9 Tips to be A Fearless Saleswoman

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  • Aug 12, 2021
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Successful saleswomen may not be fearless in the literal sense, but they do set in place various defenses that help them become less frightened. Several strategies and practices can assist you in doing so. With that in mind, here are 9 tips for a saleswoman on how to transition from creator to superstar saleswoman:

1. Do the opposite of a conventional salesperson.

Consider your sales position as a stepping stone to achieving your goals. To put it another way, keep the conversation focused on your prospect and their concerns. When you’re in front of a prospect, don’t talk about the features and benefits of your product.

You may improve your selling abilities by considering the sale from the perspective of your consumers. Use your intuition to accomplish it. After you’ve channeled your inner consumer, ask yourself, “What buying worries or objections could I have if I were contemplating this purchase/investment?” The answer to your query allows you to anticipate any future sales barriers. The second stage is to plan ahead of time for your replies.

2. Make a compelling and clear pitch.

A good sales proposal starts a conversation. Instead of starting with a self-centered opening sentence, consider offering a question. You don’t need to tell your prospect all you can do for them in your initial pitch. A good sales pitch should, in fact, leave the prospect wanting more. 

You just need to pitch with one short line if you’ve done an excellent job identifying your prospect’s pain areas and genuinely understand how your product or service alleviates them.

Easy-to-understand pitches are simple. It’s also simpler to start a conversation with your prospect when they instantly comprehend you.

The prevalence and seriousness of the problem your solution addresses may be demonstrated by attributing exposition and focusing on driving home statistical data. This is crucial in getting your prospect’s attention and establishing the tone for a memorable sales speech.

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3. Make sure you’re ready to make sales calls.

In advance of speaking with a potential client, do your homework.

Visit LinkedIn to learn more about them. Look for any articles they’ve authored. Take a look at the schools they attended and their work experience. Check for their latest podcast or webinar to know more about their professional profile.

The more you know about your prospective clients, the more it helps you to assume the role of assisting your buyer in determining their must-have requirements. Then, find out what kind of budget they have in mind.

Only present the solution(s) that address the genuine problem and fit the stated budget at the end of your conversation. You’ll be working way too hard for the money if you don’t.

4. It’s a numbers game when it comes to cold calling.

Recognize that sales are a numbers game. To acquire ten meetings, you’ll need to cold call—or email—100-200 individuals, which may result in 2-3 clients at first.

Spend more time thinking about how to load the top of the funnel with hundreds of prospects rather than worrying about who’s saying yes and who’s saying no.

5. Keep following up.

You must go through the hardship that will drive you to dig deeper than you would otherwise. You already know you’re capable of conquering it, no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

Persistence is crucial, and it may be challenging for a saleswoman who is afraid of being overly pushy. Don’t be sparing with your follow-ups; they might mean the difference between winning and losing a deal.

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6. Listen more than you speak on the phone.

Women have been shown to talk almost 13,000 words per day more than males. However, listening is an essential thing you can do when on a sales call. Allow your prospect to lead the way.

The best salesperson/saleswoman uniquely pays attention. They set aside the script and pay close attention to the words and sentiments expressed by a prospect through their language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language.

And, by encouraging prospects to open up more and building trust and commitment, this sort of listening may make a big impact.

7. Have a positive picture of what selling entails.

Selling isn’t about persuading others about your point of view. It’s all about assisting someone in determining whether or not they have a concern and then helping them in deciding whether or not you have the perfect answer. Doesn’t that make you feel a little less scared? Great! Now you’re ready to go!

However, do not forget you as a person are different from your work. You will let the wall drop when you allow someone to approach you personally. Recognize that people may dislike your position, not you as a person! Keep the wall raised at all times.

Surround yourself with individuals who will encourage and support you. In exchange, empower them!

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8. Change Your Attitude From Fearful to Fierce

Don’t fear rejection. People say no for various reasons, so when you hear “no,” switch it to “not yet” in your head and begin planning how you’ll persuade them sooner or later.

The learning curve is vertical rather than steep. So, wherever you are, initiate. Take tiny steps toward your ambitions with the help of these suggestions. Instead of fearful, go fierce. 

You have to experience significant failure to develop true, unshakable confidence. You must persevere through difficult times, confront difficulties, and roll with the punches.

9. The Benefits of Eloquence in B2B sales

We take turns exchanging information when we communicate like women. You may use the same approach — with minimal changes – during your sales interaction.

During your conversation with your customer, spend the majority of your time asking questions. When your buyer replies, you must answer graciously. At this point, you briefly describe how you or your products will satisfy the need that has just been discussed.

You next ask the following question to re-engage the consumer in the conversation. As you can see, the conversation goes well when you use your natural communication style.


A Saleswoman, especially in today’s marketplace, must resist the desire to solve every problem. Finding the appropriate answer at the right price is high on most people’s priority lists.

Everything becomes smoother when you sell in the way that works best for you. You get to come up as yourself and rescue the day as a great saleswoman without feeling like you’ve sold out.