9 Free Learning Courses for Women in Sales

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  • Feb 28, 2022
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Women today are moving beyond social prejudice and are standing side by side with men throughout every field. In the middle of caring for the family, remember to look for yourself. And boost your self-esteem and confidence so you can start on the right foot. If you’re running your own company or working for others, you should learn how to run a business.

Whether you are a homemaker looking to restart your career. Or CxO of a company, the following courses geared for women may be ideal for you. While these courses have a reputation for being strongholds for female candidates, they are also appropriate for today’s female students. Who wish to pursue a tremendous and well-to-do career. These courses can help you jumpstart your career in sales. And propel you to new heights of success in the marketing world. 

Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

Case Western Reserve University offers an online course that will take you roughly 8 hours to finish. The course seeks to equip women and men all across the globe with the skills they need to pursue meaningful careers. And lead for significant causes. In this course, you’ll learn how to decipher complicated organizational dynamics, gain self-awareness. And examine your own beliefs and vision, all of which will help you develop your skills as a contributor, manager, or leader. The course will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead change with greater conviction and confidence. Which will be resulting in a better environment for everybody in your communities and workplaces.

Positive change

Planning Your Family Leave and Return

For pretty busy and ambitious marketers, navigating family leave may be difficult, whether due to delivery or otherwise. Prepare to Launch U, a firm specializing in coaching women through work-life transitions, was founded by Kelley and Susan. These educators give compelling advice and insight on rights and powers, work coverage plans, managing life priorities, and more as four-time parents and professional planners.

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Women Making History: Ten Objects, Many Stories

This Harvard University program will look at how American women in the twentieth century produced, challenged, and welcomed change, using ten artifacts from Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library as examples. You’ll discover how regular individuals sparked change, women’s role in American history, and how artifacts might represent change stories. Intersectionality, equality, inclusiveness, and political involvement are covered in the course.

Women making history

Becoming a Male Ally at Work

Women can’t do it all by themselves. Men must stand up and play a significant role as spokespeople and allies to close the sales industry’s complicated and deeply ingrained gender equality disparity. So, Emilie offers specific steps that male salespeople might take to assist in this training. Attendees will understand how to confront negative preconceptions, elevate women’s voices, and more.

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Leadership Strategies for Women

Women encounter various challenges and difficulties in their desire to enhance their sales professions. In this course, Daisy and Carolyn address issues facing female role models such as gender prejudice, communication hurdles, and impostor syndrome and demonstrate the outline for an “inclusive excellence” culture.

Proven Success Strategies for Women at Work

Women confront a variety of aggravating problems in their day-to-day employment, in addition to the progression barriers discussed in the first course. A few examples are interruptions in conferences, getting their ideas hijacked, and being forced to do “indelible labor” for no pay.

Success Strategy

Elizabeth and Debbie, renowned business consultants, share proven techniques for achieving the job, money, and credit you deserve, as well as advice on how to combat and deconstruct these beacons of inequity.

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Gender & Sexuality: Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

The University of Pittsburgh offers this course, which lasts around 17 hours. This tutorial will give you how to acknowledge the most crucial sexuality vocabulary and gender. And how these terms apply to our workplaces. In order to better understand and study how identity impacts our encounters in culture and the workplace. You will use several multidisciplinary tools, concepts, and approaches. This program will be helpful for anybody in any field who wants to learn more about the world around them. And how to deal with gender discrimination at work.


Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing, with Goldman Sachs 10k Women

This free online course is one of ten in the Goldman Sachs 10k Women series, geared for female company owners that wish to expand their businesses. This course will help you establish your business strategy and promote your brand as your company expands.

Similarly you’ll learn how to utilize analytics to assess success in the framework of your market growth while exploring a variety of beneficial marketing tools. You will obtain a thorough grasp of the sales and marketing process. This cycle will serve as the cornerstone for your marketing and sales strategies.

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Women Helping Women to Succeed

This course was produced for women worldwide in honor of International Women’s Day, observed on March 8th each year. The course is as varied as the lecturers, with talks on themes as broad as self-improvement, relaxation, learning something new, business skills, and career advancement. This course recognizes our similarities, variety, and strengths, draws on our areas of expertise, and attempts to offer you a taste of what’s possible as individuals and as a group.


Summing up these are just a handful of the women-centric courses that may lead to a thriving career for female students or working mothers. While these classes are geared at women, they also assist girls in developing the confidence necessary to compete with men in the marketing fields and corporate world.