2021 Planning Will Require a New Level of Focus – A B2B Marketing Perspective

2021 planning

Industries which have proper digital marketing techniques in place are more likely to witness improved growth rate and increased ROI, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A number of industries have already turned to highly effective online marketing methods for sales optimization. However, many others are skeptical still, to explore the right strategy mix. According to McKinsey, B2B companies that practice digital marketing may experience a five-fold revenue growth vis-a-vis those who do not.

In this blog, we provide a bird’s eye view of the latest digital marketing trends that are adopted by B2B marketers. We also attempt to gauge why and how online marketing needs a fresh overhaul in 2021.

A Bird’s Eye View – Digital Marketing by B2B Industries

Excessive competition and a highly-informed customer base are reasons why industries feel the need for optimizing marketing methods. 

Undoubtedly, there isn’t a better way to carve your niche, than through digital marketing!

But, how do we know which online marketing techniques suit us best?

it isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mechanism.

Choosing the optimum mix for each sector is crucial.



As stated earlier, the global automotive industry (with a projected market value of US$ 9 trillion by the year 2030) has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent times, in terms of production, technologies, and business processes. Digital marketing methods, too, have been confusing. However, while most industries have found it difficult to keep up with these ever-evolving marketing trends, the B2B automotive sector has kept no stones unturned to upscale their online marketing (and long-term growth) efforts. 

# Digital Marketing Trends for Automotives – 2020

The automotive sector has been proactive in mapping customer journeys, and executing digital marketing techniques, viz., mobile-compatible websites, SEO, et al

# Pain Points 

But, in the process, it has faced certain hurdles – 

  • How to tap target markets is something the sector needs to work on. It’s imperative to sketch the buyers’ persona.
  • Once the future list of buyers is identified, next they need to decide the optimum strategy mix that would work best for the industry.  
  • Clients still think there is a lack of personalization.
  • Customers want to be well aware of the sales process, too. Hence, automotive marketers need to be more transparent throughout the entire customer engagement process.

# 2021 Perspectives for Automotives 

Keeping long-term growth aspects in view, the sector must stick to cost-effective methods like PPC in 2021. Simultaneously, it should explore evolving options like geofencing, influencer marketing, or outsourcing marketing services. 



The manufacturing sector has immense scope in terms of exploring new digital marketing techniques. Our insights suggest, manufacturers invest only an iota of their total revenue in digital marketing. Although these companies have been less active digitally, this trend needs to be changed henceforth. 

# Strategies in 2020

In 2020, the manufacturing industry, like all others, has implemented online marketing strategies like content marketing (website/blog content development), search engine optimization, social media advertising, pay-per-click, video marketing, lead nurturing, etc. 

#Pain points

In the process, it has confronted many obstacles. 

  • Similar to the automotive sector, tracking and tapping prospective markets, has been difficult. 
  • Then again, briefing buyers about complex products, sales generation, and improving brand perceptions have been critical too. 
  • Building and sharing highly informative user-friendly content through social media marketing has become a necessity. Furthermore, companies feel the need to precisely evaluate the successes of executed strategies. 

All these might be too overwhelming for beginners. Moreover, manufacturers may be interested in quick fixes rather than long-term growth objectives. 

# 2021 Perspectives for Manufacturers

Marketing strategies globally are experiencing major revamps. It’s high time that manufacturing sector comes together to ramp up digital marketing initiatives further. The strategies it should focus on in 2021 include Interactive Content, Influencer marketing, Chatbots, Virtual Reality, and Gamification. Overall, advanced omnichannel marketing is what it would never regret.

Oil & Gas

oil and gas

The oil & gas industry too has been shy in adopting digital marketing techniques in the past. However, it has gradually moved towards the implementation of certain cost-effective digital marketing methods in 2020.

# Strategies in 2020

The marketing techniques adopted this year by the sector include content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, e-mail marketing etc. These have proved to be powerful tools to drive growth in the Oil and Gas sector. 

# Pain Points

However, the downsides of digital marketing that pose threat to the industry are 

  • lack of internal skill set and training 
  • time-consuming processes 
  • highly competitive markets 
  • unfavorable feedback 
  • and other security and privacy issues 

These challenges pose enough threat to oil & gas as well. Moreover, being badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a general long-term reduction in petroleum demand, situations are grave for oil & gas in the coming decade.

# 2021 Perspectives 

In their journey ahead, the Oil & Gas sector should learn further to work upon their competitive advantage and bring it to the knowledge of prospective clients through gated content, customized websites, e-mail marketing, PPC, etc.

Energy & Other Renewable Industries


The global energy sector is highly competitive, expected to hit US$ 1512.3 billion by the year 2025.

# Strategies in 2020

Content marketing has been a very useful strategy for the renewable energy sector. Credible, educative content through videos on social media platforms, has been helpful in building brand credibility and increasing transparency among clients. Keyword-optimized websites have escalated sales and growth.

# Pain Points

  • The most important cause of concern for the energy sector is massive competition and over explosion of market players. 
  • Pricing issues, policy regulations etc. can be hindrances to growth as well.

Hence, the need of digital marketing.

# 2021 Perspectives

Energy companies therefore adopt maximum automation methods in their marketing techniques – personalized marketing, conversational marketing, chatbots, etc. can be plausible options beside customary digital marketing methods like SEO, PPC, or video marketing. 

Financial Firms

financial firm

Digital marketing strategies, especially social media, go a long way in strengthening long-term relationships with clients, building community trust, and humanizing brands. Online marketing proves to be highly cost-effective and is a fruitful way of gaining useful customer feedback. Social media also comes in handy in client servicing. 

# Strategies in 2020

Social media is a popular trend among financial firms. LinkedIn and Snapchat are two of the most used social media platforms for financial services. Financial services firms have successfully implemented marketing trends like marketing automation, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing analytics etc. 

# Pain Points

  • The most crucial obstacle for financial firms is the absence of enough trained staff within the companies. This is exactly the reason why outsourcing marketing is gaining popularity among digital marketers. 
  • Another major cause for concern is gaining consumer confidence.

#2021 Perspectives

Moving forward, researchers think 2021 is the right time for financial companies to leverage the most out of digital marketing. For starters,, Social Media Advertising and PPR are some of the quick methods they may resort to. Otherwise, outsourcing digital marketing is always a more feasible method they may always fall back on.


Emerging digital marketing techniques across all sectors that would be prevalent in 2021 would include AR and VR, Chatbots, featured snippets, local SEO, influencer marketing, visual search, online reviews, smart bidding, and so on. 

Social media advertising, PPC, SEO, are, and will, rule the roost in 2021 as well. 

Stay updated and explore new avenues of digital marketing. Outsource digital needs to the B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting firm for seamless marketing processes. 

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