15 Top Sales Tips from Powerful Women Leaders

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  • Jan 28, 2022
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With talks of increasing diversity and empowering women in the male-dominated sales field, we always get stuck at preaching how women are an asset to the sales profession. But why does its impact not manifest in reality? Maybe because we don’t provide enough examples or evidence. Maybe we fall short in proving with confidence how women can ace sales as much as men can, and even better.

Listed below are 15 strong pieces of evidence of how women have dominated the positions they have held, fulfilled their roles to their utmost capability, and become role models for the thousands of amateurs stepping into sales.

1. Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson is the CEO of Score More Sales and holds a pivotal position at Women Sales Pros. She started off her career as a salesperson, selling technology for Apple, HP, and the likes for two decades. Now, she trains frontline reps and creates content on technology.

Expert tip: Lori emphasizes measuring results to determine success, especially through data. If you believe something is true, the data should say it too. Finding unbiased ways to measure your growth is important.

2. Kendra Lee

After a super successful accounting career with IBM, Kendra founded the KLA Group in Colorado. Besides being a full-time prospect attraction expert, consultant, and speaker, she has authored two books on how to exceed sales goals. She believes sales are for everyone.

Expert tip: Webinars should be the pioneer of your lead generation. She insists on a compelling topic, engaging marketing, and excellent organization of the webinar. When you educate people, you get prospects.

3. Shari Levitin

Shari is the founder and CEO of the Shari Levitin Group and a business growth expert with a best-selling book – ‘Heart and Sell’ published in four languages. She is an expert in keynote speaking and helping businesses grow their revenue. 

Expert tip: Shari encourages reps to uncover the emotional motivators of buyers to appeal to them in case of a logical deadlock. She believes that emotional appeal has the power to create urgency and close the deal faster.

4. Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert is the founder of The Sales Experts Channel and President of People First Productivity Solutions. She is a globally recognized consultant, speaker, and author of the best-seller, ‘Stop Selling and Start Leading’. Calvert is known for his organizational intellect. 

Expert tip: The leadership of a manager can affect sales. The more they can engage employees, the better the productivity and hence, customer satisfaction. If they prioritize the wrong parameters, it will hinder productivity and hence sales.

5. Colleen Stanley

Colleen is the champion for emotional intelligence in sales. She is the President of SalesLeadership, a firm that specializes in the same. Her books – Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership, and Growing Great Sales Teams – all stand for emotional intelligence.

Expert tip: Emotional intelligence and self-awareness make sales less stressful. Without self-awareness, we are only reacting, which can be wrong for the given situation. Quiet time helps self-awareness and that helps us chart our personality.

6. Joanne Black

Joanne Black is the American authority when it comes to referral selling. She is the founder of No More Cold Calling, has a best-seller of the same name, and boasts of another one titled ‘Pick Up the Damn Phone’. She is the go-to person to create a referral culture in the company.

Expert tip: Joanne asks for positivity and optimism while trying new approaches and techniques. She teaches that you won’t bag the big deals if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

7. Barbara Giamanco

CEO of Social Centered Selling, Barbara ‘Barb’ Giamanco was an acclaimed author and a leading advocate for women in sales. Her podcast, Conversations with Women in Sales is now continued by Lori Richardson after Barb’s tragic passing.

Expert tip: Use social media to establish the authenticity and credibility of your brand before getting into sales. Identify engagement opportunities and keep a strong social media presence by participating in social events and establishing relationships.

8. Alice Heiman

Founder and CSO of Alice Heiman LLC, Alice is a prominent sales strategist, keynote speaker, and coach. She is a genius in sales leadership programs, helps businesses incorporate the right strategies for long-term change, and trains management to drive sustainable growth.

Expert tip: Alice stresses the importance of insights and research in a sale. Understand your value. Make a Mutual Action plan to blueprint your steps, prepare your team and guide the sale. Keep everything as transparent as possible.

9. Alice Kemper

Alice is the founder of Sales Training Consultants and Sales Training Werks. She has been a globally recognized sales training solution provider since 1983, and her exclusive methods of training reps have shown 5-35% increases in results within the first 10 weeks.

Expert tip: Skill-building is crucial to reps’ success. Strategize on specific accounts, coach and train reps to enhance their mindsets. They will out-perform the competition in no time if you are able to up-skill your team efficiently.

10. Sally Duby

Sally is the one you want to go-to for inside sales. She is the CSO at The Brigade Group, a prominent inside sales consulting firm. She was voted an Influential Inside Sales Expert by the AA-ISP for her excellence in building sales teams with technologies and processes to increase revenue.

Expert tip: Being relevant to the prospect is very important. Apply dating rules like getting to know the prospect and showing what you can do for them. Be straightforward with them and save time for both parties.

11. Tiffani Bova

Tiffani’s years of experience in innovation and her ability to provide unique perspectives make her a role model to look up to. She is the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, author of Growth IQ, and also hosts two podcasts.

Expert tip: Focusing solely on prospects will make you lose sight of your customers, who you have acquired with a lot of effort and resources. Don’t be lured by the shiny new file and also pay attention to the existing treasure you have.

12. Michelle Tillis Lenderman

CEO of Executive Essentials, Michelle is an expert in creating connections and communications. Her company provides customized communication and networking programs. Michelle is the best-selling author of four books, including The 11 Laws of Likeability and The Connectors Advantage.

Expert tip: The relationship you cultivate with the prospect wins over a better product and price. They choose people they like more than the product for a good experience – for you to take care of them.

13. Cindy McGovern

Cindy McGovern is a celebrated speaker, author, and consultant at Orange Leaf Consulting. With a doctorate in organizational communication (Dr. Cindy McGovern, that is), she is the best at leadership and communication within companies to align the professionals and bring them together.

Expert tip: The dynamics of planning have changed. It does not mean ‘don’t plan’ but means ‘plan now’. Set your objectives and track your activities. Keep the one that brings a result and discard the one that does not.

14. Joyce Johnson

A champion for empowering business leaders from a young age, Joyce founded the Why Sales Network. She has six best-sellers to her name, has contributed to two more, and hosts the podcast – ‘Let’s Talk About It #collegelife’. Student development is her ultimate passion.

Expert tip: Close every opportunity, by getting a yes from the consumer. Do not assume it, but ask if they are ready and if this is the best solution for them.

15. Shari Johnston

Shari is the founder of Women in Revenue, a group of women in impact roles. She is a partner and board member at Winning by Design, where she is the ABM expert, and an advisory board member at Toolbox, an online community.

Expert tip: Put yourself in the customer’s place; understand their business and pain points. Make engagements memorable and relevant to build trust and credibility at every step of their journey.

The future is Women!

Women bring a fresh perspective and a more favorable skill-set into the workplace. They have outperformed their peers and are likely to do better than men. Yet, they have to face gender bias in the workplace, which ultimately hinders the younger generation.

Companies are moving towards more gender-diverse sales teams, and better initiatives for women, not only for better revenue generation but also for securing social justice and equality. If you are a young mind looking to venture out in sales, it is time for you to look up to these experts and implement their wisdom in your professional journey. If you want it, you can do it.

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