B2B Remarketing: 10 Ways to use Remarketing for Lead Generation

b2b remarketing

Retargeting to close sales that didn’t have had is one of the most successful ways to reattempt. The reality is that many people who come to your website for the first time will not always convert.

However, when it comes to getting people back to convert, retargeting works. Furthermore, retargeting campaigns are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other forms of advertising.

In addition, rather than running recognition advertising to push clients down your buyer’s pipeline, you should sell ads with higher demand.

So what retargeting strategies do you try?

There are a lot of fantastic businesses out there right now that are producing comprehensive retargeting campaigns.

Here are ten ways to use remarketing for lead generations and to replicate them for your performance.

1. Email marketing 

The State of B2B Email Marketing survey from the SuperOffice shows email is still the most common lead generation channel, with 77 percent of B2B marketers using it to generate leads.

Email retargeting succeeds by taking the information you already have on your clients, knowing their behaviors, and using that information to send them only the most appropriate, highly personalized email promotions.

2. High-Quality Interactive content 

The future of content marketing is vibrant. There will be some opportunities to liven up interaction and revenue with yet more immersive advertising in these days of social distancing and technology pacing. The more valuable and exciting content you provide to your audience that answers all the questions in their mind all the more near you is to close the deals. 

Gated content is also a great way; it is the content that visitors can reach only after completing a form. Since it provides the user with something valuable for free, this is frequently an effective lead generation tactic.

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3. Personalize Social media conversation Linkedin & FB

Choosing the best social media platforms to generate leads is an excellent top-of-the-funnel solution. The conversion rate, not just the brand’s presence, is the secret to using social media for lead generation.

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is helpful in monitoring conversions, retarget, and gaining real-time insights into your website visitors’ professional attributes and content choices. When you’ve built your audience, you can use various ad formats to incorporate them into a campaign.

To decide the people you want to target with your remarketing plan, you can build a custom audience from your list, Facebook pixel info, or Facebook SDK. It will help you create advertisements relevant to the stage of the user journey they are experiencing.

4. Google ads

AdWords’ dynamic remarketing brings conversion tracking to the next level. It allows you to display dynamically personalized advertisements to your customers by prompting them of products they’ve seen or purchased from your shop previously.

You will retarget customers who have recently made a purchase from your shop with related advertising. You can use resources like Facebook Custom Audience or Google’s RLSA- Remarketing Lists for Search Ads to retarget a prospect after they’ve shown interest in your product for the next few months.

5. Good SEO

Your website blog with high business keywords can give you great exposure. SEO can act as a funnel, bringing a steady stream of new visitors to your blog.

It would be best to optimize SEO keywords using various SEO tools such as SEMrush in your blog according to the business needs based on the visitors. It will ultimately increase the website traffic, sign-ups, and sales. 

6. Guest blogging 

You can attract a larger audience through guest blogging. As a result, using guest blogging for remarketing is a great concept. When you write as a guest on another’s website, your following will also get amplification. 

Guest blogging is the cost-effective way to improve your SEO ranking, gain traffic, bring more audience or potential customers while giving them insights about your company. 

7. Optimize landing pages and CTAs

If you want to boost your website conversion performance, use best practices and analytical data to optimize your landing pages. You can always redesign the landing pages to compel the visitors into action by meeting their expectations. 

Heat maps aren’t the only kind of visual data report that can help you optimize your landing page. Scroll maps, overlay reports, list reports, and confetti maps are also valuable tools for analyzing information.

You can redesign the style, color, font, button shapes, and variation in CTA messages to make it more compelling.

8. Leverage Live chats 

Leveraging your live chats with the latest tools means providing better customer service to your clients and prospects. It will build trust, make your customer happy, improve website experience, turning potential sales into conversion.

The best part is that you will understand your potential customer’s needs in a better way, which will eventually grow your business. 

9. Retargeting existing customers 

In the e-commerce sector, cross-selling to potential consumers is a traditional strategy. It’s a sales technique that involves pitching them on additional products or services similar to those they just bought. You can also retarget with cold emailing with specific CTAs. 

10. Remarket specific URLs

You can target your potential leads based on their activities on the website. The use of retargeting based on individual URL visits is essential. It’s one of the most successful retargeting strategies.

It will help you to re-engage a select group of potential buyers on your website. The relevant web page visitors based on frequently visited products are suitable to target.

Frequency is an excellent way to refine your aiming.


In reality, 95% of first-time visitors aren’t able to buy from your store right away, and it takes an average of 3-4 visits for them to consider doing so.

If you want to accelerate conversions, the retargeting actions must be comprehensive and hyper-focused.

Remarketing is undeniably successful because it encourages first-time audiences to visit your website or the e-commerce shop more frequently.

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