8 Highly Convertible Sales Funnel Examples


Sales funnel is a common concept in the marketing and sales fields. It is essentially a set of stages, where the consumers move from the point of awareness to the point of making a purchase.

Most companies have a defined sales funnel in place, where leads enter in large quantities, get influenced, and leave their contact details. The sales department then nurtures and leads them to the phase where they are ready to make the purchase. Every organization aims to make the funnel that can maximize your lead conversion.

Let’s understand the funnel and look at some examples to help you get some inspiration.

What is a highly convertible funnel?

Of all the visitors you get on your website, not all are ready to make a purchase, so you have to ensure that the visitors give due attention to what you have to offer.

A highly-convertible funnel is one that has the optimum strategies of lead nurturing, content marketing, and sales activities that are able to convert a higher number of leads than those who are immediately interested in business.

In other words, a funnel with a high conversion rate minimizes the wastage of leads and is able to impact and shorten the sales cycle by multiplying your purchases.

Top 8 Inspiring Sales Funnel that converts like crazy!

1. Aura


Aura is an AI-driven Amazon repricing service that also provides revenue analytics. They maximize the client’s time in the Amazon by box and increase revenue and profits.

Why it converts?

Aura gets down to straight business by claiming the result of their service right when you land on their website. Interested prospects sign up for a demo and the others choose to learn more. The website then takes the learners on a tour of the features, in short, giving them an option to dive in-depth if they want, followed by testimonials.

At the end of the tour is another CTA for learners who might have made up their minds. Once you’re in the trial zone, you can explore its features and make a purchase or go to the contact list for retargeting later.

2. Roman & Gaynor

roman and gaynor

Roman & Gaynor is a law firm based out of Florida, the USA dealing with accident victims and personal injury cases.

Why it converts?

Although their sales funnel is a little different because lawyers cannot give you a free trial. They give out free consultations instead if you find yourself struggling with a lawsuit.

In a high-end profession like law, experience and reputation matter significantly because 70% of B2B buyers cite company reputation as the most influential factor when choosing which company to do business with, and credibility is all you can see when you land on their home page.

They build up further reliance through testimonials and case numbers, making it absolutely impossible to leave without giving it a shot. The CTAs placed at regular intervals make sure leads are captured perfectly. Plus, they also offer instructions in Spanish.

3. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is a SaaS company that provides companies with a cloud-marketing unit containing a bunch of tools to boost their digital marketing efforts and achieve a better position in the market. It only adds to the credit if they’re genius marketers themselves, which they are.

Why it converts?

The company page is easily navigable and follows the AIDA model – Attention Interest Desire and Action. As soon as you land on their page, the ‘Prepare for takeoff’ and ‘Take a test drive’ capture your attention. The features and facilities that you could unlock with SendinBlue get you piqued and the testimonials turn it into a desire to feature there.

Looking around for CTAs, you get three, and clicking on anyone gets you to the details form. After you sign up, their email marketing and free trial campaigns convince you to make a purchase.

4. LFA capsule filters


LFA is a capsule filling machine company that specializes in all aspects of the business.

Why it converts?

On their website tour, they offer a free ebook, a lead capturing magnet, because you get email addresses in return for an eBook. And why would prospects sign up?

Because before you reach the eBook (which is the top type of content requested for B2B content marketing), you have gone through their products, features, a series of insightful articles, and videos, which is a feat considering the nature of the business.

Once you give in your email, you get targeted emails from where the lead nurturing begins. After a while, you’ll be down to the last parts of the sales funnel and ready to be a consumer.

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5. SmartPassive Income

smartpassive income

SmartPassive Income is more of a community company that provides budding entrepreneurs to start their own business. They have a supply of unlimited resources to make sure their clients are well-prepared.

Why it converts?

The website is designed in a way that you automatically feel connected to the brand when you land there. Omni-format marketing is at its best here, with the blog articles, webinars and special emphasis on podcasts all lined up in succession to enable the user to choose what format they want to engage with. Wait, did you know, Podcasts were cited by 64% of B2B respondents as a valuable content format in the early stage of the buying journey

There is a whole section dedicated to their resources, testimonials, and free downloadable content. At the end of the website, a powerful message says that it is about the client and not the company, ensuring you get the experts and not salespeople.

6. Close


Close is majorly a CRM software that delivers high-performance tracking of leads and sales opportunities.

Why it converts?

Just like Aura, Close also makes a bold statement by outing their service lined with a CTA in big catchy letters on the front of their website. For prospects who want to learn more, they have spread out their features along with video demonstrations over the course of the page.

Colorful testimonials and integration features follow, along with another CTA at the end for prospects who might have changed their mind. The simple and navigable layout of the page makes it easier for interested prospects to get information and step into the sales funnel.

7. HelpScout


HelpScout is a help-desk or customer service software provider that ‘helps you balance everything’ your customers might need.

Why it converts?

The website is designed in hospitable blue and white colors and establishes its credibility as soon as you land. Right in front of you, there are numbers and the biggest names they’ve worked with, asking you to be one of them.

Following the initial CTA are the features of the platform with demonstrations on how they work. With a glimpse of their team and the customer service they provide for their clients, another CTA follows. All you have to do is click on their free trial and that’s where you enter their sales funnel.

8. DealsInsight


Did you really think we wouldn’t mention this? 😉

DealsInsight is a B2B sales and marketing consulting firm crafting irresistible sales funnels for organizations and redefining sales wizardry.

Why it converts?

The user-friendly website and highly-targeted headlines on the top of the home page will catch the viewer’s attention immediately. Further, the chatbot ensures that none of the queries are unanswered at any point in time.

Next, the video on the home page keeps you hooked and compels you to click on the CTA which when clicked gives you a deep dive into our organization. At last, when you are convinced, you are guided to the Contact Us page. As the leads fill the contact us form, it is then taken over by the lead-nurturing team.

(Well, we may be a little biased on this one but we promise, it’s worth it!)

Closing Thoughts!

The trickiest part of a sales funnel is to be able to get the contact details of your prospect. Most funnels work to increase the awareness of the prospect and push them to the interest stage. After they sign up for a demo or a piece of content, you can nurture them through the funnel and convert them.

These are eight examples of highly converting sales funnels, take inspiration, and make one yourself. Know your audience and cater to their informational needs; that’s what 90% of top-performing B2B content marketers do. Create effective follow-ups to encourage them down the funnel, take time to nurture them with content and emails, and then gently convert them to consumers.

However, if you feel lost during the process, don’t think twice before reaching out to expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms. Their years of experience and expertise will guide you at every step ultimately crafting an irresistible funnel.

Do you also wish to make a high-convertible sales funnel for your organizations? Contact us today and leave the rest to us!