8 effective strategies to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn

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With a user base of 690+ million members out of which 61 million are senior-level influencers, LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, it drives 80% of social media B2B leads and 50% of traffic to B2B websites and blogs.

In a few words, it has proved to be a gateway to opportunities that opens up the floodgates of success. 

To assist you, we’ve curated this blog post that will talk about the top 8 (paid and organic) fail-proof strategies to leverage LinkedIn in the best way possible. 

Getting leads by Organic methods

1. Optimize your company page

The primary focus should be to use your LinkedIn page as a gateway to your website rather than a sideline. To ensure adequate engagement with potential business collaborators, the company page on LinkedIn should be enriching, attractive for leads, and also substantially informative.

Create an attractive banner image along with a complete company profile, so that your prospects know exactly who they’re dealing with. Ensure that your company’s profile has a convincing pitch that compels clients to look into the website ultimately converting them into a lead. 

Here’s what our LinkedIn pitch says:

linkedin company page

It won’t be easy, but using photos and quality content in posts with clickable links ensures that you can make effective use of this professional social media platform. It’s no joke that LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views and 36x more messages.

2. Find your prospects with Advanced Search

LinkedIn also allows you to use outbound techniques for lead generation via its Advanced search tool. The advanced search tool works efficiently even without a LinkedIn premium membership, allowing you to give a personalized effect to lead generation.

With LinkedIn existing as the most used platform among fortune 500 companies, the greater your network, the greater the chances to find leads from bigger business houses.

All you need to do is go to the ‘Advanced People Search’ tool and apply the right filters divided under various heads like current company, location, profile language, etc. It instantly generates focused results allowing you to explore your target audience from the entire user base of LinkedIn.

linkedin advanced search

Pro tip: Don’t forget to save your searches for future use via the ‘Save search’ option. It helps you maintain a steady pipeline of sales. 

3. Actively participate in industry-specific groups 

B2B is primarily a relationship-driven space and LinkedIn has the perfect tool for you to make full use of this trait and gain an upper hand.

As B2B marketers, lead generation relies on building a funnel to address clients, create relationships, and have industry-related discussions, easily possible on a range of LinkedIn groups.

linkedin types

Find a group by typing essential and most-used industry keywords in the search bar > Select Groups in the Primary tab dropdown after you search. Here, you’ll find a list of the groups with a brief description, and the total number of members in the group, for you to decide where you can invest and engage better.

After attaining a steady grip on your B2B strategy, you can also use LinkedIn to make your own groups, add your leads in it, and ultimately find a way to their feeds.

Pro Tip: Join a group where your company content will be relevant and also useful. Even if it is a small group; it is still better than the irrelevant large groups where you will be regarded as just another member. 

4. Enlighten clients by publishing the latest content

We’ve already mentioned the need to publish the engaging content on your company page but this deserves ahead of its own because of the gravity. 

latest content

You should keep posting updates about the services you offer, your company ethics, or even the achievement of some of your employees. Think of a prospect as an information seeker, who should be convinced to get in touch with you as soon as they come across your company page via your recent updates section. 

The B2B market is forever evolving and your marketing model has to keep creating content that adds onto it. Precise publications can turn your page as an inbound portal to gain followers and attract companies.

Remember, your motive is to add value, especially to the lives of all professionals on the platform. Only then you will be able to augment brand engagement, trigger conversations, and also convert prospects. All of this without spending a single buck on advertisements.

5. Staying active and consistent are keys to rapport building

Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘Look at me!’ without saying Look at me!”

– Bobby Darnell, Principal of Construction Market Consultants.

Most certainly it is!

Consistent conversations and relationship building, can upgrade user engagement and establish you as an authoritative figure in the industry.

stay active

Keep a track of your progress, schedule your posts, and don’t forget to acknowledge any kind of user interaction. Consistency with the right blend of professionalism and personalization is the key to LinkedIn success. 

Furthermore, keep on commenting, using hashtags, and being in the loop with what’s trending, to mark your very existence in the tough play of business. It’s time you make the most of the 9 billion content impressions on the LinkedIn feed, every week.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to ask for recommendations from your satisfied clients. Recommendations take you a long way in convincing your lead and can prove to be your real assets in the virtual world. 

This was all about organic B2B lead generation on LinkedIn. There are people who say organic reach is enough to garner LinkedIn success if your content has flesh.

But that’s not true. Not anymore!

Now that the social media platforms are defining themselves on algorithms, you need a healthy balance of both to make an impact.

  • Organic method can help build an online reputation.
  • Paid method can increase brand awareness – you definitely can’t choose one out of the two. 

Getting leads by Paid methods

6. Running LinkedIn campaigns

LinkedIn Ads are very less heard of and often undermined because most of them are yet to explore its incredible potential.

Primarily, LinkedIn offers two kinds of Ad service, a) Side-bar ads that are text-based with one single square picture and b) Sponsored content that appears on the feed just like Facebook ads. 

However, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers various career-related filters with which you can control your Ad-visibility and target ripe leads. 

To make the most of the text bar ads, use a simple image, and craft an irresistible CTA, one that compels the audience to click on it. However, with sponsored content, you can adopt a more organic approach curating industry-related posts. 

7. Maximize your reach with Sponsored Inmail

Apart from the ads, LinkedIn also has a special email marketing kind of service for you. Only this is three times likelier to trigger a reply than a traditional email. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

So, if you are looking to reach out to your leads – Inmail might be the way to go. 

It is essentially a private messaging service which if put-to-use right can generate quality leads. This feature is only available to Premium and Sales Navigators users that enable them to send messages to anyone which is otherwise restricted. 

So, draft personalized emails with a single CTA that can spark immediate action. You can also optimize it with laser-focused lead gen forms to create leads with much less effort. 

Furthermore, you can also choose your campaign objective and build your message accordingly. Start your message with an introduction, keep your message short preferable within 500 words, and leverage the custom name field provided by LinkedIn. 

8. Closing deals with Sales Navigator

Since LinkedIn is so widely used for lead generation in B2B. It has also come up with a stunning tool that eases the process, Sales Navigator. 

Optimized with advanced algorithms, it keeps you educated with detailed sales insights and helps you connect with your buyers in a more unique way. Apart from that, it helps you start warm conversations with hot leads and gets you really close to your final goal of making a sale. 

Further, LinkedIn claims that this tool helps organizations tap 33%+ larger size deals than usual. 

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LinkedIn is B2B’s house of Opportunities!

With all the right features and the startling viewership, your company page and your business interactions can build the road for an extensive B2B network.

With LinkedIn costing you 28% less than Google AdWords for per lead, you can easily call it the modern-day professional Facebook. It allows you to gain trust and focus more on all the factors that guide a B2B client’s decision.

Especially when 45% of LinkedIn article readers are all in upper-level positions, the ball is in your court; all you need is high-quality content, first-class publicity, and well-timed interactions to get those clicks!

However, if all of this seems too much, you must seek professional help from expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms. They will not only help you make effective use of this B2B gold mine but also help you innovate and reckon your own identity amidst the competitors.

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