10 Marketing Strategies to sell to Gen X

gen X

The most challenging part of a business is to select the best platforms and campaigns to lure the target audience. Only if you’re successful in doing this, you can say that you possess a result-driven e-commerce marketing strategy. Now along with your target audience, these marketing platforms also vary from traditional media to social media.

While for a few generations, you can easily identify the platforms that will attract them. But for Gen X, it is difficult since they have their hands on the traditional as well as the social media platforms. To target them, you need extensive research. Only then, you can develop full-proof strategies on where and how to locate them.

But first,

Who is Gen X?

Born between the years 1965-1980, Gen X forms the smallest generation in the U.S. However, this generation has a high purchasing power. They fall in between the generations of Baby Boomers and the Millennials.

The Baby Boomers are the retired or the about-to-retire generation, born between the years 1942-1964. They believe in preserving wealth or shop only for high-value deals.

The Millennials are born between the years of 1981-2000. They are recent college graduates and dependent on their parents for their finances.

Therefore, Gen X can understand the perspectives of both these generations. They enjoy family time and their own freedom. They sponsor their own finances and so is an important part of the economy.

But how can you pitch to them? Don’t fret. Keep reading. We’ve got you covered!

1. Discounts are for Gen X!

Remember collecting the discount coupons from newspapers in your childhood? That’s where the GEN-X has got it from.

Before buying a product, they’ll always wait or lookup for sale or prefer a place or product where they are eligible for discounts. These days, you find many apps giving away introductory discounts to their customers on their first orders. The discounted price helps you achieve newer customers and they switch apps to avail such discounts from every possible platform.

2. They trust written reviews like no other!

When it comes to value for money, Gen Xers are more cautious than the other two generations. They’ll research everything about a specific product, compare it to other brands, compare the price on different platforms before making a purchase. If this is the process, where can you make a difference?

You stand out with your reviews. The written reviews add to your authenticity and credibility. On various e-commerce platforms, while making a purchase, the Gen Xers read the reviews. The positive reviews speak for you. It is extremely necessary to respond to every positive or negative review. This shows that you stand for your customers.

3. Personalization is the way to their heart

If you’re trying your marketing talks on this generation, I’ll be glad to appreciate your efforts but it wouldn’t lead you anywhere. Gen X is smart enough to differentiate when you’re trying to target them and the salesy conversation just puts them off.

To reach their pockets, you need to be more personal with your approach. Make them feel you’re there for them always. Speak to them about the real world and target daily life problems. Remember the way to their pockets is via their hearts. You can consider this as a reason why personalized emails have made their way.

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4. Great Customer Service = Repeat Gen X Customers

Great customer service is a turn-on for Gen-X (quite literally). They are sometimes even ready to pay a premium if you promise great after support.

Solve the queries and respond on time. You’ll find your customers getting loyal to your brand in no time. The Gen X generation needs hand-holding partly because they were not always used to this digitally-driven world and partly because they are a bit aged and less enthusiastic. Provide hassle-free services and see your business grow.

5. Strike the chords of Nostalgia

To secure a place in the minds of customers, focus on their needs. If you can take them down on a memory lane and strike the chords of nostalgia – nothing better!

This marketing tip does wonders in the market. Bring the old TV advertisement or songs from their past and fuse them with your product. The customers will not only relate to your product but will also sync in with you.

6. Emails. More emails

Since Gen X is tech-savvy as well as involved in the traditional media too, emails work as the middle route to them.

E-mails drive you more customers from your target audience and if you can customize it – you are in for the win! 58.2 billion Gen Xers use the internet daily. This indicates that there’s a fair chance that they will see your message.

Sending emails is a cost-effective technique and a great way to capture attention. Send them visuals of your products or customer testimonials that can entice them.

7. Facebook should be your master social-media platform

The most favorite social media platform of Gen X is Facebook. This gives you a high chance to target and segment your market on this platform. They connect with the companies on social media. Provide them with relevant information about your product and encourage online purchases.

You can also use Facebook advertising for your audience. Give them discount coupons and voucher codes for purchases from Facebook. This way you can easily track your ROI.

Bonus: Use call-to-action like “Shop Now” for easy purchases.

8. Sell Security and easy-to-return Policy

No-return policy drives customers away. To bring them back, you should focus on security. Give them free return shipping.

You can also include a paid return shipping label with the product to ensure them. This makes customers feel secure that they can trust you if something goes out of the way. Write the terms of your return policy clearly on your website.

9. Make videos (a lot of them!)

Do not forget that your target audience has grown up watching motion videos on TV. Therefore, this has the highest impact on them. Use this as a technique and serve them with creative videos. 45.8 million Gen Xers watch digital videos. Through videos, you can portray your products in a more creative way with a personalized touch.

The best videos are the ones to which consumers can relate. Observe their real-life situations and incorporate your product and company’s values in it and show it to your customers. This high result-driven technique will make it convenient for them to understand why they need your product.

10. Create a foolproof Loyalty program or Gen X

To boost your sales graph, you have to ensure your customers are loyal to you. For this, create strategies that help you bring them back to you time and again.

Offer reward points that can be redeemed by them on the following purchases. You can also offer cash backs or free samples. The easiest way can also be to provide free shipping. This will enhance your marketing automation plan.

Over to you…

While making your marketing strategies, this group is unavoidable since it has the highest purchasing power. If you target it right with the strategies mentioned, this well-educated group is sure to become your largest loyal customer base.

You can survive your market with Gen X, but to raise the profit graph, don’t forget to consider the other two groups as well. And if you feel it’s a lot to handle all alone, consider seeking advice from an expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firm – they will not help you craft an action plan but also make sure you succeed in it!

Do you also want a customized action plan for Gen X? Contact us today and we will take it up from there!