8 Best Women in Marketing You Must Follow in 2022-2023

Women marketers

Women are unstoppable in marketing. Women are increasingly choosing to speak up and be acknowledged. They write books, perform on stages, adopt high-level leadership posts, and launch their businesses.

The business world is fast-changing, bringing new problems and possibilities, and many business owners aren’t waiting to see how the cards fall. Instead, they’re shaping history and overcoming obstacles.

With their experience, many remarkable women are impacting the marketing field for the better. This list includes women who are at the pinnacle in their professions.

You will be energized to emphasize what makes a fantastic marketing strategy. You will be driven to improve your business and dreams if you follow them and upgrade your newsfeeds, inbox, and podcast.

Ann Handley

Ann is the content marketing queen. She is the first Chief Content Officer in the world. Ann is also a social media influencer and a speaker. She has been named one of ForbesWomen’s top 20 women bloggers, and Forbes named her the most powerful woman in social media.

Ann is primarily involved in developing the content marketing profession into what it is today. She is the first woman admitted into the Content Marketing Institute’s Hall of Fame. MarketingProfs is her marketing training firm. She is the author of Everybody Writes, a Wall Street Journal bestseller on business writing, and the coauthor of Content Rules, a top-selling book on content marketing. Ann pushes businesses to rethink marketing and offers a wealth of materials for beginners and experts.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and her website

Kim Garst

Kim is one of the world’s leading digital marketers, named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Women Social Media Power Influencers. She is the most retweeted marketing professional of all time. She is the founder of Boom! Social, a company that specializes in business branding and social media consultancy.

She’s also a renowned keynote speaker, best-selling book, IBM, MasterCard, and Microsoft consultant.

Kim Garst knows well how to make people love your business and can assist you in turning social media become your direct traffic and conversion channel.

Her social media handles follow Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and her website.

Digital Marketers

Alexandra Tachalova

She is the founder of the Digital Olympus Event conferences and a digital marketing professional from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

And contributes to Entrepreneur, Moz, AHREFS, and Search Engine Journal. She speaks at events like SEMdays, BrightonSEO, Ungagged, SMX, SEOzone, and many others since she appreciates sharing helpful digital marketing advice on establishing killer marketing campaigns.

Alexandra worked at SEMrush as a brand manager, eventually rising to Head of Marketing Automation and Market Leader for competitive research software.

She works with digital enterprises on content marketing, social networking sites, link development, and public relations. Since leaving SEMRush, she has established and worked on “Digital Olympus,” a professional digital marketing conference held in Wroclaw, Poland. This project’s primary goal is to benefit the digital business community. She is a fantastic industry role model for men and women alike.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn, Twitter, and her website

Pamela Vaughan

Pamela is another well-known personality in the internet sector who has carved out a niche. She is the editor of the Hubspot Blog, which has been a significant contributor to the current success of digital marketers.

Conversions are king for Pamela. She is a conversion rate optimization expert and an expert at adapting text for conversions in her work as Lead Marketing Manager on HubSpot’s Web Strategy Team. Her most well-known work is introducing the notion of historical optimizations for boosting organic leads to the HubSpot blog, which resulted in a 200 percent boost in organic traffic.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn, Twitter, and her website. 

Purna Virji

Purna Virji works for Microsoft as a Principal Manager for Global Engagement. She is a search-engine specialist content marketer and advertiser with over a decade of expertise and understanding in SEM, SEO, and Voice Search. Virji contributes to prestigious publications such as Moz and Search Engine Journal and speaks at marketing conferences across the globe. She’s presented at AdWeek, The Next Web Conference, MozCon, INBOUND, SearchLove, BrightonSEO, State of Search, SMX, Digital Summit, Pubcon, and many other conferences. Despite this, she still stays active on social media, always happy to offer her knowledge.

Purna is a PPC specialist who frequently delivers keynote addresses to digital marketers worldwide. Purna was recognized as one of the top 50 females in digital marketing and the world’s most influential figure in PPC by PPCHero, and she is an enthusiast of the potential of voice search.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn, Twitter, and her website.

Women in Markeitng

Rani Mani

Influencer marketing is significant in today’s society, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Using influencers to promote business growth may set you ahead of other marketers in today’s industry. Look no farther than Rani Mani, Adobe’s Leader of Social Influencer Enablement, if you’re searching for someone to look up to in influencer marketing.

Mani specializes in B2B influencer marketing, which is typically disregarded in favor of its flashier B2C equivalent.

Mani collaborates with Adobe teams throughout the globe to increase employee awareness, enthusiasm, and advocacy, enabling and empowering all workers to be the company’s most prominent brand advocates.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn and Twitter

Aleyda Solis

With over 14+ years of SEO expertise in European, American, and Latin-American enterprises, Aleyda is a famous and adept worldwide SEO consultant, author, and speaker. She founded Orainti, a highly specialized boutique SEO business, and has spoken at 100+ marketing conferences in 20 countries, notably Women in Tech SEO.

Due to her dedication to delivering in-depth instructional content for the SEO community, Aleyda was nominated and chosen as an Honoree for the 2021 Women in Search awards. She is the SEO expert that other SEOs turn to for advice when they’re just starting to expand their reach—especially those trying to rank high in multilingual markets—as a contributing writer for significant industry news sites like Search Engine Land Moz and others. Aleyda provides in-depth SEO learning routes and materials to help more people study SEO from reputable sources.

Aleyda has also been voted the European Search Personality of the Year (2018), and she was named one of Forbes’ top 10 internet marketing professionals to follow in 2015. When it comes to women defining SEO in 2022 and beyond, it’s safe to assume she’ll be one to watch.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn, Twitter, and her website

Rhea Drysdale

Rhea Drysdale is a well-known SEO expert who has been instrumental in refining Outspoken’s marketing strategies. She speaks at various events, including PubCon, MozCon, Search Marketing Expo, Affiliate Submit, Social Media Breakfast, and CNN Technology.

And is also a member of the Vanderheyden Hall Board of Directors, a New York State-based young individuals, and family support institution.

Launched Outspoken Media at the age of 26. Her efforts to expand her marketing firm earned her a spot on the Albany Business Review’s 40 Under 40 list for 2013. Even as the CEO of her firm, she is deeply involved with client strategy and marketing methods, and she enjoys coming up with novel ways to get tangible outcomes.

Her social media handles follow LinkedIn and Twitter


There are many such female marketers who need to be included. Trying to figure out who to follow in the massive digital marketing realm is challenging. We have highlighted some of the most potent female marketers out there. We hope that knowing about these top 8 exceptional women in marketing inspires you to learn more and accomplish more!

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