10 Zoom Hacks that all Sales Reps must know

zoom hacks

I would not believe it today if you told me you have never used Zoom for a prospect/client meeting, because 87% of remote employees say they feel more involved with teams and projects when using video conferencing, and hence using it.

While the world was adjusting to WFH, it adjusted itself to Zoom and Cisco WebEx for sales video conferencing. Even though it is simple to use, you wish you knew some secret tricks to have a better experience.

Here are 10 hacks to help you have the seamless Zoom meeting you’ve always wanted. You could have known a couple of these if you’d navigated the settings once, but there are also some that will make you go ‘why didn’t I think about this earlier?’

So, without much ado, let’s dive in!

1. Optimize Zoom with your scheduling software


Emailing a client back and forth for petty reasons is unprofessional. Your email for an appointment, then email the invite and send one last email with the link. Why do this to both of you?

Sync your zoom account with whichever scheduling software you use – be it Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, or any other. The integration will result in a Zoom meeting link being created every time an appointment is scheduled and you can send the link for joining along with the invite itself. You will get no doubts or queries about how, when, where. Clean and professional.

2. Turn on “meeting duration” to avoid overtime

turn on

It is normal to keep going on and on interacting with your prospect to the point where no one realizes the time. It may or may not have gotten you late to another appointment scheduled. Fortunately, with Zoom, you can use the “meeting duration” feature to help you get on track.

The feature shows you how long you have been in with the prospect, without you having to search all over your desktop or walls to search for a clock and appear distracted. This way you can keep a tab on the time, give timely conclusions and not hastily end the meeting with internal cribbing.

3. Start each meeting with a unique ID

unique id

You might be using your Personal Meeting ID for all new meetings you hold with prospects (only because Zoom made it super easy to do that and you’re lazy to create a new one), and so a lot of people already have the id.

Now, you don’t want any unwanted users to crash your meeting with a new prospect and soil the first face-to-face impression you were going to leave on them. Hence, a wise sales leader advised to always create a unique meeting ID for all new clients and not have any crashers in the most crucial meeting in the universe.

4. Record ALL meetings (ALL, means ALL)


Every meeting with a prospect is important, and you absolutely must record it. Not only does it have benefits for you, like reviewing the meeting, providing a context for your teammates, and helping train your newbies, but also establishes an unambiguous relation with your prospect.

When you send the recording to your prospect, they can share it with those who weren’t present, review the course of the meeting for themselves, and also use the product demos you give to look into the working of the product. So, the next time makes sure you press the recorder beforehand.

5. Make use of the waiting room wisely!

waiting room

Zoom gives you the privilege of a waiting room, where you can admit participants into the meeting at your convenience. Although it was added as a security feature, sales reps are reaping benefits in terms of running meetings smoothly as well.

If you are meeting with a prospect along with a team member, you can admit them to the meeting before your client, get yourselves ready and then admit your prospect. Or in case you have someone championing your cause inside the company, and you are meeting with decision-makers, you can first admit your champion, discuss the way forward and then meet with the higher management. If utilized wisely, this feature can benefit you immensely.

6. Don’t dare forget your prospect’s name!


You are a sales rep and you talk to tons of people on a daily basis, but you can only wish you knew how your teachers back at school had the magical ability to remember everyone’s name, whether it was a present pupil or the alumni.

Zoom’s feature is here to save you from those awkward situations where you forget the name of the prospect you’re talking to. Just go to your settings and switch on the “Always display participant name on their video” option to have all names propped up on their squares. No more awkward I-don’t-remember-your-name situations!

7. Chat for some quick short-and-sweet answers


“How many numbers are we looking at?”

Awkward silence.

“Am I audible?”

Awkward silence continues.

You send a prayer for someone to unmute and save you from the embarrassment.

Finally, someone speaks up, and there go your five valuable minutes.

When you are conducting a demo or pitching to higher management, you might need a number-related quick answer to use in your presentation. If you ask that aloud and wait for an answer, you will be stuck in the loop as shown above. Instead, use the chatbox for these petty questions to save time. Bonus – all participants get a chance to be involved through the chat; just inform them beforehand.

8. Don’t use “password” unless absolutely necessary


Zoom passwords are super annoying given the weird combination of alphabets and numbers it has, including the caps. It is a must for security reasons, but still annoying.

Keep your prospect meetings annoying, oops, password-free until it is absolutely necessary to do so. It allows your prospect to enter the meeting with grace and smoothness without having to deal with the cap, non-cap jumbled series of keys.

If you’re worried about the party-crashers, you still have the waiting room, where you can admit people whom you actually want in the meeting. Some smart work here, Zoom!

9. Go DND when screen sharing


Have you ever had that awkward moment when you’ve received some embarrassing notification on your device – a colleague making a joke about the business, or your spouse asking you to pick up groceries or your family group erupting with good morning/evening messages – while you’re screen-sharing a presentation with a prospect?

Don’t gulp. Before you enter a Zoom meeting, make sure your device is on the DO NOT DISTURB mode. Check your PC settings for the option and save yourself from such notifications that may or may not be taken in good sport by your prospect.

10. Integrate your CRM with Zoom


Remote sales have literally been running on integrations – with CRMs, with tools, with analytics, and all kinds of software you use – everything is synced. So why not your meetings? If you connect your Zoom account with your CRM, it will provide you with a bunch of benefits.

After integration, you can schedule, meet and review your prospect and client meetings from inside your CRM. The meetings will be recorded and stored automatically in the CRM, so no hassle of humongous time-and-internet-consuming file uploads. Timely reminders will also chime on your phone, so why not?

Closing Thoughts!

Everyone’s preferred platform to host meetings is Zoom, and it is as simple to use as boiling water. It comes with a set of added features that help you get work done more efficiently and connect with prospects like you would have in a face-to-face meeting.

Make sure you are using the most out of the platform, by syncing it with your software and implementing these easy hacks to enhance the conduction of your meetings. Go ahead and Zoom away on your meeting!

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