4 Ways to Master Remote Sales During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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Coronavirus is arguably the greatest challenge facing the world right now. It has affected the global economy and businesses are rapidly taking a hit. So, it’s a matter of grave concern for both brands and employees.

Running a business would have been tricky if we weren’t living in the internet era. Fortunately, working from home isn’t an alien concept to businesses in 2020. But although many companies have been working remotely for years, 62% of the marketers fear it will compromise their brands. The same survey also revealed that marketers think remote working can impact creative collaboration. 

But does it have to be that way?

The good news is that when done correctly, working from home can yield you unprecedented incentives, especially if you are a sales rep. You can do more, earn more while reducing your workweek.

Multitasking, more incentives, and better social life are just a few benefits of mastering remote sales. Through remote selling, sales businesses can also expand their portfolio faster by focusing on more than one prospect at one time.

Sounds fascinating, right? You can do it, too. Here’s how you can leverage the coronavirus lockdown by mastering remote sales.

1. Be transparent about your business

Trust is the greatest tool in selling. You can’t sell products or services if you haven’t spent enough time building trust with your prospect. That’s no different for remote sales, either. Freelancers do it every time. That’s how they get opportunities.

Right now, your empathy is the most important characteristic for your customers. People expect brands to empathise with them while they continue to struggle with coronavirus.

Reach out to your existing, lost and potential clients and ask them how they are or if they need anything. Getting up close and personal is the need of the hour. Tell your clients how your products and services can ease the situation for them. Moreover, let your old clients know how you have repositioned your identity in the market to better suit them. 

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You need to give your clients concrete reasons for why they should buy from you. Show them you care and that you are doing everything to maintain the safety and sanitation of your products and staff. Assure them you are not only open to business but also safe to work with. Be transparent about how you are dealing with the virus yourself. Let them know they are not alone.

Most importantly, keep reminding yourself that you are in the people’s business so that you remember to customise your sales pitch accordingly.

2. Modify your value proposition to stay motivated

A recent study suggests remote workers are 77% more productive. That’s an obvious benefit for remote sales reps who are stuck within four walls. But it’s tempting to loosen up when you work remotely and have had too many rejections for the day from those customers who don’t trust you enough to buy from you. That’s precisely how you set yourself up for a loss.

Remember that demands remain constant even in the time of crises even if your competitors shy away from prospecting. All you need to do is rearrange your sales approach rather than narrowing your scope.


Find your clients’ pain points. Everyone is being affected by the virus one way or the other. So, if you have been highlighting a specific USP until now, ditch it and find a new one that’s relevant enough. Keep searching for a new angle till you find one that hits home.

Besides, broadening the prospects is another approach that helps sales reps deal with a financially distressed market. If you have been focusing your product in a specific industry till now, find out other markets that are willing to buy it. Unless it’s extremely niche, you will surely find a whole new market for your product. 

Remember the only thing destroying your sales right now is your approach. Know when it’s time to change your value proposition to obtain results.

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3. Get on social media to display your knowledge, especially on LinkedIn

Thanks to social media, you have more ways of reaching your potential customers without moving an inch. Sales experts believe you can achieve growth if you have sufficient exposure.

Self-employed professionals, freelancers, and solopreneurs use social media to create content around their skills. They post anecdotes that show their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. With each story, they not only connect with their readers but also gain trust.


Sounds familiar? That’s because columnists and journalists have been doing it since the beginning of time. They form their narratives, opinions, and articles around what’s trending to connect with their readers. In fact, they have been our virtual agony aunts, trusted compadres and even our pen pals. So, it’s safe to say that technology may have made the world smaller but hasn’t altered its principles.

It’s essential to understand that more than a sales rep, you ought to be a reliable source of knowledge, especially during a time like this when people are resorting to social media for answers. Offer updates on coronavirus to expand your online social circle. It won’t be long before people start tagging you as ‘credible’ in their minds, which will ultimately make selling easier for you. 

4. Use technology to improve your numbers

The only way remote working hinders your productivity is when you don’t have the right tools. When you work from home, you are kind of a one-man army. There is no one at the reception to take your messages and no seniors to take over when a disgruntled customer asks for the manager.

While you can’t do it all, there are things that AI can help you with, so you can be better at your job.

Here are 4 tools you ought to have to be a great remote sales rep and a brilliant manager during the coronavirus lockdown.

  • Video conferencing software – lets you hold virtual meetings to make the sale more personal.
  • Email tracker – lets you know if the client has read your email and when it’s time to follow-up.
  • Virtual Workspace – lets you be in touch with your colleagues, so you feel less lonely.
  • Knowledge-Based Sales App – lets you stay updated with the altering trends and research in the industry to help you personalise your sales pitch.

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The threat of coronavirus has locked people up for an indefinite number of days. So, it’s not possible to stay sane and go about your work every day.

If you think it’s becoming difficult for you to break through, it’s best to seek help from a professional B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting Firm. Sales consultants specialise in various tactics that allow you to market-proof your organisation. With their help, you can keep your business afloat and thrive even in an economically declining market.