5 Digital Marketing Lessons that we can learn from Tesla


The name Tesla is synonymous with innovation. What the world thinks today, Tesla has tried it years back. Their EVs were on the road when other vehicle manufacturers did even know the technology. Tesla has successfully used the digital medium to promote and sell their vehicle. Again, they are the leaders in digital marketing and we got much to learn from them.

Let’s take a look at the learning points that Tesla has given all when it comes to digital marketing.

1. A dynamic leader in Tesla

Tesla has a CEO who is a celebrity in his own right. He is a visionary who has influenced many. He is the brand ambassador of his company. Above all, he is out there talking about the products, taking brickbats, and defending the company’s choices.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

This is the name and face that is recognized by even those not familiar with Tesla’s name and logo. This dynamic CEO has become the face of Tesla, more known than the cars! To some, he is a genius, a tech guru. To some, he is a visionary. To some, he is charismatic. To some, he is plain eccentric. No matter how you define Musk, he has his own line of admirers.

Out in public

Elon Musk is always present in front of the world’s eyes. Like Tesla, he is not afraid to be his authentic self, despite drawing a few controversies. Musk is always in the news and on social media giving us a glimpse of his life and the organizations he is associated with.

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Musk is today the richest person on earth and has the power to influence the course of business in the world market. One social media post from this powerful CEO changes the stock markets’ trading direction.

2. Put out your real self in marketing

Not only is Tesla known to be unique but they are also known for their authenticity. Tesla is not afraid to put out its real self to the world. They are also completely honest with their customers. Tesla is not afraid to own its shortcomings and mistake. It has shown that to be great one need not be only flawless but own their faults as well.


Customers of Tesla thus know that their brand will give them the exact answer to any queries. Truth and transparency are values that have kept Tesla afloat in the eyes of its admirers and customers.

When the company goes through some problems, they discuss them openly. Many organizations in such situations prefer to keep the information discrete. But not Tesla. By doing so they have gained the trust of their valuable customers.

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3. Make the customer the king

This is not just a saying if we have learned anything from Tesla. Its customers get the best purchasing and post-purchase experience.

Customer is the King

Best purchase experience

To buy a Tesla car, one does not have to go through the lengthy and cumbersome process of showrooms and dealers. The buyer can simply go online, choose features, and make the purchase. Every detail about the Tesla cars is available easily to the buyer on the website. And, we are still thinking online shopping is just for clothes and stuff!

Post-purchase service

Also, the post-purchase service of Tesla is awesome. They have been keen on identifying the problems that buyers can face and finding solutions to them. They built many charging stations knowing that customers on road will find it difficult to charge their vehicles. Tesla has a dedicated team to patiently answer any customer query post-sale.


Tesla also makes it a point to keep their customers well informed. Any product update, any policy change, any service change, or a plan is made known to the customer. So, if you buy a Tesla you make an informed decision.

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4. Do not depend solely on advertising in marketing

Tesla does not use advertising to sell its products. The huge budgets that companies spend to advertise are a waste in Tesla’s eyes. Rather the money is used to create products that are near to perfection. Tesla believes that a good product sells itself. They are proof.

Word-of-mouth publicity

Tesla cars get a lot of word-of-mouth publicity. What it gave was not seen before. A technology never heard of before. So, when people drove a Tesla, it became the talk of the town. Today with other competitors in the market, it is still ahead. All because of the goodwill generated by the Tesla owners. This awesome vehicle and amazing service by the company keep them talking about Tesla.

Word of Mouth

Go off-beat

Tesla is a genius when it comes to offbeat publicity. When SpaceX was launched, a Tesla car was sent along with it to space to be the first car up there. This stunt received a lot of publicity and generated immense public interest.

5. Use multiple communication channels in marketing

While you are admiring Tesla’s no advertising policy pay heed to the ways they connect with their existing and potential customers. Just because they do not advertise, does not mean they hide and maintain continuous communication with the market and the consumers, albeit in its way.


It has a unique training program for individuals across the USA who dreams of working in Tesla or a similar organization. Trained individuals to gain knowledge and technical expertise about the working of e-vehicles. Tesla also collaborates will colleges. These are big and effective initiatives to stay connected.

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Social media

From tweets by its influential CEO to presence across social media channels help Tesla directly connect with people. You will find hundreds of videos on YouTube. There are podcasts where the star campaigner, the CEO is talking. But the most important of all is that they engage with their audience and not afraid to take on a few negative comments.

Marketing Newsletter

Blogs and newsletter

Blogs and newsletters are great ways to give regular news and updates to the customers and followers. They are the best ways to share news and updates in detail that social media posts do not allow. They are the places for super fans and geeks who want to know what is happening inside their favorite brand and its products.

So, if you are thinking of digital marketing, Tesla is a great place to look for some inspiration. Get into the digital marketing scene and make a buzz of your brand name, just like Tesla!

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