10 Best Lead Generation Tactics To Boost Sales in 2021


Want to know the biggest challenge in B2B marketing for 2021? 

In one word, it’s leads.

A lead is where it all begins for B2B businesses. Without leads, there are no clients, no revenue, no raison d’être. Nothing. 

Without B2B leads, you’re sunk.

So, the most obvious question for any marketer is this:  How do I get more leads?

As we all know, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And in a typical B2B marketing funnel or sales process, lead generation is that step.

It involves collecting a potential client’s information—such as name, email, company name, and job title. These details will then be used to personalize communication and make sales.

The end goal of B2B lead generation is to build a consistent pipeline of high-intent prospects that turn into clients.

Here are 10 effective lead generation tactics that will play up your game in 2021 

1. Begin with creating an online hub

resources page

Only a few SEO strategies deliver desired results in the short run. Creating an online content hub is one exception most B2B firms had success with.

A content hub is a collection of site content about a single broad topic. It necessarily includes a hub page (pillar content about a broad topic) and subpages (long-form content about specific aspects of the broad topic). Both of which are then linked to and from each other.

These online hubs are amazing for SEO because the internal links help Google understand what your content is about semantically.

Having a sufficient number of internal links is also an important rank factor in lead generation. 

Additionally, making connections between related content helps guide visitors through your website. This results in encouraging more engagement and nurturing them as B2B leads in the process. 

And this engagement, in turn, sends positive signals to Google that your content is valuable and of high quality. 

2. Make use of intent data to identify new leads

Intent data preferably includes a combination of online behavioral signals that informs you if a person or company is in the market for a product or service. 

Any B2B business that isn’t already using intent data should set up, and those that do use it should further expand its applications.

You can do this is by purchasing intent data from third-party sources to help you identify and target new prospects. 

There are various software tools B2B businesses can utilize to automatically target ads to in-market audiences based on the latest intent data insights. 

Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Google Similar Audiences are some features that rely on intent data to help businesses identify new leads. 

Intent data is incredibly valuable because it helps B2B organizations expand their potential leads beyond their site visitors and social media interactions. 

3. Leverage lead ads on the social platform

LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads are often underutilized for B2B lead generation. 

They’re now more valuable than ever, as people around the world are spending more time on social media than ever before. 

Social media platforms offer several ad types and targeting options to help B2B businesses generate leads. 

Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads and LinkedIn Conversation Ads are decent examples of this. B2B conversation Ads just came out recently, allowing businesses to target leads with personalized messages in their LinkedIn inboxes for the first time. 

Experimenting with different kinds of ads and audience targeting can help you bring in lots of high-value and warm-qualified leads that are likely to convert. 

4. Bring about quick wins from your landing page tweaks 

Everybody loves a ripened low-hanging fruit. 

Isn’t it?

And when it comes to increasing sales, your website landing pages—the most transformative points in the B2B buyer journey— are bountiful trees to pluck fruit from. 

Get quick B2B lead generation wins on your landing page by following these simple steps:  

  • Back up your copy with social proof by adding testimonials
  • Make your call-to-action (CTA) copy more strong and relevant  
  • Upgrade your headline to grab the attention of buyers

5. Utilize Leadbots to get more B2B leads (without hiring external support staff)

Like most companies, RewardStream, a software company, was working hard to generate more B2B leads. 

But their efforts just didn’t match their results. 

Leads simply weren’t converting into clients. 

To increase their B2B sales, they tested out a LeadBot and it accounted for 30% of their converted leads in the first 45 days.

Thus, your leads won’t always find the answers they’re searching for on your site. 

And in this scenario, if they have an urgent question or objection that requires a lengthy email exchange to be answered, you’ve lost them. 

Using a Leadbot, you can bypass frustratingly lengthy exchanges and cut straight to decision-making conversations.

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6. Reach more potential leads with content marketing

Lead generation is not a linear process anymore. 

B2B purchase decisions are now being “interrogated” by multiple decision-makers, and budgets are often scrutinized under an ROI-focused microscope. 

This simply means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a buyer who doesn’t do his/her homework. 

On an average, B2B buyers encounter 13 content pieces —such as information on a vendor’s website, analyst reports, and reviews—before purchasing.

Follow the steps given below to make sure your content marketing actually generates B2B leads:

Invest into interactive and engaging content 

Personalization is the top marketing and sales strategy for B2B businesses in 2021, with 47% of businesses prioritizing it over all other strategies. 

