10 Growth Hacking Tools to Boost B2B Sales

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Do you also have sales goals that seem unachievable? Don’t worry you are not alone. I was at the same place unless I discovered “growth hacking”.

Before delving into the best tools for growth hacking, let us take a clear approach to what it is.

Growth hacking is a term used for techniques that makes your work model scalable by improving the productivity and efficiency of your work systems. Although growth hacking tools seem more suitable for marketing, they are equally effective in sales-marketing alignment. Further, if capitalized well, sales teams can reach out and capture more prospects using these tools.

If you wish to achieve heights both in terms of sales and brand reputation, check out these stunning growth hacking tools that will multiply your efficiency with several numbers.

1. Drift

Best for: Chatbots that assist lead nurturing


What happens when a lead visits your website but is unable to navigate or find the answers they want? Well, in most cases, they leave without you having any chance of getting back to them. Now imagine having a chatbot on your website instead, that can provide the right information and resources to your new prospects. This will prevent you from losing all the leads that are looking for immediate communication.

Specific questions can help your team qualify prospects through the chatbot itself and also if it can filter hot and ready-to-convert leads from the lot, you can train your human force to take it forward from there. Moreover, chatbots are preferred over humans by 86% of consumers!

2. Expandi

Best for – LinkedIn automation


Yes, they got through LinkedIn and are one of the few tools that can help you with automation on the social media platform. It uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Posts, and Advanced Search to filter out the best suitable, or the most qualified leads on LinkedIn. Using Expandi will get you in the 37% of B2B companies that utilize marketing automation tools in order to generate leads.

All you have to do is set the filters according to your need and let it handle the rest. Your prospects will receive connection requests and messages the way you want, without having to do any manual work. A must-have on the list!

3. BuzzSumo

Best for – Flawless content marketing


Content marketing cannot be flawless, yes, but BuzzSumo makes it a lot easier to deal with. Remember the content marketing blogs that told you to look out for your competitor and learn from them – what works and what does not.

This growth tool shows you all the eye-grabbing successful pieces of content that your competitors churn out, and more importantly, the people and websites that are linked to it. All-in-one easy access to a list of websites you can pitch for backlinks, and influencers you can reach out to. So, bye-bye to all the hours of content idea research.

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4. Hotjar

Best for – Knowing your Customer Experience


Seamless customer experience is a top priority for B2B businesses today because at least 80% of B2B buyers now expect the same buying experience as B2C customers. If they happen to stumble across your website, you want it to be something they want to come back to.

Now, since you are investing hours of your time working on the website, it looks excellent to you. But what do the visitors think? Hotjar gives you live recordings of consumers on your website – the most clicked options, where they face difficulties and consequently where you can improve. They also provide pop-up polls to review your website. Best UX, way to go!

5. Vero

Best for – Retaining present consumers


It is no secret that customer retention is way cheaper than customer acquisition – 82% of companies think so. They are your walking advertisements and the greatest sources of referrals. You want to follow-up and retain your previous consumers more than acquiring new ones.

That is where Vero comes in. It helps you personalize your messages to your database list, sending appropriate messages to the different clients on your list. As per their activity and time on your website, it can also send them automated messages and emails as a follow-up. Your audience is segmented, and every section gets a message as per their interest. Go, Vero!

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6. Calendly

Best for – Hassle-free appointments


Have you ever faced a situation where you have had to email your prospect a dozen times because your availability does not match theirs? Have you lost a prospect because of that? Emailing back and forth can be very tiresome and make your prospect lose interest in the brand.

Calendly to the rescue. It helps you schedule direct appointments with leads and clients. All you have to do is set it up and put in your availability spots. Create and send a link to your leads and clients through emails or embed it on your website. Once your lead is ready, they can click the link and get access to your slots, reserving one as per their convenience. No leads lost.

7. Zapier

Best for – Automation across platforms


Let’s look at your normal situation. A hot lead registers for your event > You get a notification > Draft a welcome email > Rummage through a list of platforms > Wait for their engagement and send follow-up emails after the event is over. For the whole duration of the event, your mind is stuck at how you MUST not forget to follow-up immediately, else the lead will turn cold.

Now suppose if all the platforms you use were connected in a loop and every time you get a new registration; the loop will do all the work on its own. That is exactly what Zapier does. It saves you time and effort so that you can invest in more important work. That counts as growth, doesn’t it?

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8. Bonjoro

Best for – Lead conversion using video content


It is not just another video marketing tool. It is THE TOOL. Bonjoro is the best way you can use video to connect with your leads and consumers. Video making and marketing is a tough job and Bonjoro is here to make it easier.

Using the application, you can directly record and create videos from your phones and desktops. A feature for tracking the metrics on the video is also available. You can customize the URLs as per your convenience, add brand-related elements wherever you want, and put them in sync with your CRM to facilitate email sending to leads and clients. The application also allows you to track team performance and assign tasks to team members.

9. Loom

Best for – High-quality video content


Videos gather more eyeballs than your textual content. Hence, a lot of companies (almost all) use videos for their content marketing strategy – product demos, testimonials, and the general know-how of the product.

Loom is an all-in-one software where you can create videos for sharing almost instantly. You can shoot, record the screen and camera, add voice inputs and make good quality videos that don’t need a lot of editing or processing. The best part is that you don’t even need to download it; you can use the web browser version. Super-easy video maker? Check.

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10. Outreach Plus

Best for – Email marketing


Email marketing is still one of the most effective tactics to connect with your prospects. They are simple to use and have a significant ROI as compared to the other techniques. Research reveals that for every $1 you spend on email marketing; you can expect an average return of $42. But the catch with email marketing is that you need to be at your creative best to get your emails opened.

Enter Outreach Plus. The application is designed to assist sales teams in creating personalized cold emails that HAVE TO BE opened. Sync it with all your social media channels and let it check your prospect behavior. You can then automate your messages as per the convenience of the prospect. Outreaching is made better with Outreach Plus.

Over to you…

There are so many growth hacking tools in the market that can assist you in achieving your dream. Growth hacking is not just limited to startups anymore, in fact, even multi-dollar companies are making the best out of it.

Some tools are priced and some are not, but the advantages they bring when it comes to prospect outreach, shortening the sales cycle, and automating platforms, it is all worth it. It saves your time and effort, helping you prevent the team from burnout.

However, this does not mean that you need to use all the tools. Experiment, explore, and pick the best of the lot. The bottom line is that you should be able to say, “Growth? We hacked!”

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