7 Call Monitoring Tools to Keep Track of Your Team’s Performance

call monitoring

When you are working with teams that interact with the customers and prospects every day, you need to make sure that they are treated well. The constant doubt that whether your team is able to provide the right kind of value, whether they are referring to their pitch scripts, or whether the quality of the calls is being lost in the quantity, can hamper your productivity as a manager.

The best way to put them to rest? Know it yourself with call monitoring tools that record and analyze the calls made by your teams. Not sure about it? Let’s dig deeper.

What is Call Monitoring Software?

Call Monitoring Software

As the name suggests, a call monitoring software is a tool to help monitor and analyze your cold calling. A benefit for team leaders or managers, the software allows them to record and review the calls being made by the team and helps keep a check on various things – team’s well-being, prospect’s well-being, effective communication, etc.  

The best way for a manager to check on their team’s wellness is to listen to their calls, as a lot of the mental state is reflected in the way they talk to clients and prospects. By keeping a tab on the members’ daily interactions, the managers can also find areas where improvement can be made.

Features in a Star-rated Call monitoring software

When you are looking for a call monitoring software, keep these features in mind.


1. Live call coaching features

If you’re working in sales, you absolutely need the features to Listen to call, Whisper suggestions to reps, and Barge when it goes south. The software should have recording and monitoring features so you know how your reps are doing.

2. CRM integration

Suppose you need to get into a live conversation but you have scarce details of the prospect. How will you help your rep? Look for a software that can integrate easily with your CRM and provide you context while your reps are talking to them and provide them context if they are working remotely.

3. Free trial

You are going to invest a lot of money into a software that is apparently going to change the way you make your calls. There is no chance that you want to buy a software getting influenced by their marketing, and then finding out that it hasn’t exactly suited your needs. In this scenario, a free trial to check the compatibility of the software is the least you can be offered.

4. Personalized features

Your software should have features that help your team specifically. If you’re working in sales, you’d like a software with dynamic calling features somewhat like a PowerDialer. You might need it to sync with your video conferencing and email automation software, so make sure you check that before purchase.

Top 7 Call monitoring tools for sales teams

1. Gong


Gong has categorized call-monitoring offerings depending on the goal of your team. It is a subscription-based software that you will need to add to your CRM.

Why it is on our list?

B2B sales need real data-driven decision making and Gong does just that for you. It has an automated analysis system in place that takes call recordings and shows you the time talked by both the rep and the prospect, the subjects covered, and their outcomes. It then takes the most successful calls and recommends improvements based on real data, furthering you towards your ultimate goal.  

2. Close CRM

Branded mainly as a sales CRM, Close just boasts of built-in monitoring features for calls that sales managers can use to boost their efficiency.

Why it is on our list?

Close CRM has the most helpful feature of keeping all your note points in one place – whether it is your previous calls, SMS, emails, or meeting recordings that can help provide the caller the context of the discussion. It also has a Whisper, Listen, or Barge features where managers can come into the call if things get out of hand, whisper notes to the rep, or even allow other reps to quietly listen to the call.

3. RingDNA

RingDNA makes use of an artificial intelligence system in their software to enhance the user experience of their clients and also bring out the best of the data.

Why it is on our list?

Apart from the usual record, review and analysis features on the basic front and Listen, Whisper, Barge on the coaching front, RingDNA adds value to their product by making use of AI-based data analysis. It surfaces the most important/successful calls to the top of the pile so that you don’t waste your time listening to all the calls. You can add notes to review and create a folder of the best calls as references. Just add it to your CRM and go.

4. Kixie

Kixie is also a calling software that has to be integrated with your CRM, although it has been built as a monitoring system for calls.

Why it is on our list?

Kixie has the live coaching features of Listen, Whisper, or Barge by default in its system. Apart from the regular recording, reviewing, and analyzing of calls that most call monitoring software offers, it supports a built-in leader board like the ones you see in video games. The board is updated timely as per the prominent calling metrics shown by your team. The software features an auto-dialer as well to provide a better user experience.

5. Salesforce

Salesforce has literally an Einstein AI-powered call monitoring software (it is named Einstein!) that is an absolute genius, just like the mathematician.

Why it is on our list?

Salesforce’s advanced AI featured monitoring system takes all of your recordings and pulls out the most important details from them – subjects, talk ratios, etc. It integrates with the Salesforce CRM, so no worries about listening to context-less conversations. The software, however, requires you to connect with another software to record actual calls and it, unfortunately, does not come with the live coaching features. Also, since Salesforce loves the hierarchy, you cannot get your newbies to listen to the ones on top.

6. DialPad Sell

DialPad boasts of the best experience for sales managers because it helps them supervise the live calls in a way unique to it.

Why it is on our list?

For the managers, the call view shows the sentiment of the call as negative or positive and allows them to view a transcript of the call-in progress so that they can decide whether to barge or not. The software uses a voice intelligence system to detect the tone and temperament of the call, giving reps coaching-on-spot, highlighting keywords and suggestions that can solve the crisis right then and there. It works with SMS and video and your CRM after integration.

7. Outreach.io

It is almost like Outreach.io saw the pandemic approaching and thought to make lives easier for people working from home.

Why it is on our list?

Outreach was specially designed to automate and engage in sales with teams working remotely, and managers and members living miles away. For sales engagement, it puts as much outreach data possible all in one place to facilitate effective communication between reps and managers. Outreach also provides email automation and all of your normal call monitoring features. You only have to integrate it with your CRM.

Over to you…

A call monitoring software is essential if you really want your team to thrive and be happy at the same time. It also gives you areas to improve your working and efficiency. Likewise, you should be choosing the right software for your team.

Understand the kind of team you lead and the features you will need the most while dealing with cold calling. Ensure that whichever software you pick is compatible with your CRM. Let yourself be guided by these aspects for choosing a call monitor and the way you are supervising your team is then up to you. However, if you feel clustered, you can always seek advice from expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms.

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