6 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Content Marketing Trends in 2020


Even amidst the chaos, one thing is clear – buyers are selective about their expenditure now. And they want to spend with businesses they like and find credible enough. So, if you want to bring more traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate, these content marketing trends for 2020 can help you achieve that. 

1. Content refreshing has become a big part of SEO

In May, Google rolled out its new update called ‘Core.’ And as the tradition goes, this update affected website traffic greatly. 

According to Neil Patel’s analysis, sites that uploaded thin content or were mostly inactive are the most affected ones. However, those sites that regularly post quality and valuable content witnessed a rise in their traffic.   

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Source: Neil Patel

But that’s not all!

Even with the fluctuating marketing trends, SEO is reporting a whopping conversion rate of 14.6%, surpassing the tiny traditional outbound marketing figure of 1.7%. 

Now, can you guess what’s the most important part of SEO? 

That’s right, it’s content!

Good content x Suitable SEO practices = Better sustainability even in poor market conditions.

So, focus on aligning your SEO practices with the marketing trends for better lead generation and more acquisition.   

2. The best time to send email campaigns has changed

According to Yahoo Finance, email marketing still remains to be the most effective tool for B2B marketers. The timings of targeting, however, have changed. 

Before COVID-19, the highest open rates were experienced on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

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Source: Lyfe Marketing

Now, sending emails on Thursday between 8 to 9 a.m. can get you 25% CTR as opposed to 5% on other days. It’s the perfect time to increase your brand’s visibility. Let your buyers know you’re in business.

But your email marketing approach shouldn’t rely solely on the market stats. A striking subject line and the frequency of your emails also decide your open rate. 

So, it’s always better to perform A/B testing to conclude what works for you. 

3. Marketers have revealed how to spend surplus content budget 

Until 2019, content marketers already knew what to do with the additional content budget. They spent 28% on adding staff/resources for creative development, another 28% on marketing tools to reduce the content gap, and 12% on buying media to promote their content. 

Today, only 14% of companies are investing in marketing. Although B2B companies are optimistic about the future, they are skeptical about the expenditure. 

content budget

Companies are spending 47% of their content budget on digital promotion, 43% on bringing innovation in communication for the post-corona market, and 29% on charity. 

Interestingly, most marketing decisions are also being made by instincts. 

Simply put, what might work for your competitor won’t work for you. Again, testing is important for lead generation amid corona. 

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4. B2B newsletters are generating nearly 25% of the revenue

PowerInbox, a service that helps companies monetize their newsletters, saw more than a 24% increase in the overall revenue

They analyzed over 500 clients and found that it was because of the increased click through and email open rates. 

Since most of their emails contained breaking news or useful reports about coronavirus, the company speculates that that could be one of the reasons for the high CTR. 

Sounds familiar? 

We mentioned about being a source of information for your readers during coronavirus in our previous article. Turns out, that would not only help you generate leads but also increase conversion. 

5. Podcasts have seen a 43% hike in monthly consumption

Before the coronavirus, approximately 65% of people knew about podcasts. But corona has added to this figure by 10%. 

Edison Research found that 55% of the people have listened to podcasts and 75% consume it monthly. The figure was only 32% in 2019

So, how can you use podcasts to help your business?

Deal with useful topics that would actually help you in conversion. Benefit from the first rule of sales; people buy from people they trust. 

Tip – Ask people to submit their queries through social media and answer them in your podcasts.  

It will not only allow you to increase your listenership but also engagement on social media. 

6. Facebook might be the next best place for uploading shareable content (after LinkedIn)

Even without COVID-19, 2020 was going to be the year of video marketing in B2B. All the stats suggested that people found them to be more relevant and captivating. 

Now, we know LinkedIn is a great place to increase visibility for your business. It can generate 80% of your leads. However, Facebook has emerged as another important platform for acquiring new traffic. 

videos on fb
Source: Facebook

So, don’t restrict yourself only to LinkedIn. Branch out to other social media platforms to generate higher engagement.  

Know that 94% of the participants regularly share their favorite content from Facebook Watch. So, if you make good videos, you can potentially reach 500 million viewers. 

Right now, it’s safe to say that webinars, tutorials, and Q&As will be the most shared video content. To ensure your video performs well, 

  • Embed your CTA at the bottom of the video

People may not watch your video till the end, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be your leads. Instead of having a CTA at the end, have it throughout the video’s runtime to increase your brand’s visibility. 

  • Have subtitles

The best kind of video is one that can be consumed even without any sound. Having subtitles allows you to cater to all kinds of views, especially those with a hearing disability. 

  • Stick to the point

Highlight the problem right from the first frame and offer an immediate solution. Also, keep your videos short to increase their engagement.

More than half of the B2B marketers believe that videos are among the most effective formats of content. They are more entertaining and have a good chance of getting shared. 

So, remember that just one good video can help generate a year’s worth of business for you. 

The takeaway

As a business, you should take a holistic approach to content marketing. Instead of simply sticking to blogs or videos, dabble in various interactive content, too. Besides, working with a professional B2B sales and marketing firm is yet another way to produce an effective strategy to boost your business. They help you find gaps in your methods and fill them with proven sales and marketing approaches. 

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