10 Best B2B sales Blogs That should be on Your Everyday Reading List

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You did think of HubSpot already, didn’t you?

Blogs are an essential component of your content marketing -continuously striving to grab the eyeballs of potential prospects, serving them with valuable resources, and helping them discover your brand. B2B blogs are aimed at educating; they will tell you all there is to know and refresh you with new insights every time you visit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to learn a concept or want tips on how to make your successful blog, these sales blogs are a must-visit.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot has emerged as the go-to place for industry insights related to inbound marketing – sales, content strategies, digital marketing – you name it and they have it. Their regular updates and super relevant content make it not only a treasure house of information but also a favorite among aspiring B2B marketers and salespeople.

Our favorite picks:

  • Inbound Sales: How to sell the way Prospects buy –This post tells you everything you need to know about inbound sales techniques – how-to approach, the process, and also tricks to master it – all tried and tested. 
  • The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing – This all-in-one guide covers each aspect of email marketing down to the roots – how to get started, building your email list, and tracking its success. You cannot get any more comprehensive than this!

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the smartest and most dedicated bloggers on the block. He knows his niche and crafts extremely informational posts. Apart from the blogs, he also uses videos and podcasts to share his knowledge, supported by his experience. The blog in general never makes you feel inferior, by maintaining an approachable tone.

Our Favorite Picks:

3. DealsInsight

We couldn’t get away without some spotlight! 😉

While we are slightly biased on this one, we are committed to sharing the best industry knowledge there is. Driven by real-time experience, we craft our blogs with hardcore research and quality content. Right from emerging sales trends to secret tips on acing the traditional sales techniques, we have got it all.

Our Favourite Picks:

4. Salesforce

Salesforce is the best place for all your IT related bugs. They cover CRM, business management, and teamwork like no other and you will surely leave with a tip or two if you pay enough attention. You’ll even find yourself drawn to posts on their products and company culture.

Our Favourite Picks

5. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker replenishes its feed very frequently with the best information on sales – anything that even remotely touches the topic – and you get it from the sales experts. The USP? Their content is available in video and webinar format as well.

Our Favourite Picks

6. Sales Gravy

Sales Acceleration Specialist, Jeb Blount has a whole vault of tips and hacks to help you prospect well, build lasting relationships with your clients, and close better than ever. He also shares insights on training and enablement. Sales reps, now you know where to get some tricks up your sleeve.

Our Favourite Picks

7. Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing is the best place to look for B2B marketing inspiration. With years of experience, Matt Heinz takes on blogging with a no BS approach. His words are clear as crystal, he doesn’t beat around the bush and the content is on point. If you are looking for some never-heard-before tricks, this is going to be your heaven!

Our Favourite Picks

  • Breaking Down the B2B buyer’s journey – The post gives you a uniquely comprehensive account of B2B buyer behavior and what steps they go through before making a decision. You’ll know how to influence better after reading this post. 
  • 9 Questions for B2B Buyer Persona Success – Buyer Personas can be difficult to nail, and if you are one struggling with it, this post by Heinz Marketing is highly recommended.

8. Convince and Convert

This blog is your best buddy when you want to understand why you are doing what you do. Led by Jay Baer, Convince and Convert focuses on the roots and builds upon them. You want help with marketing and consumer experience strategies, you go straight here because their thoughtfulness and originality will win you over in seconds.

Our Favourite Picks

  • The Marketing Automation Series – Many firms somehow manage to muddle through the automation process, without knowing if they’re DOING IT RIGHT.  Got any doubts? This series of three articles will help you clear them all.  
  • 3 Essential Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads – Acknowledging the difficulty that comes with organic traffic generation, this post takes you through useful strategies – established by data and made simpler with examples.

9. Drift

Drift is known for personalization – both in content and in approach. Specializing in personalization for B2B consumers and prospects, it connects with you through case studies and humanizes its label through the testimony of their own employees. Just so when you come face-to-face with the brand, they want you to recognize them in a jiffy!

Our Favourite Picks

10. Close.io

The Close Blog stands out due to the superiority of content for start-ups and small-scale businesses. They rank in the best of the SaaS blogs and cover a variety of topics in the field.  In addition to that, you can find credible resources for your sales teams.

Our Favourite Picks

Keep Reading!

There are a plethora of sales blogs out there, and why not, everyone wants to increase their visibility and promote brand awareness.

But not all stand out.

It takes content, consistency, and a lot of effort on your part to reap gains from a blog. While as a leading B2B sales and marketing consulting firm, we create enriching blogs for our readers, we still pause to read a few and take inspiration from the other 9!

You must also try a few. They’ll not only give you the desired inspiration but also educate you about the tips, tricks, and trends of B2B sales.

While you are at it, don’t forget to visit our blog page. It will not disappoint you, Promise!