5 Challenges All Marketers Face & How Digital Marketing Can Solve Them


When I say digital, I mean everything that is on the Internet – social media platforms, websites, other platforms, emails, ads, sponsored marketing… everything that exists on the internet. This means all of this keeps changing very regularly, with changes in how people use them. It is the digital marketers who bear the brunt of this constant change.

It becomes very exhausting and monotonous for marketers to keep up with the changing trends and adjust their marketing strategies according to them. Traditional methods can give you a head start but unless you showcase your X-factor, it won’t reap satisfactory results because everyone is doing the same thing.

Marketers in a difficult situation, deciding what is best and how to accommodate it – let’s look at 5 problems you face and how digital marketing can help you solve them.

1. Building a strong and consistent brand image

Marketing Brand Image

Branding is crucial to business; it serves to distinguish your brand from your competitors. Consumers receive hundreds of promotional messages on a daily basis, but it is the branding that helps them filter you from the rest of the heap.

Every entrepreneur, while starting a business, dreams of their business becoming a globally recognized brand. Because a brand name, along with the product, stands for the experience you create for your consumers.

However, it’s easier said than done.

Most marketers struggle with consistency and fail to stay on top of the consumer’s mind – thus, ruining the basic purpose of branding.

How can digital marketing solve it?

Branding takes years and years of patience to build and the easiest way to get this rolling is through digital marketing. The Internet has the power to reach millions of people across the world, and putting yourself out there boosts your chances to be discovered.

Create quality content that resonates with your brand message and optimize them with keywords. Build a website with appropriate and appealing fonts, colors, and perceptiveness. Post regularly on social media and direct your traffic to the website.

Send personalized emails, list yourself locally and run paid campaigns. Analyze your data and improve in areas that don’t look good. A consistent digital presence is a boon for brand image.

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2. Creating impactful and original content

Content creation

The most important activity that makes digital marketing efforts successful is the content you create for your audience. Quality content generates leads and converts them to consumers. It boosts your SEO and discoverability. Content sharing is rocket fuel to your social media.

Bottom line is, it drives a major part of your digital marketing, and it is effective only if your audience finds it relevant and engaging. Marketers sometimes find that their content does not work; it is not appeasing the viewers and is not producing the results expected. This can be solved through one of digital marketing’s various perks.

How can digital marketing solve it?

Consider the buyer personas that you compiled from all your data (all of which has come from the Internet and your previous digital marketing efforts like surveys and feedback forms). Think about the kind and format of content they would like. Put yourself in their shoes and brainstorm the topics.

Direct your content towards the problems they are facing. Imagine you are guiding someone through a process, like teaching someone to tie their shoelaces. Then think about the easier way to explain – blog or video (video, definitely video). Make your consumer the hero, solve their issue and there you are – all prepped with a map of original and impactful content.

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3. Managing Website on a daily basis

Website management

The brand website is the most important digital asset of a company. A website is equivalent to the brand’s existence; no website, no existence.

This is because the website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. All the traffic is directed to your website. All offers and products are found on your website. Any query or doubt related to your product – go to the website.

If you don’t have an easily navigable, mobile-optimized, and functional website, you might as well go out of business. The website attracts consumers and plays an important part in sales.

How can digital marketing solve it?

You need an operational website that will work even when you’re asleep. It needs to be appealing enough, easy to navigate, and works perfectly on the phone as well.

Designing a website with all these features might seem a daunting task, and hence companies don’t put a lot of effort into it. You can hire an agency or a freelancer to help you set it up.

After this, you can also use your website to seek feedback from the users via a feedback form. Ask them what difficulties they have using the site and what are areas need improvement. Then make efforts to improve them. Put out quality content and use it as a lead-generating machine.

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4. Lead generation consistently

Lead Generation

Most marketers think that since there are so many platforms available, it will be easier to capture leads. Totally wrong.

Constant lead generation is one of the top issues that marketers face today. They spend all the time creating content and optimizing their social media, but it doesn’t seem to work. Or at least, it doesn’t work for them.

They are either targeting the wrong audience or their messages are being perceived differently than it was intended or there is something wrong in the process, but lead generation is unsuccessful and it is hurting the business.

How can digital marketing solve it?

Gather all of your information – surveys, consumer data, market research – and create buyer personas for your audience. Get to know them, and then decide the kind of content that they will respond to.

Usually, the audience first gets directed to the brand website, where they find an offering, in the form of a newsletter or a guide. Then a part of your traffic clicks on it and gets redirected to a landing page, feeds their details to avail the offer.

A follow-up email is sent immediately and hence starts the lead nurturing series of emails and other content to make them ready for the purchase. This is all of digital marketing. All of it.

5. Finding the right people for your marketing team

Marketing Team

Another problem faced by marketers today, a consequence of the process in itself, is hiring the right people for their marketing teams.

Every company has a different mindset, different goals, different messages, and different approaches towards its marketing strategies. All you need someone who is passionate about it, will understand it, and blend along.

The Business wants good, talented, and creative people, but you can’t mess with your budget. You hire someone that fits into your budget but is not as professional and qualified as you required. In either case, something does not go the way you want it to.

How can digital marketing solve it?

There are two ways you can go about it – outsource or in-house. If you are outsourcing, you can partner up with a marketing agency that knows people and companies inside out.

They will bring you the very best people within your budget, and you can get all your needs covered – design, content, social media, everything.

If you want to keep the process in-house, carefully comb through your applicants, and pick someone who can manage both content and design. They will be able to support your company more effectively than someone who is skilled in one area only. Read or look into guides that will give you a better idea as to how to hire people.

Closing Thoughts!


Digital marketing is stressful, I will give you that. Trying to emerge victorious amidst thousands and thousands of brands, all of which are trying to cram messages into the minds of prospective consumers, can be very challenging. You need the right knowledge and tools to deal with this.

Digital marketing is a process. You start out small, with the basics, learn what is working and what is not and improve on that. You understand and explore more, then brainstorm more and gradually get into the advanced tools.

Just know, it is not an overnight job and it can’t produce results instantly. Keep going and you will reach it someday. However, if you feel overwhelmed with all the information above, seek advice from expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms – they will give you the roadmap with detailed steps to follow it.

Are you facing similar challenges? Contact us today and we will take it up from there!