10 Video Marketing Trends to Look for in 2021

video marketing

If you are investing in digital marketing, I am sure you already know that videos are the most preferred type of format among the audience. The world is shifting online and it is inevitable to keep up with the trend.

To reach your target audience, video marketing is a must in your marketing plan. But uploading videos one after another will be of little help. You need to understand various video marketing formats and the impact it levies on your target audience.

If you’re looking to promote your business in 2021 via videos, your search is over.

1. You need to GO LIVE!


This is the hottest trend of video marketing. If you take a look at the statistics listed in What’s New, you will know that in 2020, this market was $161.37 billion. This means a 55% growth rate was observed in 2019 where the market stuck at $104.11 billion.

The reason behind such a whopping growth is that live videos enable you to interact with your audience in real-time. They can ask you questions, give some feedback all while you are answering and acknowledging on-spot. This video format garnered extra eyes during the pandemic and is nowhere near reaching a peak.

2. Bite-sized videos will rule engagement

 Bite-sized videos

We are all aware of the bite-sized video platform TikTok. Even though it is banned in several countries now, it opened a new scenario for the video marketing industry.

After which, Instagram adopted a similar concept of Reels in August 2020 and the momentum hasn’t stopped since then. If we believe the reports, it is said that Instagram is planning to add more features to reels like better look, video editing features. Moreover, it is also planning to pay content creators through Reels. If this happens, you can already predict all the other social media platforms to follow Instagram.

These fast-paced, short videos are getting extremely viral and are among the most shared and downloaded ones. The Design Shack, 2020 report also mentions that short-form videos are here to stay in 2021 too.

3. User-generated content never goes out of fashion

 User-generated content

This is a key marketing technique prevalent since old times but has never failed to show its results. In fact, even this year, it remains a top video marketing strategy.

User-generated content keeps the audience attracted and brings you engagement. Such videos receive ten times more responses on YouTube than any sponsored content. The report of Econsultancy, 2020 also shows that the audience-driven through user-generated content spends almost 2X time on the website as the audience who was driven through some other kind of content.

Because of this, it also helps to convert leads into sales. You’ll find more of such videos in the travel, health, and beauty industries.

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4. AR Content will be a big splash!

AR Content

Of course, this list was incomplete without the mention of the talk of the “video” town: Augmented Reality. According to Statista, the AR and VR market will soon reach $72.8 Billion in 2024. This figure is as much as 6 times higher than what was predicted for 2020 ($12 Billion) and about 54% five-year CAGR.

It will only be a fool’s move to ignore these gigantic numbers and not capitalize on them. Big brands like IKEA have already garnered the first-mover advantage and have adopted VR into their online content. Now they can help consumers visualize their products without having to invest in them. Amazing, isn’t it?

The long-desired concept of revolutionizing online experiences to a point where you can actually visualize it is finally getting real… and you sure as well can’t stay away from it!

5. Shoppable videos for an interactive experience

 Shoppable videos

This format of the video is highly on-trend and is helping brands to boost their sales. Shoppable videos make it easy for consumers to buy products on the spot. These videos are more popular on social media platforms like Facebook. They have a button below that directs the consumer to the store or website to help complete the purchase

This means that the user no longer has to go to the website and search for the product they saw in the video. Instead, they can immediately make their purchase via videos. It is an excellent strategy to reduce bounce rates and capitalize on impulse shopping.

6. Virtual events are here to stay

 Virtual events

Due to the pandemic, the event industry also had to take a turn. All the in-person events were shifted online.

It is possible that even after the pandemic situation is controlled, the virtual events will stay because of the list of benefits it offers. The attendees save their traveling time and can attend the event from anywhere across the globe. For the event organizers, it saves them the cost of rent and the stress of accommodating and managing so many people at a time.

With all these benefits, people have started adapting to the virtual culture, and hence, this is also going to be a hot trend in 2021.

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7. More animated explainer videos

Animated Videos

Animation has always been a beneficial marketing tactic. The first-ever animated mascot was Mr. Clean by Procter and Gamble. We witnessed it first in 1958 and since then we’re seeing companies all across the globe capitalizing on this trend.

Animated images and videos create a space in the consumer’s mind and win their hearts. It also helps build a powerful image of your brand. As social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok are growing, it will be a cunning move to adapt yourself to video marketing trends.

In 2021, the popularity of animated explainer videos is increasing. You’ll find brands using such videos to explain the use of the products and other marketing practices.

8.  360-degree video experiences

360-degree video

Another favorite format of consumers in video marketing is 360-degree video experiences. This format is all set to boom the market. 98% of consumers say that these videos are more enticing and engaging than other video formats.

In fact, the 360- degree videos have a 46% video completion rate and can boost the revenue by 41%. The numbers also show that 8% of people say that these videos are more relevant than other formats.

360- degree videos make the audience feel that they’re trying the product before investing the money in the purchase. They provide an all-new visual delight that keeps the consumers hooked. This helps the brand to look more credible and authentic.

9. Long-video ads with honest storytelling STILL rules


Stories always attract and engage people. When the art of storytelling is merged with the marketing strategy of advertising, you can only expect your promotional graph to soar.

People prefer relatable content and when you tell them stories, they find it all the more interesting because they associate themselves with the stories. Such long-ads are less about the products and more about the consumers.

Even big names like Toyota, Adidas, and many more have used this video format to amplify their results. Even though they are long in nature, people spend time on it because it adds credibility and reality to the videos and is less promotional in nature.

10. E-learning is on the rise


As the pandemic has taken over the world, everybody is forced to work from home. Even the teaching sector has shifted online with over more than a billion students from different schools and universities worldwide.

As these students study online, e-learning has taken an upsurge, and this video format’s graph has exponentially increased. This is because not every school or student has proper basic facilities to schedule or attend online lectures. At such times, the students need help learning material to understand the concepts. This is where the e-learning video format has filled the gap in the market.

Closing Thoughts!

This was an overview based on different reports and predictions. I don’t claim it as completely false because we are witnessing the growing nature of all these formats on our screens. If you want to survive in the market and take a step above your competitors, you’ll have to upgrade your video marketing strategies with these trends and formats. You’ll find these trends dominating the devices very soon as the big brands are already adapting to them.

Analyze your current marketing strategies and see where you’re making mistakes. Experiment with the above-listed formats and drive growth-oriented results in no time. You can also seek external help from B2B sales and marketing consulting firms to capitalize on their expertise and experience.

Do you also want to adapt to these new trends? Contact us today and we will take care of the rest!