B2B personalized marketing content has been a key strategy for several years now. 

But then why not take engagement to the next level by making your content interactive? 

Creating engaging content is a valuable way to stand out in a crowded B2B market. 

And as more of your clients use mobile to browse the web today, they want to experience interactive content beyond what a simple blog post provides. Few examples of such content include quizzes, polls, calculators, interactive ebooks, brackets, infographics and more.

Engaging content can help you collect vital information about leads to personalize future content and move them down the sales funnel. 

content marketing

Cast a wider B2B lead generation “net” with guest posts

As another way to enhance your overall SEO, and present you as an authority to a fresh audience of new B2B leads, guest posting will be far away from “dead” even in 2021. 

Even though it had a controversial past, guest posting will still be the No. 1 link building strategy that SEOs recommend.  

Create hard-hitting B2B lead magnets and incentives

B2B lead magnets are the bread to your lead generating butter. 

Hence unless you’re confident it’s valuable, scrap the “mini-ebook” and instead offer heavy resources like:

  • In-depth guides
  • Comprehensive how-tos 
  • And detailed case studies 
  • “Upsell” on your popular content

Inbound lead generation is about generating highly qualified leads that turn into more sales. 

Create backlinks from sparkling infographics

Infographics work because they “spoon-feed” us with information that’s easy to understand and shareable. 

And with online tools like Canva, you don’t need to hire a designer to create them for you. 

The best way to use infographics is to spare them for heavy-hitting B2B content. This increases your chances of leads linking to and citing your content. 

Pepper opt-in CTAs throughout your content 

Calls-to-actions (CTAs) are very critical to getting leads to subscribe to your email list. 

Get them to generate more B2B leads for you by blending them with your content. Starting with content that gets the most traffic, add a bottom of the post-CTA, built-in CTA or a sidebar CTA. 

This will help you turn hard-earned traffic into permanent leads on your email list. 

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7. Amplify your lead generation with B2B affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone else promotes your products or services in exchange for a commission. 

You set the commission and terms to be paid out. 

Before you start a B2B affiliate program to generate leads: 

  • Make sure you have the budget to support an affiliate program 
  • Create a strong incentive that’ll motivate affiliates to promote your product or service
  • Ensure that affiliates align with your B2B brand
  • Double-check that potential affiliates actually have access to your buyers

8. Remarket to recapture lost B2B leads

Have you ever visited a website and later got an ad from that same company on Google or YouTube? 

Well, you’ve experienced remarketing firsthand. Here’s how it works:

A visitor lands on your website.

That visitor is then “tagged” by your site with a tracking code. 

When that very person browses elsewhere, ads to your site appear because you’ve tagged them.

And, because they’ve interacted with you in the past, they’re now more likely to revisit your website and buy from you. 

Remarketing is a great way to generate B2B leads because buyers will consider multiple vendors. They’ll hop in and out of your funnel in parallel with your competitors. 

By reaching back out to B2B leads who’ve drifted away, you can create multiple “touchpoints” and inspire them to interact with you again.

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9. Forum B2B Sponsorships

On Google, you pay to get in front of someone who is researching or looking for a specific B2B service/product. 

Advertising on forums, however, means you have access to prospects. This is because most forums are niche. 

They further center around a specific subject and attract passionate members who are eager to learn and teach others.

If you find that the leads you generate from paid search are too broad, experiment with niche forums to access B2B leads with higher purchase intent. 

10. Match PPC landing pages to the buying stage of your potential leads 

Your PPC campaign is generating a ton of B2B visitors, but they aren’t converting. 


Because B2B buying cycles are notoriously long, and if your ad leads to a landing page that doesn’t match where buyers are in their journey, it’ll turn them off. 

This is where dialing back “hard” selling can actually improve lead generation. 

Ready for 2021?

Well, these are some of the strategies we think are most valuable for B2B businesses to generate leads in 2021 that they can nurture and convert this year and the next. 

Even though a lot of B2B businesses are putting new investments on hold, now is still a great opportunity to capture and nurture leads for the future. 

Outsourcing lead generation can save your time on prospecting and identifying most qualified leads. It can help you achieve a reasonable lead efficiency, making your growth goals attainable.

Our B2B Sales & Marketing Consultancy firm can help you put a plan in action to generate more B2B leads now, so that you continue to prosper in the future.  

Let’s get started!