5 Key Apple Marketing Strategies That Every Marketer Must Learn in 2019


There are no two ways about the fact that Apple is nothing short of a cult!

And it is quite evident from the hordes of fans that queue up outside Apple stores after every major product launch.

Apple marketing

All this brouhaha around Apple makes one wonder out loud, “How the heck do they continue to live up the hype?”

Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

What comes to your mind when you think of “Apple”?

Super snazzy products? Unprecedented legacy? Steve Jobs? So on and so forth!

But this is all a veneer, although a mighty credible one. However, no matter how shiny the veneer is, this unparalleled success is difficult to achieve without a few strategies up the sleeves.

And this is where Apple’s marketing strategy comes into play. Every marketer must learn from Apple how to revolutionize their product to an extent that it turns into a success that that remains untouched even after more than four decades.

This article gives a perfect Apple marketing strategy analysis and talks about how every marketer can emulate it.

1. Don’t Sell The Product, Tell A Story

Do you know why Apple is just so darn good at marketing?

Because they are not all about their product specifications. Apple executives build an entrancing narrative that makes you feel like you can’t do without this product.

The whole Apple narrative is set using three phenomenal steps:

Step 1: The history

Rather than just reading out the operations of the product, Apple’s marketing strategy is to start with the “history”.

Apple history

Yes, you read it right.

Not the boring kind though. Top executives at Apple remind the audience of Apple history during the launch. They talk in high decibels to tell the audience about how Apple created history with their earlier products and how they continue to innovate.

Then they play “the Steve Jobs card” by talking about how Steve Jobs led Apple to greatness.

That’s the kind of story that people can relate to – it reels people in and pulls at their heartstrings.

Step 2: Technology

Now that they have their viewer’s attention, Apple executives will now very swiftly sail into the next step, which is the technology.

But there’s a catch.

You would think that this is something that every brand does, right? They talk about their product/services and so on.

However, here also Apple has an edge over other contemporaries. They don’t merely talk about their products, they reach the consumer with the right language.

For example, have a look at the image below.

Apple marketing analysis

Here, Apple has used very simple terms to talk about the new iPhone.

  1. 12 MP wide-angle camera
  2. Improved True Tone flash
  3. 12 MP telephoto camera

Have you noticed the lack of big jargon that is so evident in other brands? This is the language that even a novice would understand.

They know how to talk to their customers as an equal, rather than coming across as a salesperson. This kind of conversation creates an unparalleled bond between the consumer and the brand.

Step 3: The Future

After they have told you what their specs entail, now they will move on to the “Future”.

The last stage of the narrative tells you “Why” you need this product.

Everyone wants to be a part of the future revolutions in tech.

Apple Future

The classic example that depicts this statement perfectly is Tesla. Many people pay advance deposits for Tesla cars even before the cars have actually been manufactured.

This is the phenomenon that Apple leverages to the fullest hence the phenomenal success rate.

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2. Apple Doesn’t Indulge In Price Wars

It is a common myth in the marketing circles that you have to be competitive with your prices, which is not entirely false.

That said, if you offer premium quality products/services, then there is no need to compromise with your prices.

Contrary to popular belief – competing on price can hurt your market tremendously. And Apple knows it very well as is evident from their unwavering prices.

Apple Product prices

They sometimes face a lot of backlash of their exorbitant price, but do you see this affecting their sales?

The answer is an unfaltering “no”.

Their competitors charge a lot less for a product with similar specifications, but this doesn’t seem to bother Apple – rightly so. They live up to the time-honored adage, “you get what you pay for”.

However, Apple knows that its products are of premium quality and that is the reason they can get away with it. Therefore, while having a stick-to-your-guns attitude when it comes to the pricing, make sure that your product or service actually lives up to the hype.

So just like Apple don’t get caught up in petty price wars and espouse a stick-to-your-guns attitude.

Yes, Apple is like the Hermès of tech products with a store that looks more like a high-end classy showroom. When customers purchase Apple, they know that they spent a whopping amount on something worthwhile.

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3. Simplicity Equals Sophistication

More doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially when it comes to marketing.

Apple’s marketing strategy is nothing if not classy. They don’t overwhelm the customers with their marketing campaigns, instead, they grow on the customers.

Their ad campaigns are a perfect amalgamation of wit, humor, sophistication, and subtle.

Who doesn’t remember that iconic “Mac vs. PC” ad campaign?

Apple’s marketing strategy doesn’t entail flashy ad campaigns, instead, they impart their message using simple and witty campaigns that keep the customers entranced even after the years pass on.

There’s another thing that Apple doesn’t forget to convey – that is how their product can change one’s life and make it better.

Their commercial use to be so nuanced, yet the portrayal is so beautiful from beginning to end.

Their philosophy of “simple is better” resonates not only in their ad campaigns but also their simple and sophisticated product and their packaging.

They keep their products so sleek and simple, which end up looking like million bucks.

Apple Product marketing

Even the color schemes are so rich and clean without being too bright and tacky. Typically, Apple sticks to its regular color scheme of white, silver, gold, and rose gold.


How can you emulate Apple’s Marketing strategy of keeping things minimal and yet interesting?

Just like Apple, make sure that your blog and other web pages are clean and scannable.

According to a research report, only 16 percent of people read word-by-word on your on a page. On the other hand, 79% of people only scan the web page and give it a simple glance.

Thus, it is important to keep your website crisp, succinct, and simple.

Look at our homepage:

DealsInsight Homepage

It is noticeable that we have not cluttered up our website with unnecessary text. Instead, we have left out tons of whitespace.

You don’t need millions to imitate Apple’s marketing strategy of keeping things simple and sophisticated. All you have to do is to select and minimalist, yet effective layout for all your web pages.

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4. Target The “Early Adopters”

There are no two ways about the fact that Apple offers premium tech products. But it is not nearly enough for any brand.

Apple very astutely targeted mostly “early adopters”, and taking the suit from the “early adopters”, even the “late majority” start to take an interest in the product.

So who are “Early Adopters”?

According to Google, the early adopter is…


Apple has always made sure to reach people who are more likely to take an interest in new innovation. These technology enthusiasts then go on to inspire other people to buy the product.

Apple is passionate about technology, thus their main target is equally passionate people. And when we see all the trendsetters and “early adopters” using the premium Apple products – the rest of us – flock to the stores to become a part of this advanced innovation.

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5. Relate To The Audience

Over the years, everything that Apple does – from elaborate keynotes to a simple event – is relatable for the audience.

As a result, they have hordes of “fanboys” and “fangirls“ all over the world. The kind of fanbase and almost a cult-like image that Apple enjoys is not something that you see often.

This is because Apple has succeeded in creating a personality and a particular culture that is now permanently attached to their name.

They relate to the audience on the basis level – so much so that everyone wants to be a part of that culture.

Even small businesses can imitate Apple’s marketing strategy of connecting with the audience. All you have to do is to create a vivid and vibrant picture of your brand and work ethics.

Here’s one more thing that comes across as totally relatable – personality.

Show your personality just like Apple.

A lot of people say that it was Steve Jobs’ personality that turned Apple into a cult.

But how?

Sure Steve Jobs was a genius, a brilliant speaker, a phenomenal marketer, visionary, among other things. But what worked out in his and Apple’s favor was his relatability.

Steve Jobs wasn’t your regular, suited, and booted stuck-up kind of CEO. Instead, Jobs came across as a cool visionary, who never shied away from being goofy like a random Joe.

And Tim Cook is pretty relatable as well.

Apple’s Marketing Strategy of evoking “relatable” feelings within the consumer is something that has turned the brand into a cult.

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Summing It All Up

These were the 5 Key Marketing Strategies That Every Marketer Must Learn From Apple.

Apple’s marketing strategy is enough to turn other brands green with envy and makes everyone wonder – why is Apple so darn good?

In this post, we dissected Apple marketing strategy analysis in depth.

The key is to relate to the audience without being over the top. However, the goal is not to mindlessly imitate Apple. The main idea is to draw some lessons from Apple’s marketing strategies.

Do you think that Apple’s marketing strategy is worth emulating? Which lessons did you draw from Apple’s marketing strategy?