5 mistakes most B2B salespeople make and how to fix them


Know them, rectify them &ace your sales game.

You know the real struggle behind closing deals with powerful and successful prospects if you are in business-to-business (B2B) sales. Amidst the hustle, B2B salespeople tend to make some common mistakes that end up crushing any chance of closing the deal. These fatal mistakes are the biggest reason why people don’t sell as much as they can (or want) even after all the efforts they put in.

But, does this mean that the days of reaching your sales quotas are gone?

NO, of course not!

Even if you’ve made some mistakes and are not exactly where you want to be, that has nothing to do with your future. So don’t worry we’ve got you covered here.


We boiled down to 5 blunders that salespeople often make along with the ways to rectify them in order to boost your sales for the coming months.

Mistake #1  Lack of proper strategy and defined objectives

63% of companies with a strong sales and marketing strategy alignment enjoy higher customer retention rates. Apple, for example, has gone to great lengths to ensure that their strategy and objectives are enriching enough, in fact, it has become a benchmark for other companies who want to achieve the same global popularity, revenue growth and staying power.

 Poor or non-existent planning or preparation can crush your sales. Buyers hate to have their time wasted by salespeople who cannot be bothered to find out the essentials before they turn up.



It simply isn’t enough to just take a look at their website or download their company brochure before you go and visit a prospect. Your preparation should go way beyond the basics.

Why are you there in the first place?

What extra value can you offer to them?

Apple has clearly put in a lot of efforts to understand their target customers; how they think, how they speak, the language they use, their habits, their likes, dislikes and more. They know how to talk to customers in their own language, rather than trying to talk to them like a sales person.

That kind of understanding creates an amazing bond between a prospective customer and a brand, and a lasting connection for an existing customer. Having clarity in your strategy and defined objectives is the utmost crucial step before committing to any B2B sales and marketing activity. By having a clear strategy and a defined goal, it gets easier to trace the path of any related activity.

Mistake #2 Executing strategies without focusing on the bigger picture

It is immensely inadvisable to overlook small details assuming that they’re trivial, as there are high chances of you failing midway of your big sales project.



Working in B2B sales requires a vision which includes keeping in mind the aftermath of every initiative. At times, the salespeople ignore the big picture which can be troublesome for the overall project. Any B2B marketing works best when there is a clear vision behind.

Mistake #3 Taking a one-size-fits-all approach

The “old school” sales mantra is be direct, be forceful, impose your will, close hard and you will walk away with the sale. I am not saying that strategy doesn’t work, in fact, that may work great for a certain segment of the population, but what about all the other different buying styles your prospects may have? How do they want to be sold to?

That same direct, forceful style that works on some people may totally turn another prospective buyer off. For those salespeople lacking awareness but still selling the “best of breed” products/services, they lose their buyers as soon as they start talking and will be left wondering why they didn’t make the sale.



There has to be a change in strategy whenever required as a single strategy cannot work for every problem. B2B sales professionals sometimes show an inclination towards a strategy they think is successful. But this clinginess leads them to poor results, as one size may or may not fit all.

Especially for micro and small B2B ventures, updating their strategy fetch them new deals as uniqueness is the key to attract other businesses.

Mistake #4  Inattentive to user-focused design

A product should not be about what you want to give rather it should be about what the user wants. An inexperienced marketer would go on with its product. It’s easy to get distracted and ignore the significance of usability while you’re too engrossed to close the deal and turn the prospect into buyers. This will ultimately lead to unhappy clients.



Focusing on the user as the centre of your design is important when it comes to B2B sales, wherein asking for too much information can burden the prospects rather than helping them. Try to focus on specific aspects of the design that will influence users the most. User-focused design is the one which is hassle-free and easy to go on with, one which is the best for the user, keeping their requirements in mind.

Mistake #5 Inapt and Inconsistent communication

According to Sandler Training, believing that you can sell anything to anybody by making fake promises to the prospects is a trap you should avoid. Instead, identify your ideal customers, establish communication, build a trustworthy relationship and you’ll find it easier to get them to act.

Many B2B salespeople fail to address this problem through their marketing strategy, which can lead to impersonal customer relationships that can affect your sales horribly.



In 2020, when there are numerous options of reaching out to the prospect, meeting in person is still something which will help you in maintaining good relations. It is quite important for achieving their trust, especially with the giants in the market.

Also, use the same terms your prospects use while discussing your product or its application. Avoid making false promises at any cost. This shows a company’s dedication towards maintaining these relations which are ultimately related to the company’s market image. Hence, take time to communicate properly through emails, messages, etc.


The good news is that if you can alleviate these mistakes and have sales and marketing work together, it could skyrocket your sales.

So.. make progress, not excuses.

Therefore, B2B sales consulting firms is a great way to start with as they can always help you in executing your sales strategies effectively leading to an increased result in the productivity of your sales as well as you can watch your lead generation results soar.