10 Ways to Close More Deals During This Holiday Season

holiday sales

2020 has been nothing but challenging, especially for B2B businesses – downfalls, uncertainty, and budget cuts all over. But the holiday season is here, bringing with it, indulgent consumers and carefree spending.

It might seem like the best time to go on a vacay, but if you want to earn some brownie points, then reschedule your personal travel and add gear to your sales strategy. The marketplace will be full of shoppers, with expendable cash and not-to-be-missed opportunity. So, hop on the sleigh, pick up these gifts, and let’s wish your clients “Happy holidays.”

Of course, you need to ensure that their bags are filled with your products! 😉

What makes the holiday season one of the best times for sales? 

Apart from the fact that people can get really reckless with their spending, the holidays are really the time when your client businesses will be on the lookout for products and services.

They have an “extra” budget especially for the holiday season to buy new tools and software  that needs to be purchased. Bonus: your competitor might just be on a vacation, so you have a clear stage!

How to close more deals this festive season?

1. Offer one-time-only Black Friday Sales


Black Friday marks the beginning of the shopping season, and it only makes sense if you see your mailbox flooded from client-mails following up on the pending sales deals. They are there to look for offers and deals for Black Friday; give it to them.

Launch an exclusive deal that is valid only for the day. Start earlier and create a hype around your offer through social media ads and email campaigns. Ensure that your website can handle the traffic and install a lead tracking software. Prep your sales teams to follow up quickly on leads and offer them additional benefits even after the day.

2. Craft special “12 days of sales” series

Craft special

Christmas sales require a well-thought strategy and there’s no better way than implementing a “12 days of sales” series. It has to be designed in a way that caters to your consumers’ holiday content desires.

Run a series campaign, where you unveil a new offer for each day of the time period. Offer discounts on your products, give free subscriptions to EBooks or newsletters; use anything that makes your deal valuable, and prompts prospects to check in every day.

Offering incentives to your sales team will help them close more deals during this frenzy season. Holidays are here only once a year, make sure you capitalize on them.  

3. Create fun holiday videos to attract consumers

Create fun

Holiday season is the time to boost engagement on your digital channels. They love to indulge in festive content that connects them to their traditions and celebrations.

92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. Consumers are more inclined towards graphic content instead of text, which means that

This is your chance to channelize your creativity and create a viral video. Research about what consumers want to see and make entertaining, light-hearted content.

4. Brainstorm some flash festive sales ideas


Flash sales are just what the name suggests – they end in a flash. The exclusiveness of the offer appeals to the impulse buying of the consumers. You can run a sale for a limited period of time, or till your stock runs out. Either way, you have a limited period offer.

When running a flash sale, ensure that you advertise it well enough, else your consumers won’t be ready for it. You can offer heavy discounts, run email campaigns offering specific deals or even partner with another label to promote both of your products as a package. Buyers love limited editions, especially during holidays.

5. Launch irresistible holiday gift guides

People look for gift ideas everywhere – referrals, search engines, wherever they can get a good idea. In fact, a survey reveals that 47% of shoppers need gifting ideas for the holiday season.  If you sell physical products, you can make a list of your best festive products as gifts for significant others, children, parents, and friends. If you do not, don’t worry. Compiling a list of tools that you think will be helpful in boosting business next year, is gift-worthy enough.

Design your gift guide well and share it all through your marketing channels. Include effective sales persuasion text and you’ll see the offers coming in. Bonus? Feature a partner and you’ll both see sales soaring.

6. Give your Website the “Festive” look

Festive look

Have you noticed how everyone dresses up during the holidays to feel the vibe? Even the stores deck themselves up with fake snow and ornaments to become fest-ivy. So why not you.

When you are selling online, your website is your shop. Add images and graphics that depict the holiday season on your website, marketing channels, and social media. Add holiday products to your basket, come up with cute banners, and change fonts.

But make sure that you keep your website optimized for mobile users. Conversions fall by up to 20% for every second delay of mobile page load time. Keep navigation hassle-free, else your visitors are never coming back, despite all the bling!

7. Include countdowns to trigger urgency

Include countdowns

It might just happen that your consumer is very satisfied, but decides on purchasing later. A lead left for later is a lead lost. So how do you keep up with the increasing holiday sales? You introduce countdowns.

Include countdowns in all of your exclusive offers, to let your consumer know that now is the best time to make a purchase. Countdown timers and limited-time offers create a sense of consequence and fear of missing out.

Display the time left for the deal or the amount of stock you have, both work wonders for hyping a prospect.

8. Send Coupons and rewards via emails 

Send Coupons

Email marketing is still the most effective means of communicating with your prospects on a personal level and even more effective when you’re sending out coupons – 85% of consumers say an email with a coupon would influence them to buy.

Not only it increases your chances at sales, but also increases brand loyalty as your consumers feel cared for. However, even though it is super-effective, it does not guarantee complete success. It is hence suggested that you make email marketing a part of your overall strategy rather than basing your whole plan on it.

9. Reengineer your social media into a festive mood


Social media spreads news like wildfire. A single post can become viral in minutes, provided it is catchy enough. While you’re getting into your holiday mood, make sure you don’t run over your social media platforms.

Almost one-quarter of holiday shoppers plan to use social media sites to assist with holiday shopping. Share your holiday offers on social media. Create content that drives more engagement, nurture the leads that interact with your posts, and convert them to consumers through your sales teams.

Different platforms have different ways to build your engagement, which means you have to tailor your approach for each social media platform. Don’t be salesy, but provide value to the viewers. Collaborations on social media are also extremely useful, especially with influencers.

10. Invite first-time buyers with special offers

Invite buyers

Although new consumers are an expensive investment, you should pay equal attention to the newbies – your first-time buyers. They might have just changed their loyalties and expect something special for choosing you. Nurture them well with special offers.

Spoil your first-timers with gestures like discounts, shipping benefits, cashback, or maybe early sales. You can also provide them with a referral program, where they can win bonuses for their word of mouth efforts. Acknowledge their initiative to choose you over others and make them feel valued.

Over to you…

Holidays are a period full of hysteria. People across the globe indulge themselves in extravagant shopping and rich dining. Even B2B Consumers are fuelled with some surplus money to invest in the products and tools they have been wanting for long.  

All you have to do is learn the way to use this opportunity. It doesn’t happen overnight, and with the time you will figure out what works best. Start your planning and get ready to experience the madness. Who knows this holiday season might bring you extra presents!

However, in case you still find yourself lost while crafting special holiday offers, you can seek expert advice from B2B sales and marketing consulting firms. They not only have extensive experience but also the desired expertise to help you capitalize on the festive spending.

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