8 Women who are changing the Game of Sales

8 women in sales
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  • Jul 07, 2021
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Sales for too long-than-healthy been dominated by men. ‘Salesmen’ was the term associated with describing a professional, and there have been countless clients who have referred to a women sales rep as a salesman more than once, irrespective of their intention.

In the last few decades, there has been a change in the form of determined and strong-willed women who have displayed passion and dedication to cut through these unsaid norms and make a career for themselves in this field that did not really favor them. They struggled through the dark patches, never let the failure get to them, and marched on as confidently as they had entered the field.

Let’s meet some of the big names.

1. Donna Kalajian Lagani

Donna Kalajian Lagani is the senior vice-president and publishing director of Cosmopolitan, the world-renowned women’s lifestyle magazine. Since 1995, she has been a driving force for their sales and marketing department.

Donna was a crucial member of the team that launched CosmoGirl, Cosmo for Latinas, and Cosmo Radio. Holding a finance degree, she also served as a leader at the Ladies’ Home Journal before. Lagani is a celebrated advertising leader and her work was recognized by the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Donna believes in her product, understands her audience – women and their values, and the way her product serves them. As a publisher and senior management, Lagani has seen the brand through thick and thin, and has loved all of it to get the energy required to succeed.

2. Laura Madison

Working in retail for five years gave Laura Madison all the ideas she needed. Joining the Toyota dealership in Bozeman, Montana made her the only saleswoman in the store.

Today, if you look her up, you will find her everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and on most social media channels, because that is what changed her game. She used social media marketing to target and build relationships with her clients instead of going over car statistics over and over again. She is an authority figure now with over twelve thousand trainees.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Madison is extremely passionate about sales and building her own brand. She used social media to engage with clients, attract more leads, and put out great content. Eventually, people acknowledged her efforts and added to her success.

3. Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley gave more than a decade of her life at Eloqua, where she recognized her talent and passion for sales. In 2017, she became the chief growth advisor at Marketo, Inc. and serves the same position at a digital training organization called Sale for Life.

Social selling is Rowley’s key point, and she has ever since been a speaker, trainer, and consultant, helping people grow their sales through social selling. She is an advocate for more women in sales and continues to inspire women to take a step in this field.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Like Laura Madison, Jill believes in building a relationship with the person you are selling to. She encourages research and authenticity. Being an industry expert in social selling, she prefers educating the client through engaging content, instead of a pushy approach.

4. Jill Konrath

It was at Xerox Corporation that Jill found her passion for selling when she consistently outperformed her peers in computer sales. She discovered her talent for teaching and soon was coaching sales professionals and starting up her own consultancy in 1987 called Leapfrog Strategies.

She is an award-winning author, for her books ‘Selling to Big Companies’ and ‘SNAP Selling’, and is a global leader in the sales and marketing domain. Her authority is acknowledged through her clients, including IBM and Microsoft.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Konrath has her firm belief in the idea that one cannot be pushed to buy, but instead, be encouraged to work with. She believes that one can use fun ideas to pique their buyer’s curiosity, learn about their pain points and challenges and guide them to a positive solution. She encourages relying on your colleagues and changing perspectives.

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5. Maria Margenot

Maria Margenot has been a big name in the sales industry since 1991. She is the senior vice president of sales development, recruiting, and training at Wyndham Vacation Ownership and has led numerous marketing strategies and sales systems designing teams at the enterprise in her career.

Margenot has been very active in helping sales professionals find their true potential, way of working and hence improve their performances. Her fans describe her as someone who can do everything and achieve her dreams. She has been awarded time and again for her work.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Maria has always been an adventurous salesperson who likes to take risks. She sets her daily targets, takes baby steps, and believes in the power of having a strong technical foundation to help with the pace of work today. As a global sales and marketing leader, she knows how to adapt to changing audiences; because she is curious and invested in her goal.  

6. Deanna Renda

Being a licensed practical nurse was an advantage to medical saleswoman Deanna Renda, but all she ever wanted was her own business. It was from the idea of a friend that she thought about selling what she knew best about – body lotion.

She founded the Naples Soap Company, and today her company sells over a million units of natural skincare products. It includes soaps, bath bombs, salt scrubs, etc. for sensitive skin. And to think that Renda never put a foot into a business school.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Deanna Renda has been the most optimistically inspired person one could ever meet in the business world. She took a long time to open her own store, and then she never saw rest. Deanna knew her product inside out, taught herself everything about business through experimentation. And she never did give up on her goals.

7. Priya George

Priya has been redefining sales for almost 2 decades of executive-level sales experience across industries and geographies, like the US, Europe, Middle East, North Africa & Asia. Her strength and passion have always been understanding her customers’ core needs, building relationships that provide value and ensuring continuous customer success.

For many of us just beginning in start-ups, sales and speaking to prospective customers can be confusing and daunting. With this objective in mind, Priya founded DealsInsight almost 4 years ago and has been empowering companies across the globe as an extended sales arm. 

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Priya aligns her own growth with customer growth that sets her apart from most in the industry. Further, with reputable accolades like Tamil Nadu’s Woman Leaders 2020: Woman Super Achiever and 30 Women Entrepreneurs To Watch in India 2019 in her cap, Priya is giving a new direction & vision to the sales industry. 

8. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal

Ruchita Aggarwal is the India head of New Business Sales at Google, where her team passionately introduces Google Digital Marketing Solutions to corporates. She has a history of working at prominent brands before she became a head at Google. These include Citibank India and Singapore, Paytm Payments Bank, and Clix Capital Services.

Holding degrees in Economic honors and Business Management, she is also a Certified International Cash Management (Cert – ICM) professional. Ruchita believes in diversity in the workplace and was an integral part of introducing diversity across policy when at Citibank.

What Makes Her Revolutionary in Sales?

Ruchita has a very strategic mindset that helps her in structuring and executing to perfection, plans that effectively accentuate sales growth. She is passionate about setting up new projects, working hard on them, and watching them bloom into successful ventures. 

You are the next!

If you have stuck around here, it is obvious that you have been inspired by these women with spines of steel. You have been thinking about whether you could ever be as good as them at what you do. Well, the answer is yes! You could definitely be the next big name in sales.

It does not come easy though. They have worked hard for years and decades to reach the zenith they are at. If you have the flame of passion and the desire to see yourself inspire others like you, all you need is the right way to approach (take tips from them and incorporate them in your own style) and purpose to make sales a gender-diverse profession.

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