7 Time Management Hacks for B2B Sales Reps

time management

Time management is the combination of getting your work done faster by prioritizing the tasks that matter the most. Excellent planning and execution are all parts of effective time management.

Unfortunately, most of the sales reps struggle with managing time. According to a study conducted on 200 sales reps, it was found out that –

65% of a sales rep’s time is focused on everything rather than selling and only 35.2% of their time was devoted to actively selling. 

The results convey that sales reps have serious time management issues. We all know how “Time is money”, sometimes even more expensive than gold. Every wasted minute means lost opportunities. Thus, here we are with some time management hacks for B2B Sales Reps –

1. Invest atleast half an hour to prepare for your day


It’s common to think that the more work you do in a day, the more successful you are going to be. But this notion is not always correct, especially in the field of business where concentration and a fresh state of mind are the decisive factors in your success.

Start your day by taking out half an hour and investing it into planning for the day and setting reminders. Analyzing your goals, daily tasks and appointing specific time to do them not only puts you in the right state of mind but also saves a lot of time wasted in confusion. It saves you from doing multiple tasks at once and completing none of them.

2. Leverage new technology for repetitive tasks


Does your work involve you doing the same task again and again? Then making your work done sooner and easier is possible with new technology. There is so much out there to explore like use Grammarly for a quick inspection of your emails or a Hootsuite for your social media scheduling.

For instance, if your work demands you to write the same sentence, again and again, every day, you can use aText. With aText, you can save the overly used sentence, and the next time you are going to type the sentence again, it will sense the beginning and input the rest of the sentence.

3. Follow the Pareto Principle


Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule? It says that 80% of the sales come from 20% of your customers. This is a proven fact.

Thus, it demands you to identify your potential customers who are qualified to become your customers for the long term. If you over-emphasize those customers who are of no value in your success rate, then you are going to experience time-drainage very soon.

It’s part of your job to gain new leads and turn them into loyal customers. But focus most of your attention on the high qualified leads and complete the tasks with high ROI. If not, you are already wasting a lot of your time… and like I said, Time is Money – right?

4. Learn and practice keyboard hacks


Saving time is essential. Yet, you need to complete the important tasks effectively and without any compromises. A way to save time and get rid of the unnecessary distance your hands cover every second is to learn the keyboard shortcuts.

It saves time by focusing your attention on your sales, instead of constantly moving the mouse here and there. Here are some effective keyboard shortcuts to begin with –

  • Ctrl + alt + shift + V: Ends the struggle of changing the format of pasted text. Copy and paste text in the same format with Cmd + alt + shift + V
  • Ctrl + F: Search for a keyword from anywhere on the keyboard with Cmd + F.
  • Ctrl + L: Click the text in the URL bar and highlight it without touching the mouse at all with Cmd + L
  • Ctrl + X, C, and V: Let’s cut, copy and paste with these shortcuts.

5. Invest in the right software

Invest right

Investing in sales software is probably one of the best ways to save a massive amount of time, but only if you know the right sales tool and how to operate them.

You can buy the best software and tools available in the market but if they are not relevant to your business, they are an addition to your loss. Take time to know where your business is struggling and which technology can make it better.

For instance, a sales enablement tool like SalesLoft is very efficient in helping you take consistent actions. You don’t have to move and update every single task as the tool is here to do the work.

6. Invest in note-taking and organization

Invest in note-taking

Note-taking and organization go hand in hand. And as we all know; organizational skills are always the stepping stone for great time management skills.

It’s always great to take notes of every important process of your business rather than depending on remembering them. Not only does it save your time, but also makes you incredibly self-dependent. This way, you don’t have to call other teammates to seek information of every little detail. You can also make this process easier and quicker with the latest note-taking technology.

7. Focus on one thing at a time


Do you know what saves time? Focusing on one task at a time. Do you know what hampers your sales results? Multitasking.

While multitasking can be considered a good quality for other fields, it is not good at all for B2B Sales Reps. Multitasking takes your attention and divides it into two divisions. While working on more than one thing at a time, your brain constantly shifts from one task to another which results in tiring it more in a short span of time.

This makes your brain start to slow down after a time. Ultimately, this results in losing 40% of your productivity.

Hence, prioritize your task instead of multitasking. Shift your entire attention to one sales activity at a time.


The hacks mentioned in this article are some of our favorites when it comes to effective time management. As a B2B Sales Rep, time management should be on top of your list to keep excelling and moving forward in your sales game.

An organized sales rep who plans their day beforehand and prioritizes high ROI tasks has definitely the possibility to achieve great heights and hit high revenue points.

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