10 Master Tips to give a delightful experience to your B2B Clients


Representing a B2B company sales department is becoming a tougher job every day. You have to be on a constant lookout for prospects, investing tons of mental strength in pitching and closing sales, following up, filing the paperwork, and not forgetting the haunted quota you need to achieve. It is exhausting; we get it.

And this exhaustion leads to a deteriorating customer experience. The impression you create on your B2B Clients does not start from the sale, it starts from the very first interaction and it HAS to be a positive one for you to continue. So how do you achieve this? You check out the cheat codes below!

1. Learn to distinguish between good and bad prospects


Until a few years ago, B2B selling was all about pitching your product to anyone who may just recognize your product. You would spend hours and hours shooting arrows in the dark. 67% of lost sales are a result of sales reps not properly qualifying their potential customers before taking them through the full sales process.

The evolved B2B sales process requires sales reps to target leads that match their ideal buyer personas and consumer profiles. They are more interested in your product, and will also cost you less time and effort for conversion. If you can provide them the right value, you are giving them an experience they want to come back for.

2. Identify your prospect’s position in the sales cycle


Prospects do a lot of research independently before they even get into contact with a salesperson. According to a research, 90% of customers do not follow a straightforward customer journey, often repeating at least one or more tasks in the buyer journey.

Buyers complete a major portion of their journey digitally. When they finally get in touch with you, interacting to find out what stage of the buying process they are in, is a great way to approach them properly. They can be first-time researchers or experienced consumers, and knowing their background information will help you tailor your approach to give them a seamless buying experience.

3. Promote Feedback


B2B business is all about improving in places you lack to create a seamless experience for your B2B clients. And there is nothing better than hearing it from them. Introduce a feedback step in your sales process to know how you did, what you did differently, and where you can improve.

There are various ways you can ask for feedback from your B2B clients. From a direct conversation with the client when you are following up on them once the deal is done to sending them a feedback form, there are so many ways to solicit feedback and utilize it for future use.

4. Keep your prospect in the loop during and after purchase


You made a sale, earned the organization revenue, got your cut – and the deal is over – well, that was the case earlier. With the increased participation of B2B buyers in the sales journey, this procedure is just not enough. You cannot forget about them after the contract is signed; the follow-up is compulsory.

You don’t need to call them up. You could be sending emails with relevant content or just checking in to see if your product is working fine. Either way, contact is important because it retains your consumers. You can easily use this as a way to upsell later and offer them more products in the long run. The post-deal follow-up is a crucial stone in the relationship-building process between client and company.

5. Ask good questions


B2B buyers nowadays prefer personalized services and the more you can earn about them in the discovery call, the better. Delve into their problems and challenges with patience and calm, with a motive to understand where they are coming from.

The good ol’ days where you would pursue the B2B clients with sticky, pushy sales copy are long gone. Transform into a listener, brainstorm over their problems and be a savior. This is only possible when you have adequate information, which in turn, can only be available by asking the right and thought-provoking questions. 52% of marketers adapt their strategies and tactics based on customer interactions and feedback.

6. Share your previous experiences with your B2B clients


When a prospect comes with the motive of learning how your product can be beneficial for them, they want to know exactly how it works and the consequences that follow – In-depth and with every detail. Consider talking about the implementation strategy and lessons you have learned with previous B2B clients.

Your present client will also pick up from the lessons and know where to stop and where to pull. Brownie points if you can suggest someone they can contact for a real-time experience. It only makes them more confident in their decision and more willing to buy from you.

7. Always aim to make your prospect look good


The person you are dealing with is going to be your insider pawn. They are going to convince the rest of the team and even the management to invest in your product. It can also be possible that you are asked to pitch again in front of the decision-makers.

In these scenarios, always make your prospect look good. Make sure you always have their back when pitching to the higher management. Generally, asking direct questions helps. They give you ideas to work with. But sometimes, they don’t know. Then, it is up to you to chalk out a plan or use your experience and case studies with other B2B clients to ensure that your prospect is the hero in all circumstances.

8. Craft a standard sales process


Sales processes are designed to help reps streamline the way they go about with prospects. It reduces the time they spend thinking about the approach and facilitates maintaining consistency in the team.

When you have all the required client information, you can get a healthy start with a standard sales process and can improvise through the journey. Make sure you comply with the first step before moving onto the second. Also, don’t be afraid of customizing your approach depending on your B2B clients’ needs. This again depends on where your client is standing at that time.

9. LISTEN to your prospects


As a sales rep, you are expected to be a more patient listener to your prospects than someone only interested in selling the products. You need to emerge before your buyer as a savior, not as a salesman – you know this, and your prospect needs to know this as well.

Try to take a small recap at every step. Summarize what you have understood and confirm if that is what they meant. Or validate it with a question or a point of your own. But make sure that they know you are listening. For this, you need to ACTUALLY listen to them. Take notes, record important statements and interactions and base your approach on it.

10. Ask the prospect about their comforts


This is one of the star-tips that can make the difference between a god and a great salesman. Your prospect is likely to spend a lot of their money on your product, so why not go about it at their convenience? Incorporate a feedback mechanism in your interactions to know what they want.

It is almost like a game of ‘Would you rather’. Email or phone call? Zoom or Slack? Videos or blogs? Descriptive in-depth content or striking the hammer? Allow your prospect some space to learn what they are most comfortable with and where you can improve. It is definitely a recipe for a delighted client.

Bonus: Personalize your buyer’s journey!

The fact that B2B consumers look forward to a personalized experience from the organizations they are dealing with cannot be emphasized enough. They want a solution to their OWN problems, and if you can’t be considerate to that – the deal is already gone.

Remember their company information and profiles of the people you are interacting with. Don’t try the one-fits-all tactics and alter the way you approach them, based on the research and data.

49% of shoppers made impulse buys after receiving a personalized recommendation; 44% will become repeat buyers after personalized experiences. Be attentive, ask insightful questions and be human with them. It will tell you what they like and want, and you can customize their journey depending on that.

Closing thoughts!

Your company is not the only one in the business; everyone is competitive and leaves no stone unturned to gain an edge. The only thing that can distinguish you from others in the market is the way you treat your consumers.

Did you know that 86% of B2B buyers will pay more for an excellent consumer experience? Understanding your prospects and dealing with them takes time and experience; both will not come overnight.

If you have the will to serve your consumers to the best of your ability, so that they come back again and again, you need to set these rules and practice them every single time. When the whole team uses these techniques and makes them a part of the work culture, only then you can provide the best client experience there is. 

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