5 Great CRM Systems for 2022 That Cannot Go Wrong 

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If you want to be one sustainable business, Customer Relationship Management Software is certainly a powerful tool to improve customer satisfaction and scale the business. Choice of an enterprise CRM involves a lot of planning and execution. CRM softwares help in:

·        easy sales tracking

·        designing effective outreach programs

·        making reports and information further accessible

·        boost productivity

·        making necessary tasks and everyday operations run more efficiently. 

The process of CRM selection is complex and professional. Since, the new age CRMs are quite resourceful and are reasonably low-priced, its adaptation is farfetched now. This blog tries to gather a few important factors that make a good CRM software and helps you distinguish between the best CRMs working around in the market.   

A Good Formula to Find a Successful CRM Software for Your Business

Your Software must include all the points of contacts of customers, whether it is a call, email, chat, web, social media or a campaign. Each of these communication points is an opportunity for customer engagement. Every business has a different requirement; but there are a couple of below stated factors that stand good for an efficient CRM for nearly all businesses: 

  • Easy to Use

The first time users, on their initial login must be able to get a good sense of the working of the software.

  • Contact points and sales closure management

The essence of a CRM lies in managing the customers appropriately. This largely requires CRM to respond sensibly, by recognizing customers, knowing where to put sales attempts, ways to connect with them and to follow up with them properly. The features of CRM should comprehend with your customers and the way they make purchases. 

  • Customization of Sales Pipelines

A good CRM typically partakes the character of your business. There are certain terms, processes, applications specific to every company that is understood by its in-house team. CRM software must reflect these in is working and operations as much as possible.

  • Reportage

It is important to quantify the results to make timely decisions and appropriate strategies. Based on the sales forecast, a reliable CRM is one that is able to report (based on the data collected) sales per representative, average value, reasons for loss of deals and much more. 

  •  Automating and Integrations

Automating is the key to productivity. A good CRM shall channelize communications so that it is not miscarried. Since it is not entirely achievable by any CRM, selecting a robust third-party integration can associate various departments and their functions. This will ensure better data collection and enhanced customer profile.

Top 5 CRMs to Consider For an Effective Implementation and Sustained Business

Based on the above elements here is listing 5 best Softwares that can cater efficiently to all kinds of businesses.

1)  Zoho CRM- for Scaling Business

Zoho CRM is a leading company in this arena, with about 40 million user subscriptions. It is a powerful easy-to-use sales CRM that has helped many businesses close more deals.  



·        Zoho has been a market leader for years together in its league.

·        Zoho features an unbeatable price structure starting from free for 3 users to $57 per month per user.

·        It offers new and useful features that allow deep customization with Canvas Builder.

·        It recently introduced AI powered analytics to improve sales and track customer interactions.

·        Zoho’s CRM allows ample of integrations and has social media backing

·        Zoho CRM Plus has a good scalability potential only with a few clicks within the settings option.


·        High cost of training and support

·        Advanced features can be called only with much higher prices

 2)  Salesforce Cloud for Personalization

It is most suitable for organizations that need a lot of customizations for adaptability. It can build a custom-built platform with endless possibilities.

Salesforce CRM


·        Salesforce incorporates advanced features and a wide range of innovation potential.

·        It has an in-built outstanding process management automation builder.

·        Salesforce is an eminent name and is used by millions of users worldwide.

·        It has devised a very user-friendly dashboard that helps easy navigation and deep exploration into details.

·        It offers better sales management with robust lead generation, contact management and business intelligence tools.


·        Vast learning curve

·        High cost of procurement

·        No Live chat support available

 3)  Bitrix24 for Multiple-Channel Interactions 

Bitrix24 is an excellent selection for startups, and small businesses for their initial stint. It offers a worthy task management and contact management tool for sales.

Bitrix 24


·        Bitrix24 is the best mobile CRM in its free version.

·        It has very harmonious integrations with social media channels.

·   This CRM has developed customer service analytics along with complete tools for customer collaborations and communication.

·        It possesses a massive catalog of features.


·        Easy implementation and start, but has a difficult learning curve even for simple workflows.

·        Some important CRM marketing features are accessible only with Bitrix24 premium plans.

4)  Pipedrive for Being Easy-to-Use

Pipedrive is one smart choice if you want a simple and user-friendly sales CRM. It delivers a lot of flexibility in helping the sales team sell more without any distraction from marketing and service features.


·        It is an intuitive software that is strongly deal-driven.

·        It has well-built mobile apps, call and email harmonization and has a great user experience.

·        It is AI-automated for repetitive tasks aimed at managing sales deals with a visual sales pipeline.

·        It can generate tailored reports like revenue predictions and recurring revenues


·        No built-in dark mode feature

·        No bifurcation of new leads

·        Sometimes overpowering due to too many product updates

5)  HubSpot for Best Marketing Tools

If your prime business goal is to ardently take your business to the next level, HubSpot is a shrewd choice. With a strong performance tracking capability, it helps bring up productivity and get closest to the business targets.


·        It is a fully loaded sales and marketing suite.

·       It allows more than 300 integrations with its easy to access technical stacks. You get access to more functionalities with  the price you pay for this CRM

·        It gives faster and better customer support with live chats and chatbots

·   It presents an improved sales pipeline panel to give deeper insights into your sales movements and individual productivity.

·        Syncs thoroughly with Gmail, Outlook and social media platforms, capturing every customer interaction.


·        For smaller businesses moving ahead from the starter plan it gets more expensive

·       HubSpot CRM is intended to be used as an all-in-one solution. So if you have your CMS in any other platform, it would embroil you into an extra task.


Plenty of CRMs are doing rounds and each has a USP. Since no one knows your business better than you, think through what your business would need for better outcomes. Study the elements mentioned above for picking the right CRM software.

Trials can be the best comeback when it comes to settling down upon a software for your business. Contact us today to see how we can help you understand more about CRM.