13 Highly Successful Ways to Get Traffic to a New Website


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Have you just built a brand new website? Are you overwhelmed about driving genuine traffic to your website?

As you are familiar with, you no longer need the physical store or office any longer. All you need these days are virtual visitors who are interested in buying what you’re selling.

Here we have some successful ways of implementing tried-and-true tactics used by the most successful internet marketers to build authority and get traffic with time.

New Website

1. Write Compelling Headlines 

A good title may make the difference between clicking and an engagement, while a bad headline can drive off a significant portion of your audience. 

The title must appeal to the target audiences and offer to deliver value. You can use numbers, ask questions, and include SEO keywords. Headline analyzer tools will aid you in writing better quality headlines.

2. Traffic-generating Meta description

The meta description should appropriately convey what the content is all about to the readers. It may help generate clicks as a conversion technique.

You may include verbs, search terms, and a call to action. It will help to boost conversions for a specific set of search engine inquiries.

3. High-Quality Backlinks 

The authority of your domain, external backlink anchor text, and the strength of those external connections are the top three elements that Google considers when deciding where to rank your website.

You must make an effort to obtain backlinks and ranks from high domain authority

trusted websites.

Another incredible technique to develop backlink-worthy content is to conduct an original study. You are a helpful resource if you have data that no one else on the Internet possesses. Also, if other authors or content writers wish to mention your study, they must include a link to the source.

4. Write Guest Post

Write guest posts to websites that are analogous to your business. Approach prominent blogs and propose a guest post proposal. Maintain your individuality. You’d like this new audience to appreciate your article so they’ll come to your website.

The introduction should begin with a compelling hook that draws the reader. Also, It will improve the probability of them clicking on the links throughout the article.

5. Promote content on Social Media platforms

Well, other than Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, you can also promote your content on Tumblr, medium, Twitter, Slack, Snapchat, google+, and Reddit.

With many social media platforms, how can you know which to emphasize? Who is the most likely to use that platform? Do these demographics match the target markets you’ve created? 

Goals and analytics should be the foundation of your social media engagement, just like any other promotion strategy. It is how you’ll assess your progress and evaluate whether the platform you’re developing is handy.

Social Media

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6. Answer questions on Quora

Quora is an excellent source of traffic for your website. You may answer questions and link the relevant keywords to bridge information on your website or blog on this platform.

Ensure your responses are comprehensive and show you understand what you’re talking about, and precisely address the concern.

7. On-Page SEO techniques 

Competing online requires strategic SEO efforts to create a better landscape that benefits your potential consumers and your brand.

To ensure that your site, especially the landing pages, reaches the desired audience, you must engage in keyword research. To undertake keyword research, you may utilize Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMRush.

8. Creating Outstanding Website Content

If you want a potential audience to share your articles, you need to write what attracts them. Infographics are ideal for conveying practically any notion or idea. Data, research, statistics, and opinions are particularly effective.

One of the simplest methods to attract new traffic and reach a new audience is to write about a popular topic. People do not read blogs or web articles to appear intelligent. They are looking for genuine answers and solutions to their issues. So, Welcoming them with new and exciting content is a great way to start.

Any successful inbound marketing approach starts with high-quality content. Content may help you raise brand awareness, establish authority, and generate a continuous stream of SEO traffic that will last for years.

9. Link internally

Evaluate that all of your website’s content is available to search engines and can spellbind visitors.

Emphasize only linking to content with relevant information. Internal linking is all about quality and relevance.

Also, Internal linking allows you to share a wealth of information with search engines and your key audience in a single piece of content.


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10. Implement Schema Microdata

Microdata Schema will make it simpler for search engine bots to identify and index your pages, but it will not drive traffic to your website on its own. Another advantage of a schema for SEO is that it can lead to better rich site snippets, leading to higher click-through rates.

11. Research the competitors

Do study what your competitors are up to with tools like BuzzSumo. These platforms combine the social performance of individual sites and content to provide you a quick snapshot of which issues are connecting with users and, more significantly, making the travels on social media. 

Find out what people are reading and then try to create similar content to attract visitors to your website. Creating great content is at the foundation of gaining backlinks.

No one will connect to you if you don’t have information worth linking. Essentially, you aim to assess the competition and all of these elements and then improve on everything.


12. Ensure your website is fast and responsive

Your bounce rate will be extremely high if your site takes an eternity to load. Ensure that your pages are technically optimized, including picture file sizes, page layout, and third-party plugin functioning. It’s best if your website loads quickly. 

Today, people use mobile devices to access the Internet, and to force your visitors to pinch and scroll their way across your site effectively asks them to go somewhere else.

Even if you only have a simple website, it must be accessible and comfortable to see on various devices, including small smartphones.

13. Email Marketing

Many organizations focus on using content marketing to gain new clients that overlook other traditional tactics. Even a modestly successful email storm can result in a significant increase in visitors.

Just be cautious not to send out a barrage of emails on every new development in your company.

Also, don’t underestimate the value of word-of-mouth marketing, particularly for the customers already satisfied with your products or services. You may also increase traffic by sending a pleasant email reminder about a new service or product.

Email Marketing


Now you have a better view of the strategies you may employ to attract many people to visit your website.

Whether you apply one of these methods alone or all of them together, any of them has the potential to turn the way your website brings an audience.


Do you also wish to apply these high-impact tactics to drive fantastic traffic on your new website? Contact us, and let’s get started!