10 Failproof Marketing Strategies for Gen Z

gen Z

I bet it is the Gen Z that caught your attention and brought you here. If you did pick up this article amongst the hundreds floating on the internet about marketing to the millennials and you thought this is more useful, you are already on the right track.

Gen Z is gradually becoming a part of the consumers and if you do not acknowledge this now, you will be left behind in the race. Millennials and Gen Z might look similar at first glance, and while some of their preferences and choices might seem alike, they are quite different at their core. Let us go through their preferences and choices to see how they’d like to be marketed.

But first, let’s understand…

Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z

Gen Z is an abbreviation for Generation Z, who are colloquially known as the zoomers or the iGeneration. It includes anyone who is born between the 1995- mid-2000s decade and has grown up with mobiles and laptops. Most Gen-Zs are graduates or soon-to-be graduates, which means they are soon entering the workplace full-time.

Gen Z has been introduced to the internet right from their birth, which means that they are more exposed, tech-savvy, and have a lesser attention span than the millennials.

Considering these aspects, your content needs to be extremely attention-grabbing if you want to appeal to Gen-Z. Oh and of course don’t forget the value – it should be reeking of value, value & value!

1. Find a Purpose for Your Business (other than selling!)


Gen Z was born with the power of the internet. They are more aware of societal concerns and worries – thus, the brands that resonate with their own ideas and morals are for the win. They will prefer brands that are more socially responsible, eco-friendlier, and contribute in some way to make the world a better place.

If you are in conflict about the core principles and vision of your company, you are unlikely to reach the heart of Gen Z. Immunity to marketing campaigns runs in the blood of Gen-Z – so keep your brand stories ready!

2. Plan your Campaigns Keeping the “Experience” in Mind!


Let me say it again: Gen Z does not fall for advertising. They want a lot more than the “surface” benefits your product is selling. They want to feel a connection with your product.

Along with your product, you are selling them an experience that comes with using your product. If using your product gives them something to remember, you’ve got your deal, else, you will lose out on Gen Z. For example, if buying an expensive dress does not make them feel like the star of the party, they are not coming back! 😛

3. Prioritize Video and Bite-Sized Content


Consider two facts here. The human brain can interpret visual messages better than text and Gen Z was born with the Internet in their hands. Most video platforms are widely used by them for various reasons and they stream video for roughly 23 hours each week, which is almost one whole day a week.

Bottom line – Gen Z loves videos, more specifically short videos. The reason why the new development of Instagram is Reels. Keep your content short, sweet and video – you know what I mean! 😉

4. Never, NEVER Compromise Privacy


Gen Z has grown with the internet, so they know once the information is out there, it will stay there till eternity. They are very conscious about their contact information and history while on the Internet. Infact, stats suggest that less than 30% will share their personal information online, and invest their trust in brands who safeguard their personal information.

Reiterate your stance and security of their privacy from time to time. If they feels secure about their info, they will feel secure about the product.

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5. Gen Z needs Personalization (in every damn thing!)


Yes, because they are smart and savvy people and literally all of them can see through your sales tactics. They are not easily manipulated into buying something. So, always, remember always, send messages specially designed for them.

Everyone wants personalization and this gen wants it more than ever. 26 percent of Gen Z shoppers expect retailers to offer a more personalized experience based on their shopping habits and preferences. It makes them feel valued and helps establish your brand on a human level. Bring out the segmentation guns!

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6. Mobile-First is Real!


Gen Z is way past shopping on laptops and iPads because the long screen in their hand is the real deal. Most of their shopping happens on the parent-cursed screen of their smartphone. They are 2x more likely to use an online-only store or brand website than any other generation.

Now if they shop online on their phones, it means that you lose out on a lot of business if your website or e-commerce store is not optimized to run smoothly on a mobile screen.  

7. Understand the “Z-way” of using Social Media

social media

You are marketing your ads on social media platforms, but you are running an ad meant for Facebook on Instagram, and one meant for Snapchat on Twitter, and then fussing over why you are not getting any results.

Gen Z uses their platforms differently. Twitter is their news channel, Snapchat is their Gallery and Instagram is their ‘Discover shops around me’ and YouTube is their salesperson. So now if you are running the wrong content on the wrong platform, well, it is time to hit reboot!

8. Snapchat is the New Facebook

snap chat

The only reason why you would find Facebook open on Gen Z’s phones is that they are teaching their parents and grandparents how to use it. It is not the hype anymore. If you are looking to ‘touch’ a lot of Gen Z hearts, transfer your efforts to Snapchat and Instagram.

It is not necessary that Gen Z in your market prefer Snapchat over other platforms. You have to make a market analysis and then decide whether you want to go with Snapchat or Facebook. While the preference percentage may vary from place to place, Snapchat has a high chance of winning the game!

9. Influencer Campaign Equals Celebrity Campaigns


It is because for Gen Z, influencers = celebrities. If you dig into the social media of an average Gen Z (don’t ever do that, we just talked about privacy), you will find that they are more likely to trust a digital influencer than a high-profile celebrity. More than 76% of Gen Z says they follow an influencer on social media.

If you are looking to run an influencer campaign, consider collaborating with influencers. Not only do they have a better chance at persuasion, but they also don’t leave holes in your pockets.

10. Never Leave Them HANGING!


With numerous social media sites becoming a tool in the hands of consumers, Gen Z knows how to make a complaint and bring down a brand on social media. The moral of hundreds of case studies is that you never leave them hanging if they are giving you feedback.

Engage with your consumers, irrespective of whether they give you negative or positive feedback. They appreciate the authenticity that comes with this. Moreover, the other consumers who will look for reviews will also see your activity and make an impression.

Over to you…

Gen Z is soon going to enter the workplace full-time, bringing with them a change in consumption as well as marketing patterns and trends.

Just keep in mind that they are probably the quickest and fastest of all homo sapiens to have ever graced the face of this earth and if there is one bit of façade to your brand, they will know. They look for originality, meaning, and a soul.

If you can keep these in mind while covering all the hacks we discussed, Gen-Z is going to love you. But if you are still second-guessing, why not seek professional advice from an expert B2B sales and marketing consulting firm?

Do you also want to woo Gen-Z? Contact us today and we will take it up from there!