10 Marketing Trends That Need to Die in 2020


With the start-up rate at an all-time high, creating a successful brand takes more than blood and sweat. So, changing with the trends in the only effective marketing strategy. In that sense, this year won’t be any different. But here are the 10 marketing trends that will need to die in 2020 for you to breakthrough.

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1. ‘Free e-books for beginners’ banners

Growing your email list by offering a free e-book on your website has become widely popular lately. But believe it or not, readers don’t like seeing promotional content when they come to your website for information. And they want it without being part of some elaborate marketing gimmick.

Users also know what brands do with their email IDs obtained in exchange for the e-books – use them for either spamming or focused advertising. And they are tired of both.

2. Extremely focused advertising and personalization

Personalization is a gift to marketers but a curse to the customers. As a customer, it’s scary to know your data is being monitored and used to push products.

If you search for creepy targeted ads stories, you’ll find countless people complaining about feeling violated. Needless to say, consumers don’t like being stalked. And it won’t be long before everyone takes matters into their own hands and installs ad blockers.

3. Influencer marketing

Gone are the days when all influencers were honest and reliable people. It’s unfortunate but true. We witnessed some of the worst influencer scandals last year. From misleading claims to false advertising, influencers are losing their credibility in the market.

It’s best to avoid influencer marketing in 2020. You never know who gets into what trouble and affects your brand’s reputation.

4. Unsolicited popups

Popups are probably one of the most hated marketing tools. And having open ecosystems like Android and Windows, it’s even more difficult to control the virus-inducing activities like popups. But while you might enjoy this liberty as a marketer, your audiences don’t.

A study revealed that 50% of the users found popups to be “extremely annoying.” So, save them only for expanding your email list in 2020. Meanwhile, learn how to acquire new leads here.

5. Keyword stuffed content

John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Analyst, confirmed in his tweet that keyword stuffing won’t lead to your site being removed from the index. But he did say it would be better if we ditch this boring practice from the ‘90s.

Source: Support Google

Top-tier marketers have been practicing storytelling as an alternative to keyword-heavy articles for years. And that’s why they will continue to win the internet this year, too. The reason is simple–storytelling improves your website’s user experience. If you can engage your readers with captivating content written by writers who know their subject, you can happily bid keyword stuffing adieu.

6. Spray and pray marketing

Most start-ups with an ill-defined marketing strategy or buyer persona end up making this mistake. Spray and pray marketing literally means shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the target.

There are two ways businesses use this technique – a) They spam in hopes to generate new leads and b) they target everyone without strategizing correctly

Even today, many marketers use spamming to reach their customers. But is it an effective technique? How do you know if you are the spammer?

Use this year for brand assessment. If you find yourself emailing your subscribers a URL or unsolicited advertisements, you will be labeled as a spammer.

That being said, the conversion rate of email spam was 0.00001 in 2008. By 2018, the figure remained unchanged. So, it’s evident they don’t work. Hard pass!

Similarly, you can’t have a successful campaign if you don’t define your target. Spend time creating your user persona if you haven’t already done that yet. You can either use online persona generator tools or hire a marketing team to do it for you.

7. Relying on one medium for traction

There is a reason they call it a marketing mix. Spending on one marketing medium is like investing all your money in one company’s shares or policies. It’s equally risky because you never know which platform might shut down. Remember when Vine was one of the biggest platforms for influencer marketing and Google+ was on every phone?

In 2020, branch out. Bet on more than one jockey if you want to improve your figures even if you are gaining returns from one medium. Find out why your other media aren’t working and learn how to optimize them properly.

8. Paid reviews and long ads

It’s common knowledge by now that video ads must be kept below 6 seconds. But some brands continue to make long ads. The result? They keep getting skipped. And that’s what happens to paid reviews, too.

Today, users are just as smart as marketers. They can spot a paid review even if it were written by a verified account. So, not recommended!

9. Beating around the bush

It’s important to make your content as readable as possible. With the internet reaching to the remotest corners of the world, brands are catering to all kinds of people. You don’t know how educated your readers are. So, it’s better to KISS (keep it simple, silly). 

Currently, your users’ attention span is sitting at 8 seconds. Along with having understandable content on your site, make it a point to get to the point fast. Effective content is informative from start to finish. Measure your words in 2020.

Source: iburk

10. Gating your content

Gated content is yet another way to expand your email list. Many brands also use it to get more people to buy their membership.

There are two ways of gating your content. Either let the readers have a peek at the first few lines (ex. Study.com) or allow them to read the first few articles for free and then ask them to pay to access the rest of the site (ex. Medium). And it works when your content is as awesome as these sites’.

However, these websites are old. The model worked for them because they built their credibility when the web wasn’t flooded with content in every language. Now, users can find the same information somewhere else. So, while gated content might have had a good run, it needs to die this year.

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2020 is all about getting your marketing act together if you want to succeed. Even the smallest mistakes can hurt your figures.

If you are worried about taking the wrong step, get in touch with a B2B sales and marketing firm to improve your productivity. They help you find the perfect opportunities for optimizing your budget and efforts across all mediums.