5 Reasons why B2B companies need to adopt content marketing


Why Should B2B Organizations Use Content Marketing?
Why B2B Marketers Are Embracing the same?

As the B2B sector is constantly evolving along with its consumers and firms, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure deals after an exhausting sales cycle. Marketers are no longer dependent on conventional sales tactics but are reaping technology’s benefits to the fullest.

In this fast-pacing internet-dominated world, content marketing is your only chance at survival. Modern B2B marketers are creating compelling content to lure high-value clients and carve a place of their own.

If your marketing puzzle is still missing this piece, you really can’t survive the modern-day tiff.

Still don’t believe us? 

Here are a few more solid reasons (backed by stats) why you must start using content marketing today!

1. Establishes you as a thought leader and builds brand trust

builds brand trust

The primary purpose of B2B content marketing is to establish trust in the minds of the readers. Content marketing enables B2B marketers to tell their brand stories in the rawest forms that connect to the audience on a very human level. This connection is further nurtured with daily insights and brand snippets on trending topics.

Regular interaction with authoritative content helps you create a voice of your own in the industry. A voice that is heard and respected, also known as thought leadership.  

Further, storytelling with a value-addition approach can foster brand awareness, reinforce relationships, and trigger healthy discussions. In 2016, ‘every car is connected with a story’ campaign by Volkswagon aiming to build brand trust was a great success and a stellar example of successful content marketing.

2. Generates quality leads at much lesser costs

B2B buyers are a lot more educated and aware that B2C buyers especially in this digital-first world. Did you know 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase?

Generates quality leads

This is where content marketing comes in. When a prospect looks up online, and you are not there, that is the end of your cycle. However, if instead of the dead end, he reaches a detailed piece about your product that touches all the pain points very subtly along with detailing the reader about its solutions – How do you think he is going to react? Of course, he would be really happy, satisfied, and curious about your organization’s offerings.

Hence, boosting your discoverability, expanding your coverage and consequently increasing your leads. But that’s not it. Studies have shown that Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3times as many leads!

3. Reduces purchase decision cycle

B2B consumers’ purchase decision cycle is longer when compared to B2C. Since the recent pandemic has hit our doors, the sales cycle is only becoming longer.

decision cycle

Even before you are introduced to your prospect, B2B business-makers are already looking for alternatives to your product. They look for you on Search Engines, on Social media platforms, and also in online communities – that’s where your content can strike the deal.

If your content aligns with your buyer’s journey, the prospects will be halfway convinced before they make initial contact with you. Your blogs, white papers, and social media posts will give them an insight into your industry expertise and understanding of their problem. Your web content will take the lead when they are looking to understand your services/products and finally decide to reach out to you.

4. Amplifies lead conversion rates

Lead conversion in a B2B sales cycle can be extremely intimidating. Finding leads was whacking enough, but now guiding them towards closing the deal and transforming them into loyal followers, well, good luck with that unless you have an effective content marketing strategy. To save you the trouble, here’s a sneak-peek about how content marketing can be of help: Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for marketers who adopt an effective content marketing strategy.

lead conversion rates

You cannot let your efforts to catch the attention of the prospect go vain, so you need a variety of content for different phases of the buyers’ journey to push them towards buying from you, but in a discreet way.

Start with social media marketing and light posts to grab attention. When you have a lead, you provide them with in-depth content like short videos, eBooks, white papers, and newsletters. Proceed with the hot leads and roll out your webinars and demos that detail them about your products and how it is going to add value to their sales cycle

Further, content marketing not only helps you bring a prospect in guiding through the funnel but also assists you in closing the deal. After all, there’s a reason why 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

5. Showcases expertise and increases customer engagement

B2B businesses work on relationships. And they don’t happen overnight, you need to build and nurture them with prudence and experience. The easiest way to lay the foundation of a healthy relationship is via great content.

increases customer engagement

Focus on the quality of your content. If you have a meticulous piece of industry insight or a well-researched, well-crafted article that connects to the decision-makers on a human level, it’s sure to trigger a conversation. And if it hits the right chord, your prospects will share it across their social media profiles, increasing engagement on your content by up to 45%.

Your content must stand out from the clichéd salesy content of your competitors. Your clients don’t want to be sold to for your benefits, they want to buy for their own advantage!

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Greatest B2B content marketing examples of all time!

1. HubSpot


Hubspot, the one-stop solution for all your in-house marketing needs owes its success to its extensive content marketing strategy. They share almost 5 articles every day with data-driven content, filled with CTAs and industry-related keywords. This helps them garner over 60K leads every month!

2. General Electric

general electric

The firm started its digital marketing campaign in 2015 and once it started, there was looking back until it established itself as a human-bran. They intelligently crafted content that appeased the masses on a deeper level. They followed the only rule in the content game- keep it interesting, and it took the world by storm. While the numbers are missing, there’s no greater case study than GE’s in the history of content marketing.

3. American Express

american express

American Express is one of the best content marketing examples in the B2B sector. Their success lies in the fact that the creators have really delved into the community to understand their preferences and choices. They have used combinations of influencers and testimonials, nevertheless adapting to the changing audience.

Final words!

Crafting great content is art, which takes a minute to start and a lifetime to master. It is an ever-changing activity that requires you to invest in it and refine it from time-to-time. Along with quality and quantity, there are so many other things that must work in tandem with it to fork out the best from your content marketing strategy.  

You need to keep a track of the engagement, improve SEO constantly, and at the same time change with the tide. It is not an overnight task, it’s a process that requires effort and time.

If you think it is too much in-house investment and can hamper your primary business, it’s best to contact expert B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting Firms – they not only have the required expertise and industry experience but also the right understanding of your niche.