How is DealsInsight Different from Other B2B Sales Consulting Firms?

It can be a big task to choose the right B2B sales consultant for you. Let us make it easier for you! You might think that your industry and company has a completely different sales process and cycle and that it would be difficult to find out the best consultant for you. However, DealsInsight will surely prove to be your best partner for sky-rocketing your sales, no matter how different or complicated your processes are.

1. We have a team of sales experts who belong to multiple verticals of industries. From enthusiastic youngsters to highly experienced sales professionals with global exposure, we have just the right mix of people to work for you.

2. We can help you win as many qualified prospects as you can handle, at a much lower cost.

3. Unlike other sales consulting firms, we focus equally on all stages of the sales cycle and not only on lead generation. Our team works extensively on market research to provide data and analytics for every phase of the sales cycle.

4. We not only help you improve your sales strategy and process, but also help you align your marketing tactics to work in the direction of your renewed sales program.

5. DealsInsight takes full ownership of the sales process of your company right from the conceptualizing stage to the execution stage.

6. The work of our sales professionals is backed by strong functional knowledge to provide the best tailor-made program framework of its kind.

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Our Services as a B2B Sales Consultant

We offer six services to harmonize the sales processes of your company.

1. Warm Qualified Leads Generation Service – Sales process starts from generating quality leads. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to generate good quality leads for a growing sales-focussed business.

Our team at DealsInsight understands what challenges an organization faces while initiating this first step. We know that conventional cold calling alone cannot serve the purpose. We know that just one or two lead generation strategies don’t work much today.

Therefore, we provide our outsourced sales solution of ‘Generating Qualified Leads’. This program not only identifies, engages and qualifies the verified leads but also revive the dormant opportunities.

2. Account Based Marketing (ABM) ServiceRepeat customers prove to be a good catch for any organization. This is because a repeat customer is nine times more likely to convert than a first time customer is. This is the reason why DealsInsight focuses on ABM.

We provide an ABM solution for companies that seek high-value customers. Our three steps methodology to achieve ABM is – identification of high-value accounts, personalized content marketing and execution of content campaigns through the right marketing channel. We also work on pricing as well as other influencing factors to draw the repeat customers towards the organization.

3. Market Research and Insight Service – No company can have a good sales team without a great marketing team backing it. To support this team, we, at DealsInsight, have a dedicated market research team to conduct research activities for every stage of the sales lifecycle.

This marketing analysis helps in reducing needless resources, focus on specific high-level accounts, and optimize sales and marketing values. Through regressive marketing analysis, we are able to identify risks before they hit hard on the organization’s processes.

4. Sales Lifecycle Management Service – Sales is not a single process, but a combination of a group of activities structured in a particular manner, commonly called sales lifecycle. It is somewhat easier to generate leads but to take the process to the end and close the deal successfully is what sales is all about. At the same time, it is a big challenge for sales professionals to create and manage an end-to-end program.

That is where DealsInsight can help you. Our sales experts not only help you with the sales strategy but also in sales lifecycle management. We support you by providing a suitable business plan as per your industry and help you sail through it successfully by closing as many deals as possible.

5. Sales Leader Recruitment Service –  Not many sales consulting firms help you hire sales leaders for your company. We will help you build strategy and implement the same. But that is not all.

We understand that sales is a continuing process and hence requires brains that work persistently to grow your revenues. That is why we also help you hire top sales performers having proven experience in sales, preferably in the same or similar industry. We help you hire smarter!

6. Digital Marketing Service – Corporate today is unimaginable without the digital marketing world. You cannot tap your full potential without being visible online. However, since everything is online, you need to do things differently to be visible.

At DealsInsight, we have a separate digital marketing team. Our digital marketing services include brand awareness programs, increasing followers to make you visible to a larger audience, increasing your website conversions and paid advertisements on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.