10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement


A downward engagement spiral on Facebook is a common yet worrisome phenomenon for all marketers. But it still happens when the platform changes its algorithms and neutralizes the impact of some marketing strategies – share and react baiting, obviously.

The point is, how can you make a recovery? Well, change your strategy. Rethink about why your audience used to like your posts earlier. If you used baiting, it is time to turn over a new leaf, if you did not, you perhaps just need to brush up.

Point is, look into new options to secure engagement – Like the ones we have here.

1. Time your posts right!

Facebook algorithms push posts that receive more engagement in comparison to others. A quick way to get more engagement is to post your content at the time your viewers are online; they will engage with it.

‘Facebook is universally good to post’- a complete myth. There is specific time(s) that you must post at, to receive your desired engagement. Although there is a data-driven timesheet available, the best method to find a good time is to hunt in your own data.

Go to the Facebook Insights page and find a pattern of engagement – a particular day or an hour or something. Schedule your posts for that time to increase the likelihood of a like/comment/share.

2. Create more fan-centric content

You might be investing all your might yet your fans make a significant portion of your brand. No fans, no fame. Also, you will run out of content very quickly if YOU are all that is there on the page.

Think about your fans (or viewers or consumers). Even if a teeny bit, they want to hear about themselves and be a part of “your” home. Do something for them. You can start with making memes or videos that make them laugh and relate to your brand ideas.

You can also take part in a global event and start a would you rather war. Or you can tell them something about their choices they didn’t know. Bottom line – it’s not all about you.

3. Make use of your employee accounts

Sure, nothing beats the recommendation of a friend, but testimonies are close behind because people trust people more than brands. Since there’s no way to force your viewers to share your content (unless you hack, and that’s off-limits), you have to make use of your employee accounts.

Curate content that is shareable from their accounts. They work for you, so they are super loyal and willing; all you have to do is make it easy for them to share it.

Apart from the boost in discoverability, people are more likely to engage with it because your employees are real humans and not pushy sales machines.

4. Keep your posts brief and succinct

There is a good chance that not all your audience is of the stop and stare type. There must be a few users who do mindless scrolling. It is possible that they will miss out on the important information and your CTA, especially if you treat your posts like minute-long scripts.

Consider curating bite-sized posts instead. Focus more on the quality of your content than the quantity. Most times, it is just a sentence or sometimes even a word that catches their attention, so emphasize that.

You can add extra info in comprehensive content blocks like a blog or a landing page and direct interested users with a CTA.  

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5. Upload videos (not YouTube Links!)

Video content generates good results on Facebook. If you are looking for the best format for Facebook, upload NATIVE videos; they get the maximum engagement from viewers.

This means, upload your videos directly on Facebook, and not in the form of YouTube links. Because Link posts receive 73% less engagement than video posts.

Your audience is already on Facebook and they’d rather keep scrolling it than move to a different platform right then, irrespective of how good your content is.

Post your creations, ads, animations, etc. as videos DIRECTLY on Facebook. Put in captions as well, you never know if a user is available to watch it with or without sound, so just in case.

6. Don’t forget powerful CTAs

The keyword here is powerful. Because ‘tag your friends’ and ‘like, comment and share’ are NOT powerful. They are boring, pushy, and borderline repulsive.

But this does not mean that you completely ignore CTAs from your posts. That is a mistake. Adding CTAs to your Facebook page and posts can increase the click-through rate by 285%.

A CTA acts as a trigger for them to interact, making them feel like their voice is important for the brand. The simplest way of including a CTA in your content piece is to ask a straightforward question.

Viewers will definitely feed their answers especially if the CTA is crafted surrounding their interests. It will lead to opinions on the post, contradictions, debates, etc. Your work is done.

7. Go Live

Live videos from brands are more likely to get engagement than non-live content. Facebook Live viewership increased by 50% this spring.

It can be so because Facebook algorithms favor live videos or maybe because viewers realize that live sessions are not recorded, adding a sense of exclusivity to it. Also, when your viewers know you are going live, it also encourages them to check out your other content.

Going live does not necessarily mean that you have to be sharing tips or news about the company. You can also show behind-the-scenes activities or invite an industry expert or just have an informal Q and A session with your viewers. It helps gain traction.

8. Seek opinions/suggestions from your audience

When your audience comments on your posts, it means that they have something to share – an experience, an opinion, or just a thought. But it is a possibility that they don’t get the space to share them securely.

The best way to seek user suggestions is to share industry-related topics and ask for their opinions on them. If you are a food brand, you can maybe share your experience with the product and encourage them to share their memories. In either case, you can utilize all of this to brainstorm and come up with new content.

9. Reply to ALL the comments

When a user takes the time to comment on your post, they kind of expect you to do the same. Moreover, it gives them a more personalized interaction. People usually like to hear back from famous brands and people, so replying to them makes them feel good and satisfied.

You can use a tool that collects all the replies in one single place and makes it easier for you to reply. People do understand that they are talking to at least one person from the brand team when they are commenting, so naturally, they expect a reply. Every reply that you make, you are securing more and more engagement from the viewers.

10. Experiment with new types of content

Experimenting with content is a must for Facebook or for any other social media platform. Trends on these platforms keep changing by the day and it is important for you to keep up with whatever is new and hyped up during the week.

Previously, images were the deal-breaker, now it is videos. You don’t know when it will change again.

Design a strategy that has a mixture of low-risk and high-risk content. Even if you’re experimenting, you don’t want to change the whole pattern and risk everything.

Keep a decent percentage of your regular content so that if the new ones don’t work out, these can go up. Then track them and see your progress.

Closing Thoughts!

Driving engagement can be challenging, not just on Facebook but everywhere. You can read all the tips and tricks and hacks that successful marketers give you, but unless you make a strategy and apply these, it will make no sense.

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for brands; it reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population.

If you want to make your pages one of the most attractive ones, you should stop tooting your own horn and start listening to your followers as well. POST AND ENGAGE.

All these ten methods will give you results, but they take time. Don’t lose hope if you don’t see changes in the first few days. Keep planning out, experimenting and you’ll reach there as well. But if you still fail to hack the code, make sure to contact expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firms for some data-driven strategies

Do you also want to increase your Facebook page engagement? Contact us today and we will take care of the rest.