A Day in the life of an Ideal B2B Salesperson


If Sales is an Art, then SalesPeople are Artists.

Sales is that part of a business cycle, which requires perseverance, patience, and passion. Much like art.  Just as art surfaces from the imagination and creativity of a person and is open to interpretation by the beholder, sales are achieved from tactical approaches to prospects, researched, and data-driven steps and can be perceived by the potential buyer in different ways.

The only difference is that the artists’ brushstrokes create masterpieces, salespeople’s communication skills close deals. A tad-bit science in the mixture of art can make sales extraordinary and once you acknowledge it, your career is set.

However, it takes hours of brainstorming, innumerable calls, and actionable strategies to perfect the art. This is why an ideal salesperson adheres to strict routines and disciplined life. Here’s a sneak-peek into the day-to-day life of a successful sales rep.

1. Starting the day early

Successful salespeople (at least 76% of them) swear by the quote that getting up an hour early gives them an hour more to live. Since sales is a strenuous mental job, rising early and taking care of your psychological and physical health is a must, and what better time than the early morning freshness?


Taking a walk, some stretching and spinning, having healthy breakfast, slurping on coffee, and checking the mail for the recent exciting developments are the chores that follow.

Some successful salespeople also admit to utilizing this time for research, it gives them the required edge for pitching the deal. Selling also requires good presentation skills, both for the product and yourself. A few extra hours in the morning allow you to be more mindful of your clothing.

2. Developing daily goals and task lists

Business is one battleground, where unorganized attempts at anything are capable of creating a crisis in finances, marketing blunders, and the most sensitive failed sales approaches. It is hence extremely important to keep a watch over every move of yours and plan your day ahead of time.


Organization skills help everyone, and progressing salespeople advocate the fact that a pre-prepared task list before starting the day is immensely rewarding.

Successful salespeople wake up with the same question every day: How do I make my customer’s life better today and the introspection helps them determine a goal for the day. Apart from that, a to-do list and a schedule that enlists your meetings and breaks will help you stay focused and ensure that you sail smoothly through the day.

In fact, 41% of salespeople admit to spending most of their time on non-selling tasks such as arranging their schedules. A list a day keeps procrastination at bay!

3. Prospecting and relationship-building

Salespeople, when they are not selling, they are prospecting. For a closed deal, it takes much more than a call or an email, and star-salespeople are already aware of it.


If you want to know the mantra of success in sales, here’s what some achievers have to say: Keep building your database. Although digital assets and networking events have made communication easier, salespeople spend a considerable part of their day knowing their target market and that clearly reflects in their high success rates. Stats reveal that about 40% of people believe prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.  

When the prospects are on the sidelines, you will always find passionate salespeople trying their best to build relationships with the ones they’re trying to convert. They are meeting with them, in person or on call, solving their problems, boosting the popularity of their product, and capitalizing on the technique of cold calling. In fact, the winners go beyond the No’s and prepare impactful recover-lost-leads strategies to record zero failures.  

4. Closing the deal

Irrespective of the task list or the complexity of the desired goals, ideal salespeople refuse to stop until they have achieved them. They don’t leave things half-way.

The closed deal is like a dream come true for every salesperson but they don’t just sit back and expect this dream to manifest itself. Instead, they work for it.


The final conversion is the only award that a salesperson desire but the last stage of negotiation, can be extremely overwhelming, which might hinder your final blow. Smart people, hence, focus on closing the deal with value. That is, they don’t leave scope for negotiation and their bidding price appears irresistible with the kind of benefits in exchange.

Successful salespeople believe for a sales journey to be rewarding you need to constantly differentiate yourself. Thus, they make conscious attempts to build strong relationships with your customers and delight the customer every step of the way. Every day they try to deliver a little more and be outstanding, consistently.

5. Reflecting on your day

It might appear like an insignificant practice but retrospection of each day at work is a must-do if you want to gain recognition in the sales fields. When you already have a prearranged list of tasks to achieve, looking back on the day helps you identify the areas where you need to work harder.


Your achievements in the day motivate you to climb further on the ladder whereas the failures inspire you to chase the goals you set for yourself. As you recollect, you realize your ‘This could’ve been better’ zones and this whole exercise leads you to have an impact on your team.

Selling is one occupation where you need a lot of mental strength, which is why developing a positive attitude towards your work is necessary. Great minds hence retrospect upon how to make the lives of clients easier and comfortable, which in turn helps them to become better sales reps.

6. Striking a work-life balance

None of us can deny the age-old maxim: All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Experts know the importance of balancing their personal and professional life. After a grinding day at work, they spend time with their friends and family, go shopping on weekends, and take a vacation every once in a while.


They don’t allow stress to take over and disturb their concentration levels while trying to brainstorm out-of-the-box lead conversion strategies.

Sales is a very demanding job and before you know it, it’s the 1st of the month. Ideal salespeople recognize the investment their job demands both mentally and physically and thus devote enough time in their personal lives to avoid burnout.

Successful salespeople strive for more than the quota!

Salespeople are constantly chasing quotas. But that’s not it. Their passion doesn’t allow them to sit back with the given numbers. They strive for more.

As a leading B2B sales and marketing consulting firm, we as a team are driven by passion and not just numbers. Expertise combined with adherence has helped us achieved prosperity and cognizance in the field of sales.

The mantra of success that has assisted us to siphon deals for our clientele since 2017 is “Resolute passion, explicit commitment along with customer-first approach can make impossible, possible”. The sole factor that has led to our growth in the past 3 years has been the growth of our clients. We also strongly advocate for the maxim ‘Under commit and over-deliver. 


Recently in an interview, Ryan Estis, the former chief strategy officer for the McCann Worldgroup said, “In 2020, the most successful salespeople will be the teachers. The ones who can help clients think differently about the future of their business.” “Teaching is a gateway into a credible relationship built on trust. Look for every opportunity to contribute value and provide expert guidance upfront.”  

At DealsInsight, we are completely in sync with this and believe this will make the difference between an average and an ideal salesperson